Groundbreaking Pressure Care Products Company Seek Independent Medical Sales Rep Partnerships

Medical sales independent sales job

Territory: UK + Europe
Years In Business: 15
Industry: Medical Rehabilitation
Minimum sales experience Required: 2 years
Customer Type: B2B/B2C
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative, Tele-sales, social selling
Average sales Cycle: Weeks
Commission: 32.5% + Residual

Training provided: Full training, Sales/Marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

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Please tell independent sales reps about your company

We are a family run business which commenced trading in 2000 dedicating our time to the prevention of decubitus ulcers which are more commonly known as bed or pressure sores. Designing and manufacturing products to our specifications has seen specific product lines grow both in the UK and mainland Europe where we co-operate with medical distributors.

Four years ago we started becoming involved in the motorcycle seating business where it was noted there was a need for Polyurethane Gel type seat pads to prevent the ‘numb bum’ effect when bikers have been riding for more than an hour. Since then our product range has increased to take into account Air Pads and Spacer type Pads which the latter will be launched in mid 2015.

Our focus on new technology and the need to stay ahead in a fast changing medical industry stems from our Directors who combined have over 50 years experience in healthcare ranging from sophisticated medical devices to surgical instruments and rehabilitation equipment. In 2014 we launched a range of mattress overlays and special cushions for the prevention of pressure sores. With these new products plus the clinical evidence now in print showing the technology works, we are looking to enter into relationships with like minded independent sales representatives to work with us side by side and grow our business on a long term partnership together.

By coming into contact with one of the leading doctors in the UK who had over thirty years experience at ‘Guys University Hospital’ in London, we have since produced an independent clinical study which proves without doubt that our products are ideal for those suffering from lack of blood flow.

For independent Medical sales reps, or sales reps from outside the Medical sales industry, who may be interested in selling to the medical world, the need for our products is increasing by the day.

With the population living considerably longer than they did 25 years ago, now more than £100 million is spent per year on pressure care in both private and NHS Government sectors. What is interesting to note for any potential representatives already involved in hospital/community NHS sales, is the fact that regional health authorities do not at the present time have any alternative other than supplying powered type products which are expensive and unreliable. Our technology which we hope to introduce through CommissionCrowd cannot break and uses no power.

Why should independent sales representatives choose to partner with your company?

We believe we have solutions to problems which are growing and we also believe the thinking behind both government and private sector purchasing is changing due to decreased budgets where NHS departments in particular still have to supply home care equipment but no longer have the money to do it. More and more people require our type of products so now is the time to put boots on the ground and promote the next generation of simple easy to use medical pressure care products.

Some say the simple things in life are the best, and although our new technology is not so simple, it has been made to look simple by answering all the right questions the health professionals have thrown at us. If you are already calling into hospitals, clinics and nursing homes with other medical products it will be of benefit to add pressure care to your range as the vast majority of health care workers will welcome you with open arms, frankly nothing much has changed in this particular area for 20 years until now.

People love our products

Since the year 2000 we have been introducing cost effective and innovative products into the healthcare market both at home and throughout the world.
Currently our DebbonAir range is the leading product in Germany which has the Hilfsmittel Insurance number which is similar to a British prescription but given by Insurance companies. We have more than 500 testimonials on file from satisfied customers throughout the world all of which are available to any interested representatives.

Do you provide training to sales reps choosing to work with you?

Training on all of our products will be given by our Directors to those interested in taking the next step to work along side us. Although it may sound a very complicated business, indeed it can be put down to simple terminology without using the very complicated terminologies often associated with the Medical industry.

Training will be provided using a number of mediums including; through CommissionCrowd’s training/management functionality, on-site field visits if required and samples, plus up to date literature, Marketing materials and video presentations are all available to sales reps wishing to work with us.

Our offices are open daily, plus our Directors can be contacted on mobile telephones at most times of the day plus weekends as we take into account customer needs.

What style of sales rep do you feel is best suited to working with your company?

In our particular business, the ‘hard sell’ does not work and instead, our clients require more of a consultative introduction to our products. The good news being that our products essentially sell themselves to the people who require them.

There is nothing more pleasing than to give a client your product then to find out that 14 days later they can no longer live without it. if you are great at building relationships and solving problems by talking face to face with people who require our help, then you will be welcome to work along side us.

What commission structure can sales reps expect?

We will pay 32.5% on all first time sales sold in both private and government sectors. Commission will be sent within a 48 hour period of funds clearing our bank.

To encourage agents to work with us and have a long standing relationship we will also pay 17.5% on follow up orders. This could be of great benefit in particular with certain community health departments as they tend to purchase in bulk – 100 units for example could be required in the first month followed by automatic ordering of 60 units each month after.

Our average unit sale is £103.00 there is a substantial amount of money to be made and the more the products are used the more business will filter through from government and private organizations.

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