Warm Leads Provided: Leading UK Restaurant Print Media Sales Opportunity For Independent Sales Reps

We present an incredible opportunity for independent sales agents with connections within or looking to sell into the UK and European hospitality industry! Hot leads are provided to sales reps and high commissions of 20% on the back of closed business are offered.

We’ve interviewed AdChomp below so that you can get a better feel for the company, their vision and the sales opportunity now available to UK and European based self-employed sales professionals.

Independent sales agents interested in working with AdChomp can connect with them here: Learn more about working with AdChomp

1. Who are AdChomp and where did the inspiration for your company come from?

Our company enable brands start a conversation around the dinner table. We’re a print advertisement agency which communicates brand messages through our growing a network of over 45,000 restaurants. We provide brands with unprecedented access to diners via on-table advertising opportunities.

The inception of AdChomp came about while both myself and our co-founder stopped for lunch in the Alps on holiday together. An advert placed on our table to do with chalets for sale in the local area got us talking about the idea of investing in a winter holiday let.

We soon realised that the topic of our conversation over lunch had been heavily influenced by the advert. We speculated that this could have wider applications than simply holiday apartment sales. Many different brands might value the opportunity to start a conversation around the dinner table with their customer base. The rest is history, as they say…

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales reps?

Having set up the business with a team of remote working staff, we quickly realised the benefits of working in this way. Having a distributed workforce enables us to recruit people from anywhere in the country and keep our operation costs low which we use to invest back into the business.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

Our previous experience in marketing and technology respectively has given us particular skills that we have installed in AdChomp. One piece of infrastructure to the benefit of our sales team is a scalable lead generation engine, which can provide a consistent supply of call-ready warm leads.

Another internal innovation designed to optimise sales agent workflow, was the development of two standardised campaign variations. These campaign variation types were designed to streamline the sales process and reduce timescales between first contact and contract signing.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

We are the only company in the UK who provide brands with the opportunity to advertise directly to diners within restaurants at scale. Each AdChomp impression receives an average of 40 minutes dwell time, which is something other advertising platforms cannot compete with.

We are bringing a fresh burst of innovation, to what is currently a localised and fragmented marketplace. With our highly scalable infrastructure, we’re focused on helping large brands execute city-wide and national campaigns.

What are you plans for the future of AdChomp?

We are aiming for our cutlery pouches to be consistently within restaurants throughout the country, all the way throughout the year. We want to be able to build great relationships with our clients and provide successful repeat campaigns.

We have a number of exciting new products in our pipeline that we will make available. We are looking at developing new products to sell to customers, such as takeaway holders and sponsored menu. We eventually would like to take the idea global and would like to have a whole range of products to sell to create bespoke campaigns for our brands.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

The sales cycle looks like this:

  1. The sales agent will receive a call-ready warm lead from us.

  2. Contact the lead and carry out a qualifying phone call to understand the campaign requirements and any answer questions.

  3. Send requirements form to your AdChomp point of contact who will generate a proposal document to send to the client.

  4. Send proposal to the client and follow up with a second phone call to initiate the close.

  5. Assuming no amendments to the proposal, send contracts to the client to sign and send back to your AdChomp point of contact.

6. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

We currently bring in new business through a proprietary lead generation engine, capable of providing scalable, call-ready leads to bring in new opportunities for the sales team to convert. We’re offering 20% revenue commissions to our sales agents on all closed business.

Independent sales agents interested in working with AdChomp can connect with them here: Learn more about working with AdChomp

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!