Independent Cyber Security Firm Offering Fantastic Commission Based Sales Opportunity For Freelance Sales Reps

Reference: PB-0519-GB
Territory: Global
Years In Business: 1
Industry: IT Services, Security, Software
Minimum sales experience Required: 1 year
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative, Tele-sales, social selling
Average sales Cycle: Days/Weeks
Commission: 20% + Residual
Training provided: Full training, Sales/Marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

Freelance Sales Agents: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send an introductory email to and reference PB-0519-GB in the subject line.

Please tell commission-based sales reps about your company

Founded and trading since 2011, we are an independent cyber security firm located in the heart of London, with operations worldwide.

We cater for all domestic and commercial security solutions, specialising in intelligence, cyber and physical security. Using the combined intelligence of individuals who are experts in their fields, clients receive exceptional service and are assured by the quality of service received.

We offer a wide range of security solutions including: intelligence, cyber and physical security. In order to increase our cyber security presence, we are looking to connect with independent, commission-based sales reps with IT sales experience and an understanding of cyber security products.

Our service offering in the area of cyber security is as follows:

  • Cyber (national/ international)
  • Internal/ External Network Penetration Testing (white/ grey/ black box)
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Hardening of Linux Servers
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing/ Physical Security Audits

We appreciate that independent sales reps have their own method and networks in which they use to secure their sales. Therefore we leave all sales techniques and management to the sales reps’ discretion.

What are your commission-only sales reps provided with?

All supporting documentation and templates will be placed on both our secure cloud drive, as well as within our connected CommissionCrowd accounts, where the sales rep can learn the processes and lead times involved with obtaining quotes for clients’ requested services.

We are more than happy to provide independent reps with business cards, access to our network via Microsoft Office 365 (online), where they will have access to all Office products (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), and a personalised company email address, if required.

We understand that sales reps may have detailed knowledge in their areas of speciality however, we truly value the expertise and networks that independent sales reps open for us and our management and resources are always at hand to provide further assistance, if required.

Who is your typical client base?

Any company that has invested in IT infrastructure will have a requirement to ensure that their networks are secure. Due to the vulnerabilities that exist as a result of the ever-advancing exploitation and hacking techniques, along with the fact that clients holding personal/sensitive information are obligated to have their system tested by an external cyber security firm on an annual basis (data Protection Act 1998), therefore cyber security testing is of key importance for most companies.

We are not restrictive in terms of client location, as the majority of the testing is conducted remotely, which allows testing to be performed worldwide. If onsite testing is requested by the client, this can also be accommodated.

In summary, cyber security is a service that is not location dependent and is required in all industries – with some being legally obliged to work with a company like ours.

What commission structure can successful sales reps expect?

We offer 20% commission on sales closed + residual

To put this into context, a client will be charged at least £750 per day for testing, which, depending on the size of the deal secured, would see the sales rep achieve the following commission:

Small Deal (approx. 3 days): 20% = £450
Medium Deal (approx. 10 days): 20% = £1500
Large Deal (approx. 20 days): 20% = £3000

The commission doesn’t stop there as any future sales or services requested by that client will trigger 20% commission to be paid out to the assigned agent, on the basis that they handle the requests and nurture their clients when it’s time to renew.

What type of self-employed sales agent is best suited to your opportunity?

We are looking to partner with self-starters who have experience and knowledge in B2B sales for the cyber security industry, however, are also open to consider those who have knowledge but no experience in this area.

Independent sales reps who currently advise on IT or cyber security services and already have an established client base may also be interested in this opportunity.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales representative and are interested in being introduced to this company, please send a short introduction email to along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0519-GB in the subject line.

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