Manufacturer's Sales Rep Opportunity: Patented Medical Devices (Pressure Care) - 30% Commission + Lifetime Residuals

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Today we present an incredible sales opportunity for Medical Device freelance and Manufacturer’s sales reps who are interested in adding new and innovative Medical Pressure Care Products to your portfolio. Commissions are payable at 30% + residuals on repeat orders.

Dan Medica South are a UK based company with global territories available. They provide technologically groundbreaking patented, products for the following industry sectors:

  • Hospitals + Care Homes
  • Wheelchair cushioning + Toileting
  • Personal care
  • Motorcycle + Travel
  • Veterinary

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Interview With Dan Medica South

The interview below will give manufacturer’s reps a deeper understanding of the sales opportunity being offered…

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

Innovative 3D Fibre Technology with patent pending inner layers that decrease shearing and friction like no other pressure care product. Student nurse friendly, can be used without any electrical supply, not requiring any air pumps, cannot puncture as normal air inflated products do, cannot breakdown as no pumps are needed, does not require maintenance contracts or service call outs, (one London Borough reported savings of £300.000 plus by stopping the service contract).

Offers long life, full two year manufacturers warranty, proven by the NHS to heal grade 2/3 and 4 open wounds and offer prevention as well as protection. At £199.99 for a Full Single Bed Overlay it is also very cost effective against its nearest rival at £400+.

What are your best selling products/services and why?

Our best selling product is the full length Treat-Eezi overlay which fits onto any single bed, can be used on any double bed, is suitable for 98% of people at risk of tissue breakdown and also suitable for healing high grade open wounds.

What’s your greatest client success story?

We can offer up two stories, firstly a man living in a one bedroom flat in London was told last Christmas he would have to go to hospital, he had what is called a grade 3 ulcer on his backside which if left alone could kill him.

He refused to go to hospital as he wanted to spend Christmas with his wife, the health authority firstly offered him an electric air bed, when pointing out to the nurse where his wife could sleep with this device making it impossible for them both in the same bed, he was given a Treat-Eezi mattress to go on top of his own.

Three weeks later the wound had gone, he spent Christmas with the woman he loved and the NHS authority in London telephoned us to say, our Treat-Eezi had saved them over £14,000.00.

Case number 2 was a small child in Rotherham Yorkshire with a terminal illness, the hospital had tried everything to make this little boy comfortable but still his skin was dying, we made the effort to drive 250 miles to give him a product for his day time trolley and his night time bed.

Six weeks later the specialist nurse called to say the boy was back to normal and the mother refused to return our products, this story is what we as a small company are all about, his last year in life was spent being comfortable and pressure sore free, sadly I found out only last week he had passed away.

Where did the inspiration for Dan Medica South come from?

Dan Medica South Limited came about from Dan Medica Limited, a company I ran with a partner from the Manchester area. That company specialised in Tilting Wheelchairs and in the space of a 3 year period went from nothing to a £3 million turnover selling to the NHS (UK National Healthcare Service).

After the 3 years the northern office decided to take their foot off the pedal and we were left running the entire business from the south. We decided to part company hence DM South and DM North was created. Due to my work experience in the pressure care industry, Dan Medica South was formed with my wife and we concentrated on specific cushions and mattress products for the prevention of Decubitus Ulcers.

Tell us a little about your expertise in the Medical Pressure device arena

Our joint experience between my wife and myself now exceeds 40 years. I was trained in pressure care by an American Company named Roho Inc who at that time were the number one in wheelchair protection for the disabled and spinal injuries, I went from there to work with Hill Rom, America’s No 1 special care bed manufacturer, Vicair Products, Askle France and more than 40 International distributors.

I was also trained in surgical implants as well as specific surgical instruments and have worked in operating theatres for over 20 years. My partner Lynne has now had more than 15 years experience in pressure care products and has helped thousands of clients over a 20 year period both home and abroad. We have both been trained on the subject by some of the finest Doctors and Professionals in the business as well as attending numerous lectures on pressure care management, keeping healthy tissue and avoiding tissue breakdown.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Over the last 3 years we have managed to break into specialist equipment purchases with the Treat-Eezi products when other more common devices simply have not been able to do the job.

Treat-Eezi is now a recommended product for those leaving Salisbury Hospital Spinal Unit, we are also working with more than 22 Tissue Viability Specialist Nurses up and down the country.

We have made products for children sleeping in special night sleep positioning systems along with placing the product on top of special moulded seat systems to act as an interface between the mould and the skin. Well over 200 Occupational Therapists are now working with Treat-Eezi in the UK and Ireland, Devon, Cornwall, London, Leicester, Cumbria,Hereford & Worcester, Essex and Coventry NHS are just some of the health authorities working with us on a daily base.

Our exports have now gone into Ireland, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Israel, Cyprus and the Benelux and are expanding monthly.

What made you consider wanting to work with Manufacturer’s Reps?

We love the idea of partnering with freelance Manufacturer’s Reps who can help us reach Markets much faster and have the existing contacts to achieve this. It’s a win/win for us both and we respect the agent’s networks and experience which is why we are offering an industry leading 30% commission on the first two purchases then a lifetime residual of 18% for all repeat orders.

People interested in making lots of money and getting repeat order commission of 18% each time a nurse or a physio/OT places an order brings a great satisfaction to those agents who are prepared to put the hours in in the first place.

I myself have been concentrating on sales with a distributor in Scotland working the Borders region. Their plan is to change over to Treat-Eezi for all the Community patients which could result in 100 plus units each month, nice commission for our guy in Scotland who will simply send us an order.

Self-employed sales professionals are also eager to prove themselves and when an opportunity comes along they put far more effort into making things work than employees on a set salary.

What are you plans for the future of Dan Medica South?

To expand throughout Europe and be the number one supplier of pressure care throughout the homecare/community markets, we are just starting to be recognised for our quality along with care and customer service within the UK and the NHS, they are now turning to us for products as the benefits in cost savings alone coupled with the fact, change will have no ill effects on patient care plays a massive key factor in cutting their budgets by more than half. Dan Medica South- Number One in Pressure Care at Home.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

Difficult to describe this as each sale is different depending on the client however, if an rep is able to win over a London Borough for example, district nurses would, depending on where be prescribing 100/200 or even 300 air beds per month, current NHS spending on pressure care is 3.4 Billion Pounds, rough estimates with the population getting older, say 60 Million people in the UK, 10% of these will require our products at some stage in life. It is a very big market and growing daily.

How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Bringing in new business, exhibitions, giving lectures, visiting hospitals, going to see Occupational Therapists, sub distributors and international distributors. With the contacts we have from the NHS growing on a daily rate, more and more professionals are asking our advice, thus far this year we have attended 8 exhibitions and 2 congresses, in 2019 we are looking at exhibiting in India, Australia and New Zealand as well as showing the products at the largest medical fair in Germany.

Learn more about Dan Medica’s sales opportunity here and view full details using the ‘view full details button’.

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