Sales Playbook: The Free Guide That Grew A $40M Independent Sales Team For A New York City Startup

In This Article You’ll Get:

  • Free access to the ‘Sales Playbook’ guide that grew a $40M independent sales team for a New York City startup and hundreds of other companies globally
  • Free access to our new ‘Success Strategy’ course that will enable you to create the perfect sales opportunity to attract the very best independent sales professionals

This Article Covers The Following:

  • What independent reps expect from the companies they work with
  • The number one reason companies fail to reach their first sale and how to avoid it
  • How to ensure you attract and retain the best freelance sales reps for long term success

how independent sales reps work

Whether you use CommissionCrowd or another service to build your commission-only sales team, the reality is that no one controls the actions of the sales agents that use these platforms to find new companies to sell for.


It’s simple, independent sales reps are self-employed and choose who (or not) to work with. They all maintain the same standards and expectations they expect from the companies they decide to work with which is why it’s so important to ensure that we help our members to adequately prepare to bring your new sales partners on board and more importantly… retain them for the long run!

Most companies are happy to take your money and leave you to do the guesswork, but in reality there is much more to seeing success than just putting your company infront of reps.

But I Thought It Was Just About Putting My Company In front Of The Right People!?

Of course it is but that’s only the very first step.

You’ve joined CommissionCrowd, you’re excited, eager to build your sales team and are raring to go. After all, time is money… we get it!

While this is fine if you already have your processes in-place, have worked with independent sales professionals before and understand what can make or break that working relationship, but if you’re new to working with agents then you will have to invest a little time and effort to ensure you’re set for long-term success.

Tip: The most successful companies that join CommissionCrowd are those that heed our advice and follow our guidance. While our technology provides the vehicle, it doesn’t drive itself. It’s our job to help educate companies in the way that reps like to work and in doing so, ensure the success of every single one of our members.

Let me explain…

There are two types of companies that typically seek to partner with independent sales reps… which one are you?

proactive sales companies

1). Proactive (Correct): Those companies that understand that they’re dealing with serious and very real sales professionals who can transform the sales of their business. They understand that there are additional steps required - in addition to just putting their sales opportunity infront of people - which will ensure they’re set up for long term success and enable their new partners to hit the ground running as fast and smoothly as possible.

Reactive sales companies

**2). Reactive: (Wrong) ** Those companies that dive right in, let the excitement of joining a commission-only sales network get the better of them and in-turn don’t take the time to perfect their processes, opting instead to figure out the rest later.

The Single Biggest Reason Companies Fail To Attract/Retain Independent Sales Reps!

Proactively finding independent sales reps

The number one reason companies fail to retain or ever achieve their first sale when partnering with self-employed sales agents is having the mentality that you’ve paid for an advert to put your company in-front of potential sales partners and that the extent of your job is done.

Even the largest and most successful companies fall at this hurdle and it’s wrong to think that just because you have a great product or service and a fantastic sounding sales opportunity, you’ll find success with independent reps by default.

The Reality:

  • It can take time to find the perfect sales partner(s)
  • You must be pro-active and ensure your processes are up to scratch to ensure smooth on-boarding and long-term success prior to contracting a rep
  • Independent sales agents are picky with who they choose to work with because they invest their own time and money into developing their sales territories

Two Important Steps To Take Prior To starting Your Recruitment Drive:

By following the two steps below, taking action and investing the time to complete them, you’ll be setting yourself up for success for the long term.

1). Get Our Free Sales Playbook

We’re giving free access to our ‘Sales Playbook’ course and template. But don’t be fooled by the word ‘free’, this is the EXACT template used to grow a $40M per year sales division for a startup in NYC and hundreds of other companies all across the globe.

Yes, we’re GIVING IT AWAY for FREE!


Because it’s our mission here at CommissionCrowd to ensure the success of every single company that wants to build a successful independent sales team! Without having your own Sales Playbook you become a ‘reactive’ company by default. You’ll struggle to on-board, train and retain your potential new sales reps.

What is the sales playbook?

Your Sales Playbook starts life as a simple template that over time, evolves into the blueprint that will be used by every new sales partner you bring on board. It gives that person absolutely everything they need to know about your company, products/services and sales processes to allow them to hit the ground running.

This important resource will become the backbone of your on-boarding and training processes and act as the manual used by not only your outsourced sales partners, but everyone that’s involved in selling within your organisation.

In a nutshell, your Sales Playbook is one of the most important documents you’ll ever create for your business.

But let me set your expectations…

It will likely take you a couple of days or longer to complete your Sales Playbook (if you break it up into stages) but after the work is done you will own a machine that that will work for your business for years to come.

2). Create The Perfect Independent Sales Opportunity (Using This Guide)

Now that you’ve completed your Sales Playbook and are ready for the moment you connect with your very first sales agent, it’s time to put your company in front of independent reps and start the process of networking and building your team.

It’s hugely important that you’re able to convey your sales opportunity in a way that is not only attractive to prospective sales agents, but also ensures that your company stands out from the competition who are all competing for the very best agents.

We’ve created a free short course that will help you to create the perfect independent sales opportunity which you can access using the link below.

Free Course: How To Create The Perfect Sales Opportunity

Ryan Mattock

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