Acclaimed Online Personal Training Company Seek Self-Employed Sales Representatives

Reference: PB-0530-CA
Territory: Global
Years In Business: 1
Industry: Fitness, Recreation, Sports, Nutrition
Minimum sales experience Required: 0-5 years
Customer Type: B2B/B2C
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative, Tele-sales, social selling
Average sales Cycle: Hours/Days


  • 15-25% of sale (% based on performance)
  • Quarterly milestone bonus (lump sum)
  • Annual 10% bonus based on earnings guaranteed

Training provided: Full training, Sales/Marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

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Please describe your company to freelance sales agents

We are an online personal training company that brings the experience and education of a personal trainer directly to the client, anytime, anywhere. No set time to meet for PT sessions – Your personal trainer delivers optimized fitness programs, specifically designed towards your needs and goals to optimize your results.

Our online platform makes it possible for individuals, corporations, and sports teams to create an avenue of communication, access to ever-changing programs, and tools to assess progress and measure results. We believe that we also help to address the issue of U.S. companies losing more than half a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity due to illness and poor employee health in the workplace according to a study carried out by the ‘Integrated Benefits Institute’ (IBI). Essentially we provide an ideal solution to corporate social responsibility, happiness and productivity in the workplace.

Our individual clients have noted how surprised they have been by the fact that they never realized how efficiently a personal trainer could interact with them through an online setting. Typically, people attribute a face to face experience as being necessary when working with a personal trainer. We not only remove that from the equation, but we also remove the other stigmas, fears, and obligations that often keep people from committing to a personal trainer in the first place.

When we asked people why they do not use a personal trainer, the answers were consistent:

  • Adhering to a personal trainer schedule is not always convenient for the individual

  • Personal trainers are often associated with a gym, and more often than not, people stray away from the gym setting due to intimidation

  • Personal trainers can be expensive. For one session a week at a low end rate of $60 a session, you could find yourself paying $3600-$10000 and more on an annual scale, for one or two visits per week

How we eradicated these issues

  • Our personal trainers adhere to no schedule, and require no schedule obligation from their clients. We interact and communicate with our clients regularly in order to answer any questions, keep them motivated, and ultimately keep them accountable to their progress.

  • Our program is set up to allow our trainers to design their fitness programs to specifically cater to each client. If a client would prefer to work out at home and still build muscle, our trainers have the capability and experience to make this happen. The additional communication benefit from the trainer allows a client to ask as many questions as they want in order to make sure they are doing everything properly to maximize results.

  • Our annual rate is $3600. Compare the traditional one visit per week personal trainer to our full communication, fully optimized workouts, progress measurement tools; nutritional guidelines as well as feedback from the trainers (all have nutritional backgrounds). The difference between the two is vast. Better results for less.

For Corporations:

For corporations, our fitness challenges are not only engaging, but are also customized to meet a wide range of needs. While catering to each individual for a fitness challenge is difficult, we manage it by deploying various workouts to cater to each type of setting. These settings range from at home to in the gym, to having certain types of equipment available. We try to create programs for all while keeping the same goals in mind.

We also incentivize our challenges to make sure those who show the most progress are rewarded. Rewards range from vacation packages to gift cards and monetary winnings. Additionally, we are constantly pumping the challenge full of useful educational material for all those participating. Our trainers will engage the group just as they would an individual client to ensure all questions are answered and the clients know they are being held accountable.

Sports teams are handled similarly in that we provide a wide range of programs, but they are broken out into phases. Having the personal trainer on hand allows the communication that every other package offers, and the ability to administer each phase according to the period in which the athletes are in. That is to say, if a program begins in the off-season, there are phases specifically designed towards off-season and build up to peak prior to season start.

The same tools for progress measurement and nutritional guidelines and feedback are available throughout all program types to ensure everyone has the opportunity to receive the best results possible.

What do your clients have to say about you?

Can’t beat this! They gave me the training I needed with the communication and motivation of any personal trainer you are ever going to get in a gym
**—Sean Peter, Calgary Crush (Basketball)**> They created the perfect environment for me to keep in communication and constantly set and achieve new goals
**—Kyle Heier, Calgary Gators (AFL)**> No better feeling than to come into a season feeling stronger and faster than the last. This is a perfect gift for any team to know their players are always progressing.
—Fallon Middlemiss, Mount Royal University Cougars (CIS)

What type of freelance sales professional is best suited to your opportunity?

An independent sales agent working in partnership with us is free to be creative. Whether they choose to work directly with us using our web platform to help promote their intent, or working completely independently to pull sales, it is all up to them. Our team is at their disposal to ensure they can get what they need to accomplish their job.

