Opportunity For Self-Employed Sales Reps To Partner With A Leading Web Application Company

Reference: PB-0477-SG
Territory: Europe
Years In Business: 14
Industry: Information Technology
Minimum sales experience Required: 2
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative
Average sales Cycle: Weeks
Commission: 10% – 30% direct + 10% (TBC) for your re-sellers
Training provided: Full training, sales materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnerships required

Commission-based Sales Reps: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send a short introductory email to laura@commissioncrowd.com and reference: PB-0477-SG in the subject line.

This is an exciting opportunity for commission-based sales reps to connect and form a long term working partnership with an established web application development agency whose existing clients include: TNT, Nike, Canon and Mediacorp. They specialise in the development of large-scale applications such as social networks, business networks and ecommerce systems.

They have recently launched a new spin-off product that focuses on affordable website packages. Their platform, backed by their proprietary enterprise grade web application framework sets them apart from services such as Wordpress.com.

Their application offers the following benefits to your prospects:

  • Increased security
  • Automatic scaling of servers and option to easily scale up the client’s package as their website grows
  • Complete design and layout freedom
  • Free hosting and SSL encryption
  • Locally hosted server clusters in Europe (Ireland and Germany)

They offer four packages to cater to many target markets:

  1. Basic – A simple static website without a content management system (CMS)
  2. CMS – A website with back-end to allow the client to self-manage their content
  3. eCommerce – An online shop application with inventory, customer and order management.
  4. Private Cluster – (for larger companies and re-sellers) that includes a private server cluster setup in the client’s own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. This allows clients to develop their own projects, or receive a discount on any projects implemented in their cluster.

The type of sales rep this company are looking to partner with

Truly entrepreneurial independent sales representatives with strong local business networks in any European country. Successful agents will receive exclusive rights within their country. Therefore, they require agents that understand business and are able to input into pricing and growth strategies specific to the reps national market. Once agreed, representatives will be provided with a local website with branding, content and pricing optimized for their country, market and language.

Why self-employed sales reps should choose to work with this company

Self-Employed Sales Representatives now have the opportunity to represent a highly respected company with extensive experience in their industry, including an impressive client portfolio of known multinationals under their belt.

Sales reps will be able to work with an exclusive offering, optimised for their country. When you sell or create new partnerships with re-sellers such as web designers, ad agencies or IT consultancies they will maximise their commission. Re-sellers sell to their clients and in return you each receive 10% (negotiable) commission on every sale made on future up-sells and recurring business.

The sales cycle

The sales cycle can vary but in Singapore – where this company’s head office are based – it’s typically 3-6 days between first contact and a face-to-face meeting. After the meeting, quotes can be provided anywhere from within a few hours or 1-3 days if the client requires any add-on custom work. After the client is provided with an accurate quote, we find they typically make a down-payment within 2 weeks.

For standard projects, setup time is 1-3 days once planned in. For projects that require custom work, set-up is typically between 1-3 weeks on average. For custom design an additional 2-3 weeks is needed. During this time, the sales rep would be responsible for updating the client on weekly progress. Having full responsibility for the client management as well as the sale means you’re able to make a better impression by keeping everything in the same country and having a single contact point for the client.

Once work has been completed, a final review is done with the client and the final invoice is submitted. Payment is expected within 2 weeks of that Invoice. Commission is paid on the deposit/final invoice and any future projects from that client once the payments have been received. In case of cancellation by the client, the deposit is non-refundable but you will still receive commission on that.

If the client has any future changes or additions you will be expected to continue to be their main contact and therefore, you will receive commission on all future work.

Is training provided to successful sales agents?

We are looking for people that are motivated, articulate and have a reasonable understanding of web-technologies. Sales documents that are used in Singapore will be provided and can be updated for your local market. You will be fully supported by our business developer who is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Once CommissionCrowd launches we will manage our relationship through their platform. This will enable agents to access the documents you need, as well as click to call, email or chat with us at any time.

What type of self-employed sales representatives are best suited to this opportunity?

This company focuses on long-term business relationships and sets an expectation for frequent repeat business. Their preferred target clients are resellers such as web designers, ad agencies and IT service companies. Sales agents with an existing network of contacts meeting this description would certainly have a head start. Sales agents will be expected to check in with existing clients from time to time to see if they have a requirement for new projects or are interested in adding any of our newly available features to their existing projects.

From experience sales reps should note the following:

  • Large advertising agencies are a harder sell but would be a good target for a senior agents with the right connections. They are lucrative as they often have frequent and repeat business.

  • Freelance designers, web designers and small design agencies will often have an existing technology partner. Using the marketing materials provided you will be able to demonstrate how this company and their solutions are a better choice than existing technologies.

  • End-clients are the easiest market, however, it’s likely that the effort vs commission will be less profitable. There is usually also a higher level of support and implementation needed for end-clients.

What experience does the sales rep require?

This company are looking for a commission-based sales professional with at least 2 years experience in sales and a proven track-record. The right candidates will be offered an exclusive sales territory based on their country of residence. An existing network of the previously mentioned target market would be highly advantageous. An understanding of web-technologies allows you to better assess the needs of your prospects.

Commission structure and payment terms

As discussed you will have an opportunity to feedback and set the pricing in your territory. Below, the company has detailed the minimum price that packages are selling for in Singapore. A high price will make you more commission but will also be a harder sell, we can be flexible in this and trust that you will advise the optimal rates for your market.

The base package prices, at the current exchange rate, are as follows:

Basic: US $1270 / UK £835
CMS: US $2150 / UK £1413
eCommerce: US $3100 / UK £2037
Private Cluster: US $8000 / UK £5257

The first 3 packages come with free hosting, and package 2-3 come with free SSL
(for 3 years but its likely to be extended indefinitely). The packages include a selection of existing design templates with the option to customize the logo, colours and some features. It also includes adding of first content if the client has this available as a word document.

Optional add-ons include: Content Delivery Network (CDN), custom unique design, copy writing, translation, social packages, Wordpress content import, seo packages and domain name registration. All add-ons are billed extra and will also result in commission.

Our Sales partners are paid between 10% – 30% commission for every deposit and invoice paid by the client. However, If you sell to designers, ad agencies and other ‘re-seller’ companies that sell to their own clients, both you, and the re-seller, will receive 10% (negotiable) commission for each amount paid to our account.

A new website will be created and branded for your country and a new cluster will be setup in the European region to ensure best possible speeds on all projects. The local website will contain your contact details and you will have exclusive sale rights in your country (Note: for UK this will be for Scotland, England or Wales).

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales rep and are interested in an introduction to this company, please send a short introduction email to laura@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference: PB-0477-SG in the subject line.

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