Leading UK Digital Media Display/Advertising Technology Company Looking to Partner With Independent Sales Reps

Reference: PB-0508-GB
Territory: United Kingdom
Years In Business: 10
Industry: Digital Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations
Minimum sales experience Required: 1 years
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative
Average sales Cycle: Variable depending on project
Commission: 30% on deposit then 20% residual for lifetime of campaign
Training provided: Full training, sales/marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

Independent Sales Reps: Please read the opportunity below and if you are interested in being introduced to this company, please send a short introduction email to laura@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0508-GB in the subject line.

Please Tell Potential Self-Employed Sales Reps About Your Company

Our company provide technology based Advertising and Marketing solutions across a wide variety of industries including; Leisure, Retail, Education, Medical and Property Management. We offer our clients a superior bespoke digital media experience which is easy-to-use and designed to increase their bottom line profits. Our approach to date has been very much about quality over quantity and as a result have been able to secure an impressive list of clients across the UK including:

Our clients appreciate the uniqueness of our technology; our free-standing digital display pods; the creativity of our bespoke venue Apps plus our passion for good old-fashioned customer service.

We have exclusive rights in the UK to the freestanding 46” or 55” digital display pod with built-in media player and our bespoke CMS. Our Head Office is based in Surrey, UK, but we work with clients and venues all over the United Kingdom and have recently agreed launch partners in Spain and Portugal and the US.

We work with our clients to really understand their specific needs plus their commercial and operational needs. The technology available is vast: whether a client requires 1 or 1000+ screens or a simple event App what we help to achieve is the right synergies between hardware, software and functionality to deliver the right solution and campaign to meet their needs.

Why does your company stand out from your competitors?

What we do is bespoke. Our solutions are designed and created to help venue and brands improve the way they communicate with consumers, visitors and guests using cutting edge technology to replace traditional notice boards and other fixed print marketing to allow complete flexibility with their specific campaigns.

Digital campaigns can be tweaked to suit most budgets and our team can implement ongoing copy changes seamlessly. Through our channels – screens and Apps – clients are able to display a variety of offers, promotions and features in a more focused and strategic way, exclusively and directly to consumers.

We strive to simplify the Digital Signage & bespoke App market; making it more accessible to SMEs and other end-users for whom Digital Signage would otherwise be out of reach. Our products, services and striking designs make us the choice for leading venues. From simple, entry level plug and play display screens to more complex multi-touch screen displays; to bespoke venues Applications for smartphone and iPad; whatever our clients requirement we have an innovative solution to match their needs. Digital Signage uses commercial grade HD screen technology to dynamically display advertising, internal communication and everything in-between. Digital Signage Advertising Displays can be used in a wide variety of public environments including: retail settings, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate environments, the possibilities are endless.

Our Solutions:

  • Bespoke Digital Signage Solutions
  • Bespoke Venue Apps
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Fly-overs of the venues using drones and computer graphics
  • Full creative and design services.
  • Account management

A simple yet effective approach to sales

We prefer to work with mature and experienced independent sales agents who can assure consistency and continuity of optimum sales performance during a campaign.

We work hard to build long lasting relationships with our independent sales reps and recognise that our partnership is entirely mutual. We incentivise to attract the finest sales talent and recognise that performance is not just linked to lead numbers, but also lead quality and much more besides.

Our self-employed sales partners receive structured training and coaching on an on-going basis, while recognising that you are not our employees, but important partners in our business.

What type of freelance sales professional is best suited to your opportunity?

We are looking for people who are already in a consultative sales role, working with blue chip companies up to C-Level. Someone who already has established relationships within the Finance, Pharma, Professional Services, Software/IT industry, Telecoms industry who understands either project management or the learning and development industry and is able to act as a trusted advisor, already having built a credible reputation in their field. Someone who is looking to add a highly reputable company to their portfolio of complimentary but not conflicting services.

Why should independent sales reps consider working with your company?

We recognise that although our existing sales reps are the backbone of our business, being self-employed, you require something more from the company principals that you choose to work with.

We do not believe that sales reporting and CRM management should take up lots of your time which is the reason we will be managing our remote working relationship through CommissionCrowd.

The growth in Digital out of Home (DOOH) media is currently outpacing the rapid growth years of the Internet. The global DOOH advertising market is forecast to be worth over $12billion in 2015.

  • 74% of DOOH viewers are either on the way to a retail destination or a computer
  • 52% of captive audience consumers remember product advertisements
  • DOOH networks increase specific product purchases by 36.5%
  • DOOH networks increase interest in advertised products by 31%
  • 33% of consumers stop to view content on DOOH networks
  • A Portrait screen is 50%+ more noticeable than a landscape screen

Our company is owned and run by its people. We are a small team with the determination, passion and desire to succeed.

Run by two experienced entrepreneurs who have built and sold several highly successful businesses along the way, we view self-employed sales agents as partners in our business and also play a key role in the continued success of our business. As such we recognise and respect the importance of their role within our organisation.

Can you touch on the sales cycle of your services briefly

From initial contact with the prospect to closing the sale usually takes between 1 to 3 days.

Sometimes a prospect will want to think about it but this should be for no more than a couple of days – more often than not on the basis they have primed the prospect suitably during the initial sales call they will make a decision there and then.

We also issue Credit Card machines so deposits can be taken immediately.

Typical clients will usually have at least 1 form of digital media installed prior to sales process commencing. In most cases this will be the large digital display screen(s). Advertising campaigns are for 12months and start from as little as £999.00 (plus a £199.00 artwork fee). There are up-sell opportunities with campaigns values selling for between £3,000-£4,000 including all applications and product placement.

Are your commission-only sales reps provided with full training and support?

We have a range of sales and marketing material available for our Sales Agent partners to use and we are constantly looking at creating new and innovative tools to aid the sales process and improve marketing communications. We will also be using CommissionCrowd to facilitate the managent of our working relationship, therefore you will have access to everything you need at your fingertips.

Full training is provided on all of our products and services along with all the support you’ll ever need from our team.

What type of self-employed sales agents are best suited to working with you?

We are looking to partner with self-starters with experience in B2B sales, consultative selling and a proven track record. However, uniquely we are also open to hearing from individuals with no prior experience in this field but who possess the desire and tenacity to succeed within a career in media sales.
Our opportunity may also be of interest to independent sales reps with an established client base who are already representing other non-competing companies and would like to offer our services to their existing clients.

What Commission structure and payment terms can successful sales reps expect?

We are offering self-employed sales reps the following options with regards to commission:

Your clients are required to pay an upfront deposit equating to a min 50% of the campaign value (this can be negotiable and often small discounts can be offered in exchange for 100% payment being made upfront) with the balance paid when their campaign goes live or at most net 30 days.

Monthly payments options are also available and are subject to direct debit/standing order being out in place.
We are offering a commission structure of 30% on all client deposits with a further 20% residual/renewal commission for the lifetime of the client’s campaign.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales representative and are interested in being introduced to this company, please send a short introduction email to laura@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0508-GB in the subject line.

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