The Best Remote Working Sales Jobs In 2022: How To Earn Passive Income For Life!

The Best Remote Working Sales Jobs In 2022: How To Earn Higher Commissions And Passive Income For Life!

You’re in luck, if you enjoy the idea of working remotely while earning high sales commissions with recurring residual income for life, 2022 is the best time to start working on your own terms. As a remote working B2B sales representative you’ll enjoy an infinitely greater work/life balance and financial reward than ever before.

Why Remote Working Sales Jobs Are Exploding Into The Market In 2022

Remote working sales jobs have consistently been growing in popularity over the last few years. The global health crisis of 2020 was just the catalyst that propelled this ‘new’ way of working into the limelight practically overnight.

While the worldwide pandemic was a truly devastating and unsettling period for many firms and in-house sales professionals, one thing that has emerged from the ashes is a significant change in how we currently sell and operate our business.

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Companies were quick to embrace new technologies that would allow their sales staffs to continue selling while we were confined and unable to go to sales meetings or our offices.

With the arrival of online meeting software like Zoom for video conferencing, Slack for team communication, and CommissionCrowd to find remote sales jobs, the transition to remote working was fast for both companies and sales reps.

In 2022, companies are particularly interested in working with commission-based remote working sales reps due to the numerous benefits they bring. These include:

  • Self-employed remote sales people typically make commissions rather than salaries. This lowers the burden on businesses they interact with.
  • Self-employed sales people who work remotely are typically well-versed and highly skilled in the art of selling. They also have established sales networks and can rapidly create new opportunities for selling.
  • When partnering with independent, remote-working salespeople that already have a presence in a certain territory, the company quickly establish a firm foothold there without necessarily opening new offices in that particular location.
  • Sales representatives who work directly with customers are also active participants in the marketing and advertising of the items they sell.

Buyers are Making Large Purchase Choices Without Seeing or Touching the Product.

Buyers and decision-makers have also altered their operational methods, becoming more accustomed to conducting business remotely. According to Mckinsey, 70-80% of B2B decision makers say they are open to making new, fully self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000, and 27 percent would spend more than $500,000.

Remote working sales purchasing behaviour chart

Consider for a moment why a salesperson would waste time and money traveling all around town when their potential consumers now prefer to acquire goods and services from afar. In the end, it saves time for top-level buyers who do not have to attend face-to-face physical meetings and for the salesperson as well.

Why Are Experienced Sales Professionals Giving Up Salaried Jobs in Favor of Self-Employment in 2022?

Many seasoned salespeople are leaving in-house salaried positions and switching to self-employment due to the much greater commission earning potential as independent sales agents. In addition, remote working offers a much improved work / life balance than remaining an employee.

According to Statista, “freelancers will make up 50.9 percent of the US workforce alone by 2027.”

Sales agents who work entirely independently of a company are known as independent sales reps. They tend to be self-employed and focus exclusively on B2B sales, giving up a paid position that binds them to a single firm in favor of developing a diversified product/service portfolio that they may sell locally or remotely.

A self-employed remote working sales agent may make considerably more than receiving a wage by representing several organizations as part of a broad, yet complementary sales portfolio.

If you want to learn more about this topic of moving from a sales employee to a self-employed entrepreneur, here’s a link to an article we published: The Complete Guide To Becoming A Successful Independent Sales Rep Or Manufacturer’s Rep

Here are a few advantages of remote working sales Jobs in 2022

Below are just a few of the benefits that self-employed B2B remote working sales professionals enjoy when working independently from home.

  • Significantly Higher Commission Earnings - When creating diverse yet complementary sales portfolios, commissioned sales professionals earn more per sale and are paid a recurring income for the lifetime of the client. Remember that companies traditionally pay a salary to purchase your whole time and devotion to one firm. How much is your time worth?
  • Better work / life balance - Remote working sales opportunities provide a more favorable work-life balance. There will be no more commuting to a company owned office, working dedicated business hours, or relocating to find greater sales opportunities.

Where To Find The Best Remote Working Sales Jobs In 2022

Generic job websites are NOT the best place to find the best remote working sales jobs in 2022. Companies that use these types of sites to advertise for sales reps generally do not understand how remote working sales professionals operate or what they expect from a remote sales position.

