Exciting M-Commerce Company offering Commission-Only Sales Jobs To UK Based Agents

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| Reference: | PB-0416-GB |
| Territory: | United Kingdom |
| Industry: | Retail, Leisure, Health, Tourism |
| Minimum sales experience Required: | 5 |
| Customer Type: | B2B |
| Sales Skills: | Face-To-Face |
| Average sales Cycle: | Weeks |
| Commission: | 15% – 25% |
| Training provided: | Full training and support provided |

This is the perfect opportunity for self-employed sales agents who are looking for commission-only sales jobs within an established, and rapidly growing UK based M-Commerce Solutions company.

Commission-Only Sales Agents: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send a short introductory email to laura@commissioncrowd.com and reference: PB-0416-GB in the subject line.

Describe Your Company to Self-Employed Sales Agents

Our company was founded in 2013 on the core values of “Quality, Integrity and Service”. Our primary goal is to help small to medium enterprises (SME’s) expand their Market reach by giving them access to the latest Mobile Marketing tools.

As part of this commission-only sales job opportunity, we have partnered with a large global technology provider to implement a turn-key mobile commerce (or m-commerce) solution to help independent retailers across the UK. The solution is designed to grow our client’s business and increase brand awareness and in-turn, profitability.

Although we are still a fairly young company, we are enjoying rapid growth and currently serve well over 25,000 clients across 19 countries globally.

Our core values can be best summarised as follows:

Quality: To us this means not cutting corners and instead delivering real value to the client. It’s also about helping our clients through innovative and cutting edge tools that allow them to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Integrity: We have no interest in delivering a service or recommending a 3rd party product unless we 100% believe this is the right thing for our clients. As a result, Integrity is about doing the right thing, for the right reasons and standing by our core values.

Service: We don’t believe there is a magic bullet to solve complex problems. We value the commitment that all clients make when working with us and for that reason we believe that being able to provide the right solution based on the client’s needs is of paramount importance.

Tell Us About The Commission-Only Sales Job Opportunity

For years an uneven playing field has been developing between independent retailers and big national or international chains. Larger companies have been able to pay lower taxes, invest in expensive e-commerce solutions and loyalty programs, and fundamentally grow much larger customer databases than smaller companies. As a result SME’s are being left behind owing to lack of know-how or funding to invest in comparable solutions. Discount and Daily Deal sites such as Groupon or Amazon Local further erode margins and impact on this sector forcing many to compete solely on price.

Our company evens up the odds by offering a turn-key M-commerce solution which has often been described by customers as a modern day co-operative. Everyone has a stake in the growth of the platform and the growth of their own customer database. The solution is already live in 19 countries with over 25,000 active merchants that allow customers to earn cash back on everyday purchases.

Our M-commerce solution package encompasses the following:

  • An innovative mobile app
  • An integrated customer loyalty program
  • The ability to send free marketing messages directly to customers
  • Acquisition of new customers through viral sharing
  • The ability to earn commission when a client’s customers spend money with other business within the network
  • Allows a client’s customer to earn cash back at their business and 1,000’s of other independent business owners
  • Allows their customers to buy Gold through the app using cash back they have earned

We have big plans moving forward in 2015. We have just hired a leading digital Marketing agency and are set for massive global expansion from January 2015. Commission-only sales agents will reap the benefits of a large scale online presence to back up their sales efforts.

This is an opportunity for commission-only sales agents wishing to represent an exciting and fast growing company whose products and services are proven in the Marketplace. We understand the importance of our outsourced sales reps, and know what you expect from a company and a successful working relationship.

What Training Is Provided To Sales Agents Wishing To Partner With Us?

Full training and support is available to self-employed sales agents, including: live sessions, online meetings and downloadable training manuals. Initial discussions can be conducted through CommissionCrowd’s click to call functionality, or Skype. There is also the opportunity to attend a ‘Business Information Session’ and meet key personnel in Birmingham, UK. Once the initial training is complete, we envisage that sales agents will be able to work independently with the knowledge that we are always on hand to support our agents.

Sales material and support will be provided based upon the type of leads being generated. This will be available in the form of downloadable content, online presentations/webinars and face to face meetings to help land a large new client. We have processes to support lead generation in any part of the UK which includes creating custom content to share with your prospects to help close the sale.

What Sales Style Are We Looking For Agents To Possess?

We would very much like to partner with experienced sales agents who are able to close business quickly, whilst maintaining a consultative, needs based selling style. Although the sales cycle of our products are generally short, we do not necessarily wish to align our brand with a ‘hard selling’ approach.

What Level Of Sales Experience Is Required For The Opportunity?

We are looking for professional self-employed sales agents across the UK who has experience or contacts within any of the following industries; leisure & hospitality, health & beauty, fitness, or retail services. Sales agents who have experience selling merchant services or with contacts in the independent sector will be ideally suited for this opportunity.

The nature of this opportunity rewards any merchant or organisation that has the capability to introduce either customers or merchants into our m-commerce solution. This means prospects could also include sports clubs or associations who wish to generate an additional revenue stream. This also means that suppliers, wholesalers or buying groups to the retail sector could benefit from our products.

Applicants must have a passion for consultative selling in order to identify the key benefits for the prospect and to help close each sale with the end result being a happy customer.

The candidate must be able to provide testimonials from previous clients (LinkedIn testimonials acceptable) and/or previous employers.

The average sales cycle of our services to merchants is around two weeks to a month.

What Is The Commission Structure And Payment Terms?

There are three price points to the product we offer. The price point varies according to the prospect’s budget and level of service required. Pricing ranges from £400 – £1,500 with commission rates per sale between 15% and 25%. The price point and commission structure is based upon a single outlet, therefore prospects with multiple outlets will attract a higher commission.

There are options to earn a monthly residual income which would need to be discussed with individual sales agents who are interested. This will be based upon the level of contribution they are able to make. Our residual commission payment structure works to significantly increase sales agents earning potential.

Payment terms are within 30-60 days following payment by the client.

What Sales Territories Are Available?

This opportunity is open to independent sales agents across the UK. We envisage the biggest opportunities will be available to those agents living in or near large conurbations, cities and towns above 50,000 people. In these locations there are typically 100’s if not 1,000’s of potential retailers who would benefit from our services.

The general criteria for independent retailers include any business from sole trader up to a regional business, with a guideline maximum of 10 outlets. All businesses are expected to have a physical retail presence rather than trade solely online. Also mobile businesses such as taxi firms would be eligible.

At present we consider this to be a ‘blue ocean’ opportunity. There is very little competition as our solution is totally unique and we have a lead generation process that makes it easy to identify businesses that can significantly benefit from our solution. Where there are multiple sales agents in the same location, we will co-ordinate efforts around leads being acted upon to minimise duplication or overlap and CommissionCrowd’s sales platform will enable us to manage this process also.


The positions are available now and for immediate start. We will be inviting interested parties to a private meeting and ‘Business Information Session’ on Sunday 7th December 2014 in Birmingham. We would be more than happy to initiate discussions over Skype or face to face if appropriate prior to that date and at any time after.


Please send a short introduction email to laura@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile and Reference: PB-0416-GB in the subject line.

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