Preparing To Build Your Sales Team Using CommissionCrowd - Part 2

Building a commission-only sales team

In the second part of our blog mini-series we’ll be sharing two very important topics that should be considered when preparing to build your sales team on CommissionCrowd.

We pride ourselves on championing the freelance sales industry and the professional sales agents that will be using our platform. We want to work with companies that are serious about building very successful sales teams and the first step is to really understand the difference between employed and self-employed sales agents.

Ask yourself this question: Do you truly understand the motivation behind a highly experienced and well paid sales agent giving up a secure job to become self-employed?

Understanding Self Employed Sale Agents

If we could sum up the following list in one short paragraph, it would be this:

Always remember that a self-employed sales agent makes the decision to become self-employed and work for themselves. That person is NOT cheap labour, they are not so desperate for work that they choose to sacrifice a wage and they certainly won’t want to work with companies that don’t recognise this.

What A Self Employed Sales Agent Is:

  • A self employed sales agent will usually have a long and successful background in sales.
  • They will more than likely be very well connected and have a list of contacts that has been built over the years.
  • That person will be entrepreneurial and have the drive and determination to set up in business for themselves.
  • They will possess a rock solid belief in their own sales ability and have the motivation and self-discipline to run a successful business.
  • Every company that has ever existed has products and services to sell into a particular market. This is no different for a sales agent that has set up in business for themselves. The ultimate aim is to form business relationships with a number of companies that fit into their particular area of expertise.
  • Like any business owner that makes the decision to set up for themselves, self employed sales agents do so for a number of reasons. Financial freedom, improved lifestyle and breaking free from the constraints of employment.

Now please don’t get us wrong, not every sales agent that operates on a self employed basis will have a 20 year+ background in sales. Some people are simply born with the desire to become their own boss and possess a strong entrepreneurial drive.

In saying this a less experienced sales person can be extremely successful when working for themselves. However, when it comes to choosing the right opportunities there are a couple of things that both the sales agent and company should take into consideration before forming a working relationship:

The Importance Of Experience

There is one major factor that will usually determine whether a self-employed sales agent and company will enjoy a long and profitable working relationship. That is the level of experience that the self-employed sales agent possesses and the length of sales cycle for the products they are selling.

The initial transition from being an employee to setting up on your own can be a trying time. Without financial security and having bills to pay, it is inevitable that sales need to start being made quickly. Taking into consideration the time it takes to learn the product/service that is being sold, as well as the time it takes to build a sales pipeline is absolutely crucial if the relationship will be successful or not.

Therefore a company that has products/services with a short sales cycle and higher volume of sales on average may be more suited to this type of candidate. However,as financial stability is gained over time that person can branch out into other opportunities to sell items with higher rewards but lower sales volume.
A more experienced sales agent that already has a strong sales pipeline in place will be able to work with a company whose products/services have a longer sales cycle, without fear of not being able to stay afloat while doing so. This is vital to a company because it means that client relationships can be nurtured and worked properly without fear of the sales agent dropping out midway through the sales process.

Remember to choose your opportunities carefully and think about how your working relationship will progress over time. Work smart and the sky is the limit!

From The Horse’s Mouth

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