Independent Machining Sales Opportunities For Companies and Independent Sales Reps

It has been a fantastic start to the year for CommissionCrowd so far, with a sharp increase in our independent sales rep membership and being awarded ‘Overall Innovation for Sales at the ‘Sales Innovation Expo’Europe’s largest Sales exposition.

We are now further increasing our efforts to make the sales industry more accessible, in this case, for companies and independent sales agents operating or who wish to work in the Machinery/Machining industry. We would like to help both parties generate strong and lucrative partnerships.

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Benefits Of Working With Independent Sales Agents In The Machinery Industries:

With many challenges currently facing the Machinery industry, we know there are companies out there who have solutions but may not have the access or exposure to the resources they need to grow their presence in the industry. That is where CommissionCrowd’s Commission-Only Sales Agents come in.

Self-employed sales agents can help your company open doors to new business by introducing you to their valuable existing networks of contacts that in some cases, have been built over many years working in this space.

What type of companies can benefit from building an external sales force?

  • Companies in the Machinery industry who wish to connect with freelance, commission-based sales representatives who can grow their presence, extend their market reach and enter new territories.

  • Companies with products and services they wish to sell into the Machinery industry.

Industry Insights:

The medical industry is an industry that is reaping the rewards of technological advancements in recent years. Taking advantage of app developments, for example, has increased the ability of medical device companies to collect insights from the data of their consumers remotely. Thus, the days of medical devices only being large, chunky objects is over. Companies are innovating the way they interact with their consumers.

There are eight emerging trends in the industry you should know about:

  • Handheld Care: As mentioned above the rise of tech advancements, specifically app development, has allowed medical device companies to come up with exciting ways in which consumers can receive their care. Instead of the consumers having to go to the companies, the companies are fitting themselves in the consumer’s hands - literally.

  • Cybersecurity Issues: According to, by 2020 the internet-connected healthcare products will be worth $285bn to the industry. However, there are concerns about the safety of this connectivity. In 2014, 85% of healthcare companies reported security breaches and 18% of those cost these companies more than $1m to rectify, according to a PricewaterhouseCooper’s report. Finding a solution to this problem is of paramount importance to these companies.

  • Mergers: 2015 saw a flurry of mergers between medical device copanies and the rends show that this is due to continue in 2016.

Who knows, maybe one of CommissionCrowd’s companies will be apart of such a merger.

What do independent Machinery sales agents expect from a sales opportunity?

It is essential that companies who scour the sales industry looking for talent understand how to work with independent sales reps. To reach this goal we have numerous educational articles on the CommissionCrowd blog that cover topics including:

How To Work Effectively With Self Employed Sales Agents


10 Things To Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

We encourage you to have a read, it will be highly beneficial to you, should you decide to join our movement to unite the highly fragmented freelance sales industry.

I’m A Self-Employed Sales Representative In the Machinery Industry… What Now?

CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed sales reps and we’ll never take a penny from your commissions. In fact, CommissionCrowd has been specifically designed to make working independently much easier and more lucrative for sales agents.

Sales agents can join free here

Most of your frequently asked questions will be covered in FAQ’s

I’m A Company In the Machinery/Machining Industry… What Now?

Companies wishing to work with independent sales agents should head over to CommissionCrowd For Companies and start the application process using the ‘Let’s get started’ buttons on that page.

We will then review your opportunity for sales agents within 48 hours and will provide comprehensive feedback that will improve your offering ahead of being approved for an active account with us.

We also offer lots of information for companies on how to work with independent sales agents, which you can read on our blog

“We Don’t Work In The Machinery Industry - can we still get involved?”

Of course you can. We hold listings of opportunities for companies from over 100 industries so there is certainly a place for companies who aren’t operating in or intending to sell products or services to the Machinery industry. Simply head here to learn more about CommissionCrowd for companies

Credit given to Sabian M Muhammad for contributing to this post

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