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Atrica independent sales job opportunityToday we’re proud to introduce you another incredible B2B commission-based sales job opportunity!

Introducing Atrica, the world’s first and only SEO Technical Ranking Algorithm software-driven by Artificial Intelligence.

To learn more about working with Atrica please read the interview below and check out their full sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here: Learn more about Atrica’s commission-only sales job opportunity

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Atrica are looking to partner with top B2B commission-based sales reps globally. Warm leads are available to supplement your own sales efforts. Atrica are looking to work with sales professionals who are:

  1. Interested in the full sales cycle i.e. prospecting, nurturing and closing prospective customers.
  2. Successful closers who can demonstrate a history of success in closing high ticket sales
  3. Referral sales partners

High Sales Commission Earning Potential!

The sales commission earning opportunity is substantial when working with Atrica. Paying 18% commissions plus residuals and no cap on earnings, the rewards are substantial.

Sales reps interested in working with Atrica can connect with them on CommissionCrowd and read full details about their sales opportunity here: View the independent sales opportunity

*Please note, this is a B2B commission-only sales job opportunity and no fees or salary will be paid upfront and ahead of newly closed business.

Below is an interview we conducted with Atrica for sales agents who are interested in learning more about their freelance sales job opportunity.

Where did the inspiration for Atrica come from?

ATRICA is founded by digital sales and marketing experts with a wealth of experience across multiple industry sectors across the globe. Through this experience we came to realise that small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) are traditionally under-serviced in terms of digital marketing and, in particular, all-important Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We call this the “SMME SEO Dilemma”, wherein SMMEs across all sectors face a common predicament when trying to enter into and/or effectively compete in the global digital marketplace:

SMMEs know that in order to compete effectively in the digital market they need excellent SEO, yet there are generally only 2 options available to them:

  1. Contract an SEO agency/expert or hire an in-house expert.
  2. DIY with one or several of the many SEO tools available, and then gain the necessary skills and find the time each day to do it all.

We know that neither option is ideal for SMMEs due to the following:

  • SEO agencies come at a high cost and results vary wildly
  • In-house SEO experts demand high salaries, HR maintenance and retention is traditionally low
  • SEO tools, however good, require time and hard-won expertise to actualise results
  • Most SMMEs managers, owners, etc, do not have the time nor expertise to actualise the results from SEO tools; and time spent on these skills could be better spent on their core mandate (i.e. innovating on products and services, expanding the business, gaining new sales partners, etc).

ATRICA was born from a need to provide a solution to this SMME SEO Dilemma, and it does just that by:

  • Using AI-driven SEO software backed by a team of human experts to provide a full SEO solution for SMMEs.
  • Providing an SEO solution that is simple, affordable and effective for all SMMEs.
  • Providing the ‘best of both worlds’: ATRICA’s AI software does all the hard work, for less cost, but is backed by human experts to provide SMMEs with customised, personable service.

Can you tell us a about your expertise in the [insert industry name] arena

ATRICA is one of three divisions of Smart Tools 24, a Germany-based company that, as mentioned above, was founded by digital sales and marketing experts who have started 13 e-commerce companies in 5 countries on 3 continents and have guided 150 start-ups on their way to success.

As such, our expertise extends across the full spectrum of digital marketing, from business consulting to new-build websites, SEO, lead generation, advertising campaigns and all formats of content.

Our wealth of experience across a range of industries in various countries enables us to provide expert services across the board, and we take particular pride in providing bespoke advice and services to all clients, no matter how big or small.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

In terms of ATRICA, our clients range from localised ‘mom ‘n pop’ shops in Germany to multinational investment firms and legal firms in the European Union. Our clients’ privacy is paramount to us, and therefore we do not disclose a client list. However, we do have an overview of successful case studies per industry available on our website: https://atrica-software.com/case-studies/

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

ATRICA is only sold via a network of independent sales agents throughout the world, all of whom are equipped and fully supported by head office.

ATRICA does not follow a direct to consumer or B2C business model, and this is not by chance. We determined from the outset that, due to the very particular niche target audience ATRICA is targeting (SMMEs), we need a network of independent sales agents who are able to personally interact with SMMEs in their various regions.

This is because SMMEs facing the ‘SMME SEO Dilemma’ do not want another faceless online interface; they want to interact with real people and real experts who take the time to know and understand their particular businesses’ challenges and then provide suitable solutions.

As such, our network of independent sales agents across the world are crucial to the business: they find the SMMEs in need of ATRICA, form a personal relationship and then hand the client over to ATRICA with the security of knowing that we will take care of the client’s individual needs.

We reward our network of independent sales agents with high commission rates, for the initial subscription period as well as the client’s renewal subscription.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

To date there is no other SEO solution for SMMEs like ATRICA on the market. Therefore Sales Agents are able to offer the target market a unique solution that solves their “SEO Dilemma”; one which provides trackable results as well as a high level of personalised after-sales attention and care.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

ATRICA uses the most advanced AI-drive SEO software backed by a team of human SEO experts to provide an all-on-one solution that, quite literally, takes care of all SMMEs SEO challenges without the SMME having to lift a finger.

The SMME only needs to put ATRICA on the job, then sit back and watch as ATRICA drives engaged traffic to the SMME’s website, translating into more business and delivering an excellent return on investment (ROI).

What are your plans for the future of Atrica?

In early 2022 ATRICA will launch a custom reporting dashboard for all clients that is the first of its kind worldwide. At no extra cost, new and existing clients will be able to track and analyse their website’s progress in real-time, as well as access custom recommendations, amongst other features.

We expect the Reporting Dashboard for clients to also be a major game-changer for our sales partners, as this first of its kind product will be a powerful sales tool, making it even easier to close sales.

Aside from the reporting dashboard, ATRICA, which has to date largely been focussed on the German-speaking market, will expand rapidly into English speaking markets, predominantly the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

What are your best-selling products/services and why?

Within the Smart Tools 24 stable ATRICA is undoubtedly a best-seller. In just over a year of official launch, ATRICA has gained major traction in the German market and is now looking to expand to English-speaking markets across the globe.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

  • Independent sales partners are onboarded, which includes an expert-led session coupled with materials like a detailed sales partner guide, as well as access to a Partner Zone hosting all relevant sales materials and tools.
  • Sales partners are assisted with lead generation training, if required.
  • Sales partners prospect and bring clients to the point of sale. Should the clients require further, detailed technical support, the in-house team meets with the client to answer all questions.
  • The client signs up for a subscription (various options).
  • The Sales Partner receives a customised link to our invoicing and payment gateway STRIPE, from which they can track in real-time which client has paid and the total commission owed.
  • The Sales Partner receives commission related to the terms of sale within 5 working days.
  • ATRICA undertakes to onboard the client and service their needs throughout the subscription period.
  • When the client’s subscription period is nearing its end, the Sales Partner will receive a notification to contact the client and renew the subscription. If successful, the Sales Partner receives renewal commission according to the terms of the agreement.

How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

  • ATRICA employs digital marketing campaigns to select target audiences globally; all enquiries from which are directed to the relevant sales partners.
  • Sales Partners are equipped and supported to run their own lead generation campaigns
  • ATRICA head office fully supports Sales Partners to close sales in all aspects, from technical support to digital marketing campaigns
  • All sales are tracked and monitored in a professional CRM system.
  • Each Sales Partner has a direct relationship with the Global Sales Manager, who is on hand to support and assist Sales Partners to bring in new business/close deals.

To learn more about working with Atrica please read the interview below and check out their full sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here: Learn more about Atrica’s commission-only sales job opportunity

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