Our Plan For Launch

We wanted to take the opportunity to explain a little bit about our project development, and at the same time address some of the question we’re often asked, e.g., when are you going to launch?

A Big Thank You

First we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the companies and sales agents that have signed up to hear about our launch. Your support, feedback, patience and encouragement have been incredible, and we truly value our relationship with each and every one of you.

The early months

As many of you are entrepreneurs, you’ll already have an understanding of the pitfalls and creative challenges that go along with any major new project. Our initial vision of the system has grown in line with research that many of you have helped us with. We regret that in the early days of exploring this concept we communicated premature launch dates before discovering the full scope and potential of what we were building. That’s not to say we lied, but what we didn’t expect was to have the opportunity to develop much more than we set out to do originally. Thankfully the core functional spec has now been agreed, based on your feedback. That’s what we’re working on right now.

The Launch

Every day we get one step closer and grow more and more excited as we see our vision coming to life. Once we’ve completed the development of core functionality, the first step of launch will begin with our ‘Beta test phase’.

When does Beta Testing begin?

We’ve decided to learn from earlier lessons and not publish dates until we can achieve a 90% project completion state. We hate the idea of not communicating accurately with you.

Once we’re ready we’ll send you an exclusive invitation to start using the platform as part of our functional Beta test, so keep an eye out for e-mails coming from ryan@commissioncrowd*. Once you’ve subscribed to the Beta you’ll be able to start making connections and use (and test) all the features.


We’re still working on our pricing model and in all honesty this will likely adapt and change over time following your feedback during the Beta phase. But there are a few things that we feel are essential to note. Companies shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to connect with agents, and sales agents shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to manage their business.

Secondly, this is commission-only sales, and for that reason we want to ensure the cost to use our system also brings in an element of this philosophy. In our opinion many “freelance” platforms make the mistake of charging or taking high percentages of freelancers’ invoices. We aim to ensure that freelance sales agents who use our system are never penalised for doing so. Instead we want to reward them (hence our comprehensive affiliate program). Every aspect of our system has been built with value in mind, for both agents and companies. Our aim is to make our pricing a no-brainer for companies and agents.

We’re looking forward to updating you every week, please keep an eye on our emails and thank you again for your support, encouragement and patience. In the next post we’ll be explaining a few things about our amazing affiliate program.

*Note: If you use Gmail then you will have noticed that Emails are now filtered into different tabs at the top of the page. Our Emails will automatically fall into your ‘promotions’ tab, so make sure you either keep an eye on that tab or set up a filter to ensure you don’t miss anything from us.

Laura McGregor

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