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In recent weeks, CommissionCrowd has been on an incline with a rapid increase in our independent Sales Rep membership and we were recently awarded for ‘Overall Innovation For Sales’ at the Sales Innovation Expo in London - Europe’s largest sales expo!

We are now making the inroads for sales agents and companies who work in the Pharmaceutical industry and are looking to form global working partnerships.

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Benefits Of Working With Independent Sales Agents In The Pharmaceutical Industries:

The Pharmaceutical industry is a very tight-knit industry, having the right person, with the right skills and the right experience is what every company needs and what we, at CommissionCrowd try to mediate on our platform. This is where CommissionCrowd’s Commission-Only Sales Agents come in.

Self-employed sales agents can help your company open doors to new business by introducing you to their valuable existing networks of contacts that in some cases, have been built over many years working in this space.

What type of companies can benefit from building an external sales force?

  • Companies in the Pharmaceutical industry who wish to connect with freelance, commission-based sales representatives who can grow their presence, extend their market reach and enter new territories.

  • Companies with products and services they wish to sell into the Pharmaceutical industry.

Industry Insights

The period between 2001 and 2014 has been referred to as a golden era for the industry with worldwide revenues growing from $390bn to just under $1trn. Whilst it continues to grow there have been grumblings about potential pitfalls facing it.

China has been credited as having the fastest growth in the pharmaceutical markets but with recent economic downturns, this has begun to stagnate.

The rise of biotechnology firms offering alternative to traditional medicinal treatments has seen the executives and experts wait with bated breath to see the outcomes from consumers and regulatory institutions. This, alongside stricter regulation controls and expiring patents has given the industry a metaphorical mirror with which to look at itself and generate solutions to these problems.

The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) can be seen as a potential ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for many large firms as the agreement includes relaxed regulatory processes making it easier for pharmaceutical companies to renew patents and the like.

However, that is for the executives to think about. We want our independent sales agents to be thinking about how they can make their potential clients money whilst reaping the rewards, effectively tackling another issue: slowing growth in their profits.

Who better than a commission-only professional to help such firms wrestle back their profits in an uncertain climate?

What do independent Pharmaceutical sales agents expect from a sales opportunity?

Knowing what independent expect from your company is vital in order to build strong partnerships. To help ensure this understanding, CommissionCrowd has numerous educational articles on the CommissionCrowd blog that cover topics including:

How To Work Effectively With Self Employed Sales Agents


10 Things To Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

We encourage you to have a read, it will be highly beneficial to you, should you decide to join our movement to unite the highly fragmented freelance sales industry.

I’m A Self-Employed Sales Representative In the Pharmaceutical Industry… What Now?

CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed sales reps and we’ll never take a penny from your commissions. In fact, CommissionCrowd has been specifically designed to make working independently much easier and more lucrative for sales agents.

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I’m A Company In the Pharmaceutical Industry… What Now?

Companies wishing to work with independent sales agents should head over to CommissionCrowd For Companies and start the application process using the ‘Let’s get started’ buttons on that page.

We will then review your opportunity for sales agents within 48 hours and will provide comprehensive feedback that will improve your offering ahead of being approved for an active account with us.

We also offer lots of information for companies on how to work with independent sales agents, which you can read on our blog

“We Don’t Work In The Pharmaceutical Industry - can we still get involved?”

Of course you can. We hold listings of opportunities for companies from over 100 industries so there is certainly a place for companies who aren’t operating in or intending to sell products or services to the Pharmaceutical industry. Simply head here to learn more about CommissionCrowd for companies

Opportunities In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Wolfe Enterprises Pty Ltd - Male Sexual Health Pharmaceuticals

Commission Rate: 7%

Wolfe Enterprises are a market leading Australian based pharmaceutical company that specialise in producing innovative products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low testosterone.

They are looking for highly motivated independent professionals with experience male sexual health and pharmaceutical industry.

Read More About Wolfe Enterprises Pty Ltd’s Opportunity

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