The best place to find remote working sales job opportunities in 2022 is on CommissionCrowd - the award-winning home of independent, commission-only sales. CommissionCrowd gives you everything you need to build and easily manage a top quality, diverse sales portfolio with the best companies globally.

Remote working sales agents can join CommissionCrowd completely free here.

Companies Are Choosing to Work with Remote Sales Representatives In 2022 More Than Ever Before

The growth of the remote freelance economy has sparked a new pattern in corporate expansion across the world. Companies can now penetrate markets more quickly and inexpensively than ever before via strategic partnerships with remote working independent sales people in specific areas.

When a firm enters a new market or territory where the sales staff already have knowledge and existing networks, it not only saves money on the large expenses of establishing physical new offices with an in-house sales team, but it also offers a faster route to market than traditional methods.

Working with a remote sales force has several advantages, including first mover advantage, lower overhead costs, and the network effect that accompanies it. In the end, reaching out to new clients becomes infinitely scalable.

Organizations in 2022 are rapidly expanding and penetrating new markets without the need for in-person meetings. They’re transitioning to remote working methods to continue their growth without depending on a static in-house sales staff.

How To Be Successful With Remote Working Sales Jobs

It’s critical to have a plan before diving head first into your new remote working sales career. Here are some of our most useful suggestions for making the switch from employee to self-employed:

  • You should have prior sales experience
  • Start small and build a residual income at the start
  • Create a diverse yet complimentary sales portfolio
  • look for referral business sales opportunities

You Should Have Prior Experience in Selling

The most successful remote salespeople that start their own business have some prior industry knowledge. It’s obvious that you can’t launch a landscaping firm without any landscaping expertise, or a restaurant without any management experience. The same is true when it comes to becoming self-employed in sales.

It’s an art to be able to sell to potential prospects, and if you want to be successful, it’ll take time to learn. Furthermore, you must consider the businesses seeking entrusting that their sales partners can represent their brand professionally. No business wants to miss out on a potential lead because their remote working sales reps are unable to sell.

Most sales professionals learn how to sell while working on the job. However, if you’re just getting started and want to learn the art of sales, we recommend enroling in our powerful sales course: The Sales Launch Code by CommissionCrowd.

Start Small and Create Recurring Income

The most important piece of advice we can offer when you first begin working remotely is to start with shorter sales cycle products or services and expand from there. Create a stream of recurring, residual income that pays you commissions every month for the lifetime of your customers’ accounts before starting on selling very long sales cycle products or services with much higher commissions.

This ensures that you can cover your personal expenses and living expenses in a short time before pursuing the more lucrative sales opportunities.

This may be done by identifying goods or services with a high demand and a short sales cycle, as well as working with businesses that can provide you with a number of leads to augment your own sales prospecting efforts.

Once you’ve accumulated enough monthly residual income to cover your costs, you may start diversifying into a blend of medium and long sales cycle sales remote opportunities that pay higher commissions but take substantially longer to close.

Build a Diverse Yet Complimentary Sales Portfolio

Self-employed remote workers with sales skills build a diversified portfolio of goods and services lines that compliment one other in contrast to employees who only work sales jobs for one firm in exchange for a salary.

by doing so, you remove the earning ceiling that employees are limited by when you represent several lines. As your network grows, the opportunity to up and cross sell becomes increasingly prevalent.

Look for Opportunities to Refer Business

It’s critical to keep your ear to the ground when visiting with your clients, and find out what they need for their business. Even if you’re not interested in selling those items on a regular basis, you’ll be able to connect with companies on CommissionCrowd that supply them and will pay you commissions for referring business across to them.

Companies are always looking for lead generation and will be more than happy to pay a commission for a warm introduction.

Where to Find the Best Remote Sales Jobs

CommissionCrowd is the best platform to find remote commission-only sales opportunities and developing a lucrative remote working sales portfolio in 2022.

Thousands of companies and B2B sales reps connect on CommissionCrowd every day! Sign up to CommissionCrowd and get started today!

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