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All experienced business leaders know that networking and relationship building is the best way to generate leads and referrals. Nurturing partnerships, building rapport and fostering personal relationships with other business owners and well-connected sales professionals is one of the most powerful tools in a business owner’s arsenal. As the saying goes: it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

However, business networking is rapidly changing and not all B2B networking events are created equal.

Virtual networking events take place online and have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. And why wouldn’t it? Without leaving the comfort of your office chair or even your home, we can now meet and interact with other business leaders and referral partners in an online networking environment that achieves the same results as physically attending meetings in person.

What Is The Inroads B2B Online Networking Group?

Networking used to mean having to physically attend events in person, which involves travelling up and down the country or overseas.

However, this method of networking is not only expensive but incredibly time-consuming, and now it’s rapidly being replaced by online business networking events like Inroads - The Global B2B Virtual Networking Group, that allows company executives and sales professionals to build their networks without ever having to leave the office.

The Inroads online business networking group (powered by CommissionCrowd) is a weekly virtual networking group where the best business leaders and independent sales professionals from all over the world network face-to-face in an online virtual environment to exchange knowledge, increase their networks and facilitate referral opportunities.

Facilitated by Michael Shierloh, a seasoned growth consultant with 35 years of experience with clients ranging from non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies, Inroads isn’t your average virtual networking group.

The Inroads virtual business networking group focuses on three core principals

Membership of the Inroads online networking group provides three core benefits:

  • Generating B2B leads, referrals, and joint venture opportunities
  • Learning advanced business growth skills and insights
  • Expanding your high-value global network

Every Inroads virtual networking event comprises face-to-face online networking breakout groups where you’ll meet and build meaningful connections with many fellow business leaders. As a result, you’ll have exciting networking opportunities, make meaningful connections and explore ideas for collaboration and mutually beneficial business referrals.

Inroads Is Much More Than Just Online Business Networking

In addition to the networking aspect of Inroads, each week, Michael Shierloh also delivers advanced business training on topics such as:

  • How to Sell Without Selling
  • Using Referral Systems in Your Business
  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
  • The Power of Joint Ventures
  • Negotiation: Learn the Top Skills Fast
  • Pricing: Should You Position Yourself as Low, Medium, or High Priced?

Unlimited Connections And Opportunities

Through our web and mobile apps, you’ll also be able to easily communicate with your growing global network outside of weekly meetings.

The platform’s algorithm will suggest ideal connections for you, and you’ll be able to message your connections directly. When you discover an opportunity, you can score, tag, annotate, and export your connection to add to your CRM.

This powerful combination of networking and training empowers you to build yourself while building your business. As a result, your Charter VIP Membership (14 day free trial) could be one of your highest ROI investments this year.

How The Inroads Business Networking Group Started

The global pandemic rapidly changed how companies operate. Lockdowns and travel restrictions forced many to adapt to remote working and online communications. Even with the situation easing up slightly, how we now operate has changed forever as people start to appreciate the benefits of conducting global business without physically travelling.

Inroads is powered and run by CommissionCrowd, the award-winning B2B sales platform connecting companies and independent sales professionals globally.

We wanted to give our thousands of members a way to forge deeper business relationships and personal network using the tools we now have at our disposal. We set out to create a world-class online networking platform to achieve this. Bringing Michael Shierloh into the mix to facilitate the events and impart his immense business knowledge means that we’ve created something truly special.

How Can I Join Inroads Virtual Networking Events?

If you’re ready to join and become a charter member of one of the most powerful virtual business networking groups, you can claim your 14 day free trial membership here.


Ryan Mattock

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