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Rob self-employed sales agent

Name : Rob Leslie

Industry Experience : Expert Business development services in technology, IT solutions, support and engineering, business solutions based on Microsoft platforms. Bespoke BDM services to any industry.

Specialist Areas : New business development, major and key account management, channel management , team-building and mentoring, telemarketing and telesales as a service solution.

Years Of Sales Experience : 20+

Attitude Statement : I am committed and driven to exceeding client expectation at all times.

Interview With Rob

This week we have had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Leslie after he signed up to be notified as soon as CommissionCrowd launches. With over 20 years of sales experience under his belt, we wanted to find out more about him and his career as a professional self-employed sales agent.

Rob is currently seeking exciting new opportunities so if you would like to drop him a line we have included his contact details at the end of the interview.

With a long and successful career in the sales industry to date, can you tell us where it all began?

It all began while I was working in a family owned Pub, Restaurant and Hotel chain. During my time within the hospitality industry I learned all aspects of customer service, sales and Business management. However, I always had an interest in technology and turned my skills to IT, Business Development, and Sales and account management. Twenty years on and I can boast million pound deals, working with some of the Countries best known Companies, as well as SME and the public sector.

What was the reason you decided to become a self-employed/freelance sales agent?

After spending far too many years in the Rat race, I decided to set up my own IT Company as I required flexibility and a life style that suited me, not the other way round. I like the freedom that self-employment gives you. After ten years of successfully growing and running a Business, I decided that the time was right to help other Companies achieve their goals by being able to share my vast experience and skills. I appreciate a variety of different projects and get a real kick of helping others get where they want to be. To be able to sit with decision makers, ask the right question and translate the answers in to a successful solution makes all of the difference to the outcome. Working closely with my clients and understanding their needs enables me to fulfill the requirement more effectively, thus maximising satisfaction, and of course ensuring repeat orders and referrals.

What has been your proudest achievement in sales to date?

One memorable occasion was achieving new Business revenue of over over 1.2 million for a company I was working with in the IT support and engineering services sector.

In your opinion what sets a self-employed sales agent apart from an employee?

As a professional Business development expert, I believe that there are many benefits to utilising “Mercenary” sales and business development management specialists. Attitude, vast experience and a thoroughbred drive sets us apart from the average sales person that receives an employee pay check every month. A self-employed sales specialist will prove to pay dividends faster as there is always an urgency and attention to detail with our work ethic. We thrive on setting the bar high, the same as any entrepreneur does, and contract specialists like myself provide clients with a dedicated and bespoke solution to fulfill their requirements, very quickly and efficiently.

** As you know, we are launching the CommissionCrowd sales platform later this year. In your experience what would you say makes a commission-only opportunity attractive to a self-employed sales agent?**

As a Self-employed entrepreneur taking risks is second nature. However, relying on yourself to find contracts and deliver has its challenges, especially in times of recession. I believe that finding a company who’s products and services are the right fit for our industry experience is key. Once a mutual connection is established and the sales cycle has begun, ensuring that a strong sales pipeline is built and client accounts are worked properly are my main focus. This ensures that continuation tends to be a natural phase, as referrals and repeat orders come your way.

In my opinion there are two choices here, work for someone else as an employee and watch the majority of the rewards go to someone else, or take the Bull by its horns, take the chance and work towards both personal and financial freedom.

Which aspects of the CommissionCrowd sales platform are you looking forward to the most?

CommissionCrowd is a great idea. You can waste valuable time looking for the right opportunities, so to have a dedicated place that introduces Companies to self employed sales and Business development experts is a no-brainer as all concerned benefit. Honesty and transparency go a long way in my industry.

Integrating a dedicated CRM solution to help us stay organised and efficient is a fantastic idea. I also particularly like the idea of being able to bring our own connections into an opportunity and build our own sales networks is a touch of genius.

Can you tell us about the kind of opportunity you are currently looking for?

I am ideally looking to connect and work with clients that have a strong desire to grow in their respective industry. I am a strong performer in a number of roles including: Lead acquisition, both direct customer facing or remote working, lead nurturing, negotiation and closing are my areas of strength.

I have many years of experience in Technology sales, solutions and support, but am also comfortable working with non-technology focused companies that require highly experienced, reliable achievers.

Thank you very much for your time Rob. It’s been a pleasure finding out more about you

No, thank you Ryan. I am very excited to be working with you and companies that use Commission Crowd in the future.

Contact Rob

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