So You Wanna Be a Sales Hacker?

‘Sales Hacking’, ‘Hack’ or ‘Growth Hacking’ are terms that have been coined by the start-up community, and relate to clever methods of acquiring new customers without financial outlay. It’s all about creating more opportunities to do business. In the most traditional sense growth hackers create “hacks” to help drive traffic to a website or software-as-a-service (S.a.a.S) platform which is top of the funnel for most businesses. Being a sales hacker in the pay-on-performance industry the goal is to again create opportunities but the top of your funnel is to create relationships (unless you have a blog or landing page that is optimized for traffic).

You know you’re a Sales Hacker when:

  1. You would never dream of spamming anyone
  2. You understand your target market
  3. You know or are trying to find out where your target market hang out online
  4. You’re inventive, resourceful and innovative in your approach
  5. Building relationships is the key to everything you do

If you’re not committed to this you’re just a spammer and you shouldn’t abuse these tools. You’re just a bad apple that perpetuates fear in people and makes them want to lock down their networks so no one can do business. Yep just like momma always said “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.

Spammers Rehabilitation

If you’re lazy and have suffered from spamming in the past there is hope for you and the road to recovery is short! Every time you’re about to blanket email or approach someone who is not part of your target market then please consider these words: “Always doing what’s easy is the path to poverty, not prosperity” @jkrohrs. Think about how much more value might come from building an audience that actually wants to hear what you have to say.

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