Opportunity for Freelance Sales Agents Experienced with Blue Chip Finance, Pharma, Professional Services, Software, IT or Telecoms Industries

Reference: PB-0535-GB
Territory: Global Territories Available
Years In Business: 10
Industry: Professional Services, Consultancy, Project Management
Minimum sales experience Required: 5 years
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative
Average sales Cycle: Variable depending on project
Commission: 20% plus residual on repeat orders
Training provided: Full training, sales/Marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

Freelance Sales Agents: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send an introductory email to ryan@commissioncrowd.com and reference PB-0535-GB in the subject line.

Please describe your company to freelance sales agents.

We are an established project management solutions company and our vision is for a practice of expertise building, long-term, profitable relationships with our team and our clients. Ultimately we describe our company as that unseen magical force that gets our clients home in time for dinner, or to put the kids to bed, go to the pub or just hit the sofa.

Our vision, our proposition and passion is to provide the kind of support, solutions, tools, inspiration and motivation to enable our clients to make significant progress with their business and projects, while delivering truly meaningful outcomes.

We have worked with our clients as consultants, trainers, coaches, trusted advisors and practitioners for over ten years. When we discuss the initiatives that we remember the most, they were the ones where we made a significant impact in their business. We made that difference because we either carried out the up front analysis and fit the gap ourselves or someone else had done a good job of it and we were brought in to expand on and take action based on their findings.

We promise our clients that we will only engage when we have sufficient insight to put an expert in the room and where we can demonstrate the difference we can bring. We are now looking for sales partners who can credibly gain trust and insights into prospective clients and experts that can make a difference through training, coaching, mentoring, presenting and delivering.

Some of our previous clients include: Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Greggs (UK, high-street food chain), Deutsche Bank and Landmark.

What do your clients have to say about you?

This was excellent and far exceeded our expectations, what can be delivered online is incredible and our London team went away buzzing
—Top 8 global accounting firm > I worked with TWPS as the Design Lead on a high profile project with a strategic client. They worked in a very consultative manner and have extremely high level of credibility in front of the client as trusted advisors and subject matter experts. TWPS managed a remote based global design faculty which involved complex coordination and attention to detail
—Project Manager, global investment bank > I had the pleasure of working with Alex for a couple of years as an external partner on the development of project managers in our large delivery focused, matrix organisation. Alex was able to quickly understand the needs and challenges of our organization and articulate potential solutions and approaches. Alex has a great customer focus and excellent consultation skills. I found her to be very professional, responsive and focused. I can definitely recommend Alex and am confident she will bring benefit to many more customers and partners.”
—Head of L&D, Global Pharmaceutical company

What type of freelance sales professional is best suited to your opportunity?

We are looking for people who are already in a consultative sales role, working with blue chip companies up to C-Level. Someone who already has established relationships within the Finance, Pharma, Professional Services, Software/IT industry, Telecoms industry who understands either project management or the learning and development industry and is able to act as a trusted advisor, already having built a credible reputation in their field. Someone who is looking to add a highly reputable company to their portfolio of complimentary but not conflicting services.

Why should your opportunity appeal to freelance sales agents?

Over the past 10 years we have had a lot of experience working with self-employed associates and partners in our business. This will however, be our first venture into working with freelance sales reps although we feel that our extensive experience of working alongside external contractors has given us a solid understanding of their expectations.

We feel that one of the key reasons that self-employed sales professionals would choose to partner with us is because of our ability to make our contractors and partners feel as though they are part of our ‘family’ while working with us. We recognise the value that external sales partners are able to bring to our business and its vitally important to us that we build, and maintain strong personal relationships with them.

Coupled with this, we are a good fun company to work with, we have very strong values around maintaining our integrity and a world class reputation for providing relevant solutions to our clients. We strive for long term partnerships with our clients and with this comes the need for us to be a trusted advisor. We believe in keeping an open and honest flow of communication amongst our sales associates, partners and clients.

We providing a hand holding approach to business development and sales agents representing us would be involved in scoping out requirements once they have been qualified. Our principle consultant and director of the company will ensure that we have the right resource matched to the right client, and that our process for delivery is followed every time to ensure we exceed the clients expectations.

We will make ourselves available every step of the way to ensure that sales agents receive the support they need, in terms of training, marketing, new products etc. It is in our interest to make sure that you have 100% faith and commitment in what we do and are able to provide not only to you, but to your clients aswell.

What about the sales cycle?

It is generally quite difficult to put a time on the sales cycle, it could be an immediate to long-term requirement, anything from days to months, the larger the opportunity, generally the longer the cycle.

Tell us about the commission structure/payment terms.

We know of many organisations who don’t pay their sales team on time or fairly, when we set up our company, this was at the top of our list as being an absolute priority. We recognise that its not all about money, but we all have families to support and financial obligations – we guarantee to pay on time and to reward well.

We pay 20% commission based on a percentage of gross profit. Our typical GP is £1500 per day, so you can expect in the region of £300 per day of delivery, note that for development of courses and consultation this will vary, but should give you a fairly good idea of the potential earnings. Payment terms are based on when the client pays us and the delivery has taken place. We aim to get payment in advance where possible, but this will be dependent on the client/opportunity.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales representative and are interested in being introduced to this company, please send a short introduction email to ryan@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0535-GB in the subject line.

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