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web design sales opportunity

The following company interview is for self employed sales agents who are interested in selling the services of a leading provider of software tools and services to enhance the online credibility and visibility of companies globally.

This company’s products include: software tools and services used for web and mobile web publishing, social media publishing, e-mail marketing and inbound lead generation.

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Can you please tell self-employed sales agents about your company?

Our company is called WebriQ and our name was derived from a combination of ‘Web’ and ‘briqs’, as we are in the business of building the briqs that companies require to build and manage their customer facing websites.

The idea was inspired by the difficult task smaller businesses have to build a professional web presence through easy to use and easy to manage online tools.

In the course of the existence we have developed two web content management systems, one proprietary under WebriQ CMS 2.0 and one open-source under WebriQ CMS 3.0. Both system are offered to our clients under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

The company started out licensing it’s technology to web and digital marketing agencies. As time evolved, we were providing these agencies with not only technology, but additional services like design and content management.

Becoming a full service provider for SME’s and SMB’s gave us the opportunity to expand our horizons geographically. An investment in a direct sales force was not possible without outside investment. Left us with the franchise or independent sales agents approach. We opted for the sales agents model, whereby we could maintain our brand identity without going to a franchise model, with all the legal requirements associated.

Why would self employed sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

Self employed sales agents have multiple possible income streams by selling our services. With ‘Buzzin’ they can sell online ads and classifieds to their local communities. With ‘Webfactories’ they can sell companies the much needed credibility and visibility these companies need on the Internet.

We provide them with the technology tools and services to become Internet experts for their communities and customers.

Can you give sales reps an insight into your industry

The content management industry is very fragmented and diverse in technologies used. There is no dominant player or technology currently, which is what makes this such an interesting and unique opportunity for sales agents who are interested in working with us.

The web content management market has essentially three segments:

1. The high-end large corporate market

2. The mid-market: qualified as the market for SME and SMB’s.

3. The DIY market: Characterized by very high volumes, and very low revenue and prices, high margins and a technology that is fully flexible and configurable, without any standardization. The companies active in that market operate nationally versus globally and have a combination of a direct selling approach combined with a channel approach to larger web agencies. The revenue model is based on site licensing and a number of functionalities for the site.

Maintenance and further content delivery services make up for delta in the revenues. Technology wise, all technologies are represented in that market.

Who are your customers typically?

Our customers are typically small to medium sized businesses, that are either in a growth phase or are looking to revamp their brand to enhance their credibility and visibility on the Internet.

Revenues are typically in between 3M and 20M USD. Their yearly web budget is around 5K USD and they have a tendency to spend another 3K USD on online ads or social media marketing.

Most of our customers are not very technical when it comes to web and digital marketing, so an all-in service for a monthly fixed fee is quite advantageous for our typical customer.

Where do you see the Web Service industry going in the future?

The industry will more and more shift to mobile usage and mobile first applications. Web apps and mobile web apps will need to operate on all hardware devices available, even smart TV’s.

A lot of functionality that now sits in the back end software will be embedded in desktop and mobile browsers. That will eliminate a lot of back-end development, and bring the focus entirely to the design, lay-out and content of websites.

What makes your services unique and why do independent sales agents have an advantage selling your services?

There are many factors that make our services unique. It’s because of these that we know independent sales reps have an advantage selling our services.

Speed of deployment:

Initial deployment of our services only takes a matter of weeks not months which is typically seen in our industry; whether you launch a new service or product, open a new branch, change the house style of the company or deploy micro sites, the setup time will be a matter of days, not weeks not months.

No additional development:

No additional hardware allocation, no data center management, no complex project management, only building the content within the existing platform is the task at hand.

No technology delays:

Your client launches a new online web shop using our technology which means no need to go through a lengthy analysis.

They simply decide what they want to sell online, at what price and how to deliver it to your customers. Activate the e-commerce module, populate it with the necessary data and they are up and running. Again, this only takes a few clicks and no development hassles.

New Adaptive and Responsive designs:

Your client wants to change the look and feel of your web presence through a different design? What used to take months of complex programming can now be done in a couple of weeks through our state-of-the-art CSS and CSS3 (cascading style sheet) editing kit.

Beyond deploying new templates fast, it also enables your clients to store and later retrieve previous designs and to use responsive and adaptive designs. Everything complies with the latest standards in the industry.

Ease of use:

Your clients can manage their data from anywhere on the web and have access to their entire web presence through a web browser. Set levels of user rights to build, manage and update content on a daily basis integrate all digital media in to your site seamlessly Succeed without unnecessary IT involvement.


A web content management system is not and can never be a standalone solution. It needs to integrate with other technologies; again without the need of programming or extra and therefore proprietary developments.

Our web content management platform integrates perfectly with other cloud based platforms such as:

Google and Zoho Business Apps for e-mail and online collaboration, Zoho CRM and other Zoho business apps, all major social media platforms, E-mail marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Zoho CRM and Analytics tools like Google Analytics.


Your clients and their site visitors have access to your sites at all times since we guarantee 99,9% up-time through our high-availability, high-speed data centers.


There are theoretically no restrictions to the number of modules your clients can use. The number of sites they can create, or limitations on the content published on the platform. Everything is perfectly scalable and the number of visitors, the traffic on their sites is independent of the content that is on the platform.


All modules can be switched on or off at any time and all of the modules can be easily and flexibly configured according to your client’s needs.


A sophisticated, market leading user rights module will give your clients the freedom to grant access to only authorized staff for managing and viewing content on their sites.

A backup and restore module allows your clients to feel safe knowing that their content and designs can never be lost. Also, you can separately backup and restore your entire user/customer database, e-commerce products and newsletter recipients.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

Many companies and startups still fail at placing their website in the center of their communication and marketing efforts despite their huge efforts to integrate unique up-to-date design and technology, their websites suffer from one fundamental problem: they are stagnant, right on the day of their release.

Websites are important because they centralize content and design that represents the business, offers, image and culture of the company.

Social media is great, but it can be much more effective in the existence of eloquent, consistent and especially lively website.

We want to create more tools to build and manage Lively Eloquent Websites.

The “living” property is what lacks today, and has always been absent from websites. They hardly evolve beyond initial specifications, probably due to complex technology and absence of proper tooling, that can be used by the website owner.

We are taking the challenge to solve content management problems a step further, and websites liveness is a property that we enable for our users.

Imagine you want to tell a story to your customers, talk about the properties of one of your products, describe and highlight one functionality of your service, communicate about an event that is going to happen, feature a business case or share success data. Examples are infinite but all of these are valid reasons for
creating rich ad-hoc pages for your stories. Rapidly creating landing pages is crucial your social success.

What are the downsides of not using a service like yours?

Technologies are changing rapidly and innovation is a key driver of the industry. For customers too many and too rapid changes can be costly if the changes are not managed properly.

Investments in future proof technologies and future proof software service platforms is therefore needed. With many players also comes quality issues. Too many vendors are playing the price game, therefore cutting corners on quality and service delivery.

website development self employed sales opportunity

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