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The following company interview with is for independent sales agents who are interested in selling the services of a leading global Internet Marketing services provider.

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Hi Luke, can you tell us where the inspiration for BlueBoxSEO came from?

During university I would set up my own sites selling products I would import from all over the world.

It got to the stage where I was looking at different ways of marketing my websites and trying to find different ways to bring in a substantial amount of traffic. I stumbled upon SEO and from then day on I was hooked.

As a business owner myself I could see the benefit of SEO when done properly and I knew this would be something that others would be interested in.

From here I worked as an SEO freelancer for a few years and eventually set up BlueBoxSEO.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

The obvious appeal to myself as a business owner is not having to pay out without the guarantee of sales.

However, we understand that the real value lies in an agent’s existing network of contacts and typically the fact that self-employed sales professionals usually come from a long background in sales and are at the top of their profession.

Commission only sales agents offer us the opportunity to grow our business and extend our reach by seeking sales talent outside of our immediate geography.

Can you tell us a little about the SEO industry?

The SEO industry can be a slightly volatile one. We’ve got to constantly be on our toes for new updates and changes in Google’s algorithm.

Thankfully, over the past 2 years none of our clients have been penalised - some actually got pushed up which was nice!

Unfortunately SEO has been given a bad name by many cowboys and scammers over the last few years who haven’t delivered what they promised. This makes it difficult sometimes to convince potential clients that we can actually help their business.

However, most SMEs understand that SEO is an important marketing avenue to achieve good sustainable growth and our client success stories and retention rates work well in our favour.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Businesses of any size are always looking for ways to grow and ultimately increase their profit.

For an agent to be able to offer such a service that will grossly improve the turnover of any company is a powerful product to have in their portfolio.

We can deliver, and we know that agents love having products that work for their clients since they’re putting their own reputation on the line.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

The process varies with each agent/client. Some companies require face-to-face meetings and others can be closed over the phone.

It’s typical to expect to make around 3-4 follow up calls over a couple of weeks in order to close a sale after a lead has been generated.

However, once a client comes on-board they stay with us. This ensures a long period of recurring sales commission payments for the agent to enjoy.

Where do you see search engine optimisation going in the near future?

Google announced earlier this year (2015) that mobile optimisation for sites was just as important as sites made for desktop viewing.

Searches via mobile devices such as phone and tablets are forever increasing and have recently surpassed those on desktop.

It’s realistic to expect Google to favour mobile optimised sites more so in 2016. Another thing to expect is the rising competition from Bing. Google have made a few changes that have disgruntled some users and Microsoft may capitalise on this by trying to bring in this particular portion of the search market.

What makes your services unique and innovative?

Simple, we actually deliver first page results. There are too many firms that will fob off the client each month by simply promising “rank increases”.

It’s not difficult to just promise a ranking increase each month, but if your site has gone from page 40 to page 39 one month, then to page 38 the next, it’s worth questioning how hard the SEO company is actually working.

A lot of digital marketing firms will concentrate on just 1 or 2 keywords and charge a premium for this. We however can target up to 100 high volume keywords with buyer intent and actually rank for the majority of them.

We’re genuinely interested in bringing our clients a positive ROI.

What are you plans for the future of BlueBoxSEO?

We want to grow as much as possible and the plans and procedures we have in place allow us to take on an unlimited number of new clients per month.

Our aim is to build a team of successful independent sales partners and extend our reach in the marketplace.

What are the downsides of poor or ‘black hat’ SEO?

Poor SEO or ‘black hat’ techniques typically result in two scenarios:

Either the client’s site won’t be anywhere near the first page or the work that is deemed to be “unnatural” by Google will result in the site receiving penalties down the line.

Penalties will make it very difficult (if not impossible) to get your site to the first page and will affect future endeavours to get it there. You’ll effectively be blacklisted by Google.

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