Exciting Opportunity For Commission-based Sales Reps in the Natural Stone Distribution Sectors - High Commissions + Residuals

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Today we’re interviewing Isaac Davila from ‘Rockford’ the leading importer and distributor of natural stone in the UK.

Rockford are now looking to partner with independent sales reps looking to sell in this space. We’ve interviewed Isaac to give you a better understanding of their company and the sales opportunity available.

Independent sales reps interested in working with Rockford can APPLY TO WORK WITH ROCKFORD HERE

Describe Your Company to Commission-Based Sales Agents

Our company is the largest importer and distributor of natural stone in the UK, delivering throughout the UK and rest of Europe.

We specialise in all areas of Natural Stone, Engineered Quartz and Porcelain, for interior and exterior use. We have built our business on a foundation of experience and excellence and is the result of the successful identification of a real, and sought after need in the market; excellent management has made our company highly efficient and successful.

We are a company with the experience to react immediately to new opportunities and changes in the sales environment. Our management’s background of sales and marketing is extensive, mostly working on straight commission.

Having spent decades as self-employed, commission-based sales reps, we know exactly what a sales agent expects when partnering with a company principal.

Tell Us About The Commission Based Opportunity You Are Offering To The Right Reps

We are looking for commission-based sales reps to partner and grow with us. In return, we are able to offer the following benefits:

  • Exclusive territories to successful agents (excl. current customers)
  • High commission rates of between 3% – 10%
  • A management team with a long and successful background in sales of our products
  • Working with a company whose managers have experience as a self-employed sales agents themselves
  • Managers who live to problem solve and make the deal happen. We know how to say “yes” to your prospects
  • A company who is dedicated to client satisfaction and ensuring we retain your customers long term
  • Proven products and services
  • Lead generation
  • Non-exclusive agreement. Our sales agents are free to represent other companies while working with us
  • No “non-compete” paragraphs in our agreements. We actually think that competition is good, even within our own ranks

We Truly Know How To Work With Self-Employed Sales Professionals

One other guarantee: We will not hold award banquets where you receive a plaque for exceeding quotas, only then to be taken into the back room to be told that we’re cutting your commissions and/or your territory.

We know how to work with independent commission-based sales professionals, and our primary goal is to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners.

What Qualities Do We Look For In A Commission-Based Sales Rep?

We are looking to partner with agents who know the Market or is highly motivated to learn. Although the ability to close a sale is obviously vital, we are interested in working with agents who can sell using a consultative, needs based approach.

This includes:

  • Additional lead generation and consulting with prospects
  • Overseeing the delivery of our services to your clients
  • Retaining clients and being an additional point of contact for future sales

What Do We Require From Self-Employed Sales Agents?

  • An excellent grasp of both written and spoken English
  • Experience in selling natural stone and or porcelain tiles
  • A knowledge of current “best practices” for sales and tactics, knowing that they evolve almost daily
  • A willingness to study and get to know the industries we service (Resellers, Builders, Designers, Architects etc…).
  • A great attitude towards customer service

What Training And Support Do You Offer To Sales Reps?

Full training and support is always available to self-employed sales agents that choose to partner with us.

This includes:

Online training materials, phone (Skype or CommissionCrowd’s click to call functionality) Initial training will be followed by one-on-one phone calls that should take no more than one hour at a time. Follow-up training will be tailored to the individual sales reps needs. Ensuring our reps feel supported at all times is our highest priority.

Are you interested in connecting with this company?

Independent sales reps interested in working with Rockford can APPLY TO WORK WITH ROCKFORD HERE

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