Webinar: The top ten factors self-employed sales agents consider when choosing to work with a new company

January 14 2014
by Laura McGregor

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Hint: Commission structure doesn’t even make the top 3

March 12, 2014 4:00 – 5:00 pm GMT

We’ve spent a lot of time talking with professional freelance sales agents over the last few years. They’ve given us some really interesting insights into what they look for in an opportunity and we’d like to pass on all of this invaluable learning to you as a Company looking to recruit the best self-employed sales professionals.

Not all self-employed sales agents are created equal just like no two sales opportunities provide the same value and benefit. However, there are common factors that can help you present your opportunity and your company so you stand out in a way that matters, from your competition.

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You’ll Learn

  • The most important factors self-employed sales professionals consider when searching for a new opportunity
  • Ideas and examples of how to incorporate each factor into your opportunity

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  • A personal review of your opportunity including suggestions (if applicable) to ensure you’ve covered all the basis
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Why are we holding this?

Agents tell us time and time again that they are looking to work with Companies who understand and respect the way they work. This series has been developed to give Companies a head start in their recruitment once the CommissionCrowd platform goes live.

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