We are revolutionizing the fitness industry by bringing the no garbage approach to everyone who wants to see better health in their lives. Sales reps/agents working with us have the unique opportunity to grow alongside us. We are not looking for sales people who are simply in it for the short term. We are opportunity providers, and we want to help those who wish to advance their sales portfolios to do so with us.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and there is nothing written in stone as to how we are going to enact a policy. We know our sales team are the ones on the ground putting their neck out to establish a relationship with a client. We strive to ensure that no matter what happens, that client will always be satisfied with how they are treated.

We are looking for sales reps who know how to get the job done. Those who are personable, but at the same time will not stop until the client is at minimum, fully educated on what we do. If someone is presented our services and remains skeptical at the end, the rep has failed. We need people who believe in us, our service, and most importantly, believe in their ability to sell our services to the prospect.

What about the sales cycle?

Individual personal training packages (1 – 7 days):

This often depends on the person and time of year. We say person, because personal fitness is rather sporadic in terms of when a person is really looking to commit themselves to fitness in general, let alone a personal training program of any kind. It is sporadic in nature because it can be caused by anything from weddings coming up, to looking in the mirror and telling themselves they need a change. These things are unpredictable, but if you can convince someone, the sales cycle here is anywhere between 1-7 days. During high fitness times (New Years, Spring Break, etc.), you would typically find more people committing and those people would be generally in the same 1-7 days, but the volume is higher.

Additionally, it might take some time to properly educate the client on what we do in order to break them away from some of the stigmas attached to traditional personal training. Education is going to be a large part of it because A) Many people do not know what traditional personal training entails, they simply know it can be inconvenient and often intimidating. B) They need to know why this service is going to help them in the long run compared to traditional personal training. This is going to rely heavily on the sales reps ability to fully comprehend our programs and properly present them to the client.

Corporate Fitness Challenges/Training packages (3 – 7 days):

This tends to be roughly 1 week, but never often more than that. This is also going to depend on the corporation. There are many who already have a budget for fitness programs for their clients. There are others who need to be shown why they need it. In either case, it is in the companies best interest to do their due diligence and get a firm understanding on the offer. A good salesman is going to be able to make a call, present the package, and close in less than a week because it is a simple 1-2-3 process that is more based on how quickly the salesperson wants to get the sale closed.

Sports Team Training packages (3 – 7 days):

This will look a lot like the corporate fitness training. However the period in which you approach the team will indicate the sales cycle. If you approach a team during the season, it is likely you are going to get a “Call me when the season is over, but thanks for the info”. Teams that are building a program are looking for means to facilitate good training in the off-season. If you make contact with a team during the off-season, you can easily close them within a week, much similar to the corporate fitness. Same 1-2-3 process here.

Is training provided to sales reps?

We provide training to all of our sales reps. We want to make sure you understand our service inside and out before you set out and try to sign someone up for it. Planting any doubt in a potential clients mind will do nothing but further distance them from us. We want our sales agents to know why we exist, where the benefits are, and what the client can expect in contrast to the traditional personal trainer.

Those sales agents that are successful will be singled out in order for us to see what we can do to continue their advancement in not only their career, but their career with us. While getting someone who can sell is always good, getting someone who can sell and is ambitious to grow to bigger and better things is much better in our eyes.

What type of self-employed sales agent is best suited to your opportunity?

We are looking for an agent with a consultative selling approach, strong relationship building skills, enjoys problem solving and helping clients find the best solution to meet their needs. We are all about customer service, satisfaction and client retention. If we do not present that up front with our sales people, the level of confidence that our client will have from that point forward will be somewhat defensive. If a sales agent can present themselves as friendly, knowledgeable, and ultimately willing to find a solution for the client, then we want to partner with you.

What experience does the sales agent require?

Experience to us is not as important as overall drive and self-motivation. We find that no matter your background and education, it is all going to come down to whether you have the right personality and attitude.

Commission Structure/Payment Terms

We are paying a commission on sales as follows:

Starting Agents:

  • Base 15% commission on sales
  • Quarterly bonus based on sales milestone
  • Guaranteed Annual bonus, 10% of earnings

Example, you sell $252,000 worth of subscriptions (70 individual annual subs. for example)
Your base commission = $37,800
Annual Bonus = $3,780

Experienced Agents:

  • Base 25% commission on sales
  • Quarterly bonus based on sales milestone
  • Guaranteed Annual bonus, 10% of earnings

Example, you sell $252,000 worth of subscriptions (70 individual annual subs. for example)
Your base commission = $63,000
Annual Bonus = $6,300

Same commission and bonus structure applies to corporate fitness challenges and Sports Team training.

Sales milestones are negotiable, but the rate in which the commission is increased is purely based on sales agent performance. We will review performance quarterly to discuss increases in commissions.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

Are you a self-employed sales representative and are interested in being introduced to this company? Please register for a free CommissionCrowd account and connect to start working with this company via their listing here: Connect with this company

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