Fantastic Opportunity for Self-Employed Sales Reps Looking to Partner With a Guaranteed ROI Marketing Company Who Supply Hot Leads

Reference: PB-0499-US
Territory: USA and International
Years In Business: 15
Industry: Internet Marketing, Advertising, Tele-Sales
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative
Average sales Cycle: 1-2 Weeks on average
Commission: 10% recurring (Hot leads provided)
Training provided: Full training, sales materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

The following interview has been conducted with a company that have recently come on-board as one of our CommissionCrowd lifetime members. They are now looking to connect with professional commission-based sales reps with an interest in the Internet Marketing, Advertising and Tele-sales industry. This company is unique in the fact that they invest heavily in lead generation and are subsequently able to provide their sales reps with a large number of warm/hot leads on a regular basis.

Commission-based Sales Reps: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send a short introductory email to and reference: PB-0499-US in the subject line.

Please Tell Potential Self-Employed Sales Reps About Your Company

Our company is solely committed to the successful growth of our clients. Our purpose and existence is to see every client achieve the success they envision within themselves and be there with them as they surpass their goals.

We are the only Internet Marketing company we know of that operates with a promise of a guaranteed ROI on our clients Marketing dollars spent. Our company is able to provide our clients with a measurement of dollars spent versus leads generated and business closed to show them their marketing dollars are working.

Currently based and operating out of the US, we have several successful partnerships with staff and facilities in the UK, Philippines, India and South Africa. Each of our clients is examined and analyzed for their specific needs and desires and an appropriate service plan is put into place to ensure we are able to deliver those results. We are fluid, flexible, and able to fine tune our services to meet even the most specific needs from clients with the highest expectations.

Why Does Your Company Stand Out From Your Competitors?

The fact that we offer a guaranteed and measured ROI for each of our clients sets us apart from our competition. In order to fulfill that promise, we carry out a smart and controlled approach to our client’s success.

We offer:

  • Exclusive service agreements for representation in specific markets and geographic areas
  • A pay on results contract model
  • No hidden fees
  • We handle everything the client needs, even the most specific requirements
  • Measurable, obtainable, ROI’s on dollars spent

A simple yet effective Approach to sales

Our sales reps are the back-bone of our business and we recognize that by being self-employed, you require something more from the company principals that you work with. We do not believe that sales reporting, and CRM management should take up lots of your time which is the reason we will be managing our remote working relationship through CommissionCrowd. We also recognize that the bottom line is your top priority, therefore if your clients are not coming on and seeing the possibilities of all we can do for them quickly, we do not expect our self-employed sales reps to keep chasing the sale. We don’t expect that you put them back into your funnel and let the funnel do the work until they are ready to talk, or just say no.

However, it’s not that easy for your prospects to say no as we offer the following risk free services with a guaranteed return on investment:

  • Web design and development
  • Video creation and Marketing
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • General Marketing services
  • Sales phone system set-up and support
  • Customer service solutions
  • Phone
  • Lead generation
  • Reputation management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial analysis
  • Book keeping
  • Sales team management

Why Should Self-employed sales representatives choose to work with your Company?

Our company is owned and run by people who have been in self-employed in the sales industry for most of their lives. We treat our outsourced sales reps as partners in our business and understand the importance of your role with us. We also understand the importance of a professional sales/account management team and what it means to the success of our sales reps. The goal of our management team is to make sure our commission-based representatives have all of the tools and support needed to do your job effectively.

We reward the success of our reps and can’t abide by companies who bring business in-house when their reps perform too well and bring in exceptionally high levels of commission. As long as our sales reps work with the leads we provide, nurture client relationships and actively managing your accounts while representing our company to the best of your ability, you will continue to receive your recurring commissions, period.

We also offer the ability for our outsourced sales reps to work with members of our in-house customer service team who can act as a personal assistant and help service your accounts. We would be happy to help successful agents continue to produce, while taking off some of the load of routine tasks and regular house keeping with existing accounts. Please note, having access to our in-house employees does not change the fact that these accounts are, and always will belong to you.

You can also work with us and sell with us from anywhere. Live in the UK and want to sell in the USA – no problem. Want to live on the beach and sell from your back porch – no problem. Do you feel you have an untapped market in a major city near you? Let us know and we will work with you to tap into that area. We are always open to new ideas and value the feedback our reps provide us with.

Can You Touch On The Sales Cycle Of Your Services Briefly Please?

Quick! Really quick. The majority of our clients come on-board after the presentation stage. From first contact to presentation, close and deposit payment usually takes 1-3 days. Initial phone calls are usually 15-30 minutes and a presentation of the solution takes between 20-60 minutes depending on scope of the services needed. A full service client with a total of $10k – $20K per month in services can take several months to up-sell into full services, but in the meantime they always have some immediate issue they need help with that we can solve with a 1000-2000 per month service, ALWAYS.

Are Your Commission-Only Sales Reps Provided With Full Training And Support?

Yes, full training and support are provided to all of our sales reps. Ideally sales representatives will already be familiar with professional sales methods based on client value and providing solutions to clients issues and problems. Training on all of our products and services is provided, as well as access to our sales and marketing materials.

It’s important to remember that our team and company owner have many years experience working as a commission-based self employed sales rep. We know how to treat our sales agents and more importantly, know what you expect from a company.

What Type of Self-employed Agent Are Best Suited to this Opportunity?

We are looking to partner with professionally trained, self-employed sales agents with experience in B2B sales and consultative selling. Experience in the industry is not required however, the ability to speak intelligently and with knowledge of social media, basic web site terminology, search engine rankings, online searches, and other related terminology is advantageous.

Ideally we are seeking working partnerships with sales agents with an established client base who are already representing other non-competing companies and would like to offer our services to their existing clients.

What Commission Structure And Payment Terms Can Successful Sales Reps Expect?

We are offering our self-employed sales reps two options with regards to commission. Our clients pay on a monthly basis and are required to pay an up front deposit as well as the first month’s services. Our services range from anywhere between $1k – $20k+ per month.

Commission option 1

Warm/Hot Leads supplied:

We will carry out all of the sales reps prospecting and lead generation activities on their behalf. We will keep you supplied with a stream of warm/hot leads so all the rep needs to do is carry out a presentation and close the sale.

If the rep chooses this option we will offer a 10% commission on the clients deposit and 10% residual on recurring monthly payments for the lifetime of the client.

Commission option 2

Leads not supplied

Although our reps will be fully supported at all times, with this option we won’t put our resources into lead generation. If you have an existing network of companies you think would benefit from our services or simply want to carry out your own prospecting, we will offer a commission of 50% on all new client deposits with a 25-50% residual commission for the lifetime of the client.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales rep and are interested in an introduction to this company, please send a short introduction email to along with a link to your LinkedIn profile and reference: PB-0499-US in the subject line.

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