Lucrative Freelance Sales Opportunity: Help European Organisations Increase Productivity

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Type: Independent Sales Opportunity
Average Monthly Customer Value: £15,000
Industry: Management Consulting, Professional Training, Business Diagnostic Tools
Commission: 10% Recurring Residual
Target Markets: UK and Germany

Self-employed sales professionals can apply to work with GPi here: GPi’s Independent Sales Opportunity

GPi are a leading consultancy in the area of organisational development with a strong focus on the people side of business. They provide bespoke training, coaching, facilitating and consulting services. It is GPi’s belief that performance and sustainable success comes with people and not at “their cost”.

Services Include:

  • Tailor-made consulting
  • Coaching
  • Solution Facilitation

GPi are now looking to work with independent sales professionals who are interested in selling their methodology and diagnostic tools to the B2B market worldwide.

Find Out More About This Incredible Opportunity For Independent Sales Reps In The Management Consultancy Industry (Interview)

We took a moment to interview with GPi in order to give independent sales agents insights of what it’s like working alongside this company and the sales opportunity they are offering to self-employed, freelance sales agents.

GPi Global Performance Improvement Ltd
& our “Systemic Business Pathfinder”

Qn: What inspired you to start GPi?

GPi: During our careers in international companies around Europe we have experienced so much bad management that we wanted to change something for the better. Sadly enough this is easier done from the outside than from the inside. So we set up our own small consultancy.

GPi provides tailor-made consulting, training, coaching and facilitating solutions. Out of that came OnO-Line which offers blended leadership development programs.

However, we know that every business is unique. We know from experience: “what culture is to a group, personality is to an individual”.

So, what we are interested in is understanding the business personalities, assist them in avoiding schizophrenia and helping them grow healthily. Our newest “baby”, the Systemic Business Pathfinder - “Pathfinder” for short – does exactly that.

It is a methodology and diagnostic tool, that helps an organisation increase productivity by providing a holistic picture of a company, identifying interdependencies and performance barriers. We have used the method successfully and have now gone online.

We want to make the business world a better place. I know that sounds a bit over the top but we really mean it. We have seen too much of the “bad and the ugly”.

CC: What kind of market recognition has your services received?

GPi: Recognition from our clients is plenty-fold. We are mentioned in the personal reference of the director of a F1 team.

Our OnO-Line blended training is certified by CPD and the Pathfinder is currently undergoing the certification process.

CCrowd: Can you give our freelance sales representatives any insights into the consulting industry?

GPi: The consulting industry in the UK is very fragmented and dominated by the big four. There are lots of different concepts, philosophies, perspectives and tools around.

We are process-consultants. This means we don’t necessarily provide answers but ask the right questions, in a thought-through sequence. Thereby, we enable professionals to find their way.

In a nutshell: we coach professionals and businesses!

CC: Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

GPi: Of course. I will try to keep it short as there are so many successful projects to talk about. Let’s focus on the Pathfinder.

We helped a bank to grow from 15 people in 2014 to 145 in 2016 and to increase their profits dramatically. We run their bi-annual strategy/leadership workshops using the Pathfinder method and carry out a Pathfinder online analysis every year.

We have helped a company to sense-check their upcoming investments. The FD and leadership team clearly understood which investments where useful to help the company progress and which ones where championed by individuals but the organisation was not ready. With this we helped to reduce their loss rate.

We have assisted an eCommerce company with 500 employees, which got stuck being too product-focussed. We visualised where they were tangled up and helped them to become more customer- and service-orientated, thus helped to increase customer numbers and revenues.

CC: Why do you want to work with freelance, commission-only sales representatives?

GPi: Well, that’s easy. We are really good at what we do. However, our expertise is coaching, consulting, blended training and facilitating but not selling. That’s where we need support. We work in many different industries and need people with different industry backgrounds and experiences. Also, independent sales agents fit well within our network-based structure.

CC: What competitive edge would sales agents gain by selling your products?

GPi: We work in many different industries. Sales agents often have insights into specific industry challenges and can help connect the dots. Also, they often understand which changes would be needed in a company in order to make other products they sell work better. For example, a new CRM system. Here the Pathfinder can help all parties involved.

Furthermore, whoever works with us will easily understand the two concepts the Pathfinder is built on. I promise that this understanding is not only truly insightful but will improve every sales person’s ability to sell more effectively.

CC: What makes your service unique and innovative?

We provide a holistic picture considering all aspects of a company, different cultural aspects and combine it with system thinking. We haven’t seen anything similar out there so far.

Also, the Pathfinder is not just another fancy tool but a combination of two well-established and tested models. The innovation lies in the combination and the analysis. It is practical, applicable, really useful and inexpensive.

CC: If an independent sales agent were to work with you, what would a typical sales cycle consist of?

GPi: There is a re-active and a pro-active approach.

Re-active: If a company is struggling to implement changes, e.g. a new strategic approach, a new IT system etc., the Pathfinder can identify the hurdles and pinpoint problems and so show interventions needed: direct problem solving so to speak.

In an earlier state, when a company is planning changes or just wants to develop or streamline, the Pathfinder can identify the root-cause for problems and predict upcoming synergies, challenges and /or conflicts.

On the back of the Pathfinder additional services can be sold. But I have already mentioned that before.

Which of your services have been most successful and why?

The Pathfinder is our most successful service thus far. The reason for this lies in all the benefits I have stated earlier on - holistic approach, easy to use, a blueprint for business drive, a road-map for change and creating real results for everyone involved.

**CC: Are you a member of any industry associations?</b.

**GPi:**Yes, we are members of the IoD, CPD and fellows of the RSA.

CC: What strategies do you employ to bring in new business?

GPi: Our main stream for new business is recommendations from our happy clients. We also network (via LinkedIn etc.) and run exclusive events and workshops where we show the impact of the Pathfinder in real business cases.

CC: What does the future hold for GPi?

**GPi:**We want to grow and we invite every business partner to grow with us. Our “secret weapon” for this is the Pathfinder. It’s the perfect starting point and way into an organisation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start with a personality check?

As the Pathfinder report provides suggestions for how to move forward, this can lead to additional services for GPi, such as coaching, consulting and facilitation and OnO-Line’s Blended Leadership training. On top, the Pathfinder can be used frequently to check the progress.

Self-employed sales professionals can apply to work with GPI here: GPI’s Independent Sales Opportunity

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