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CommissionCrowd presents an incredible sales opportunity for independent sales reps looking to sell a line of unique, top quality ‘Guard’ products for use in the Construction and Real Estate industries. Territories available in Australia and New Zealand.

Independent sales reps can apply to work with this company here: Learn more about working with Guard

Guard Industries Australia provide a range of building solutions for protecting, consolidating and cleaning materials. Our products are designed to solve problems including damp, dirt, pollution and graffiti.

We’ve interviewed Johnny McCann from ‘GuardOZ’ to give freelance sales agents an insight into this incredible company and their innovative products.

Johnny, can you tell us where the inspiration for GuardOZ come from?

I have always been part entrepreneur, part business minded. I’m from a construction background and had worked closely with Guard Industries in Ireland previously. After emigrating to Australia in 2012 I started working in construction again and noticed that Guard products were not available in the country so I set out to start importing them for our Market.

I worked for a construction company as a Project Manager for 4 years getting to know the Perth and Australian construction market and when the time was correct I branched out to start importing Guard products. The inspiration came from using a straightforward, reputable product that works, coupled with the potential to introduce it to a new market.

Can you tell us a little about your expertise in the Building Materials and Construction arena

I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and have been involved with Construction throughout Ireland, the UK and Australia since 2002. I have worked on all aspects of Construction from Quantity Surveyor to Project manager, on Housing, hospitals, schools and retail. Using this experience coupled with my experience with Guard products in Ireland I started my own business importing and distributing Guard products.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Within Australia, Guard products are still in their infancy. It’s for this reason that the potential is so huge as the Market is wide open for us. We’re currently applying Protect Guard to honed limestone walls and floors on 238 apartments (16,000 m2).

We have also recently completed impregnating coloured sealant to concrete at a new prison in Melbourne (2,600m2), We have numerous ongoing domestic projects and have completed work on some of the most iconic building in the world.

We have treated:

  • The columns of St Peters Basilica in the Vatican
  • The façade of the Louver Museum, Paris, France
  • The pavement in Tiananmen square, Beijing
  • The point Neuf Bridge, Paris, France
  • Pavements of Westminister, London
  • Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
  • Numerous hotels, museums, sporting stadiums, Government buildings, and high end residential

What’s your greatest client success story?

Within Australia we recently applied coloured impregnation sealant to various decorative areas at a newly constructed prison in Melbourne. The Architect had won the project on the basis that they could provide a coloured impregnation that also provided water and oil repellence. Howeverm, the architects plans became unstuck when they realised that there were very few products of this description on the market, and even fewer who could offer a warranty.

The builder was facing possible time penalties for not completing the work on time as they could not source the correct products for the job. As a result, they had also put future work for the Government on the line as they could now not deliver on their promise.

Guard were installing other sealants on the project and approached the builder and Architect with possible solutions. Several options were investigated and the option of coloured impregnation was decided on. Guard arranged express air freight of 500L of dangerous goods and had the product applied on time, saving the builder from time penalties and the Architect from a red face.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

I am business minded and can see opportunities when they present themselves. With my experience I know how to make companies work. I know that guard is an excellent product that out performs the competition, but I lack that certain bite that sales reps excel at, and I often fall at the last hurdle when selling.

I want to partner with independent sales reps because I feel that they have the same drive to work as myself, but with the added edge of being able to close sales. I get paid on how much effort and energy I put into Guard and an Independent sales rep will have the same ethos.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

We offer the best project experience in the world when it comes to Sealants. We have a 10 year guarantee backed by an insurance company (AXA) this is not matched by anyone in the industry. We have 25 years experience internationally with a full technical team, with constant research and development. Sales and promotional information is ready.

Guard is a fast growing and already very successful company that’s branching into new markets. We’re not a new company testing new products for the market.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

We’re unique in the fact that we provide our clients with one coat application which offer significant savings on labour and material cost over most competitors. We have a 10 year AXA insurance backed quality guarantee (Unequaled in the market). Our products are Bio-Degradable (100% for certain products) and Low VOC.

Our Product ‘Protect Guard DTOX’ breaks down pollutants in the air and stops organic pollution, so effectively it cleans the air and surface while protecting.

One of our clients ‘Croke Park Stadium’ in Dublin cleans approx 70,000m3 of air per day (based on laboratory calculations) This product will be huge as construction moves towards a greener cleaner environment.

We plan to have ‘Protect Guard DTOX’ specified on any “green” building incentives in Australia and New Zealand. Read about Croke Park using our product to help the enviroment

Other features include:

  • Penetrating and Invisible (also coloured where required)
  • Helps limit the occurrence of efflorescence and staining
  • Prevents chewing gum from sticking
  • Non-film forming, lets the surface breath
  • Signature product Protect Guard – dual purpose sealer / semi sacrificial anti-graffiti coating (4 – 5 cleans achievable)
  • Low maintenance surfaces

Within our range we can:

  • Protect and seal without altering material surface integrity (including semi sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings)
  • Impregnating colouring range available offering dual sealing and protection properties along with anti-graffiti application
  • Crystalizes and hardens treated surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly application for cleaning concrete/cement/rust/moss/staining/pollutants and graffiti

What are you plans for the future of GuardOZ?

We are quickly becoming the “go to” company that Architects, clients and developers think of when considering what protection to apply to their buildings.

Guard is currently available in Perth and Melbourne and within the year we will be expanding across new territories within Australia and even starting the process of entering New Zealand.

What are your best selling services and why?

Protect Guard range is our best selling product, this is a high performing impregnating invisible sealant that is suitable to any porous building material, from Sandstone and Limestone to granite and marble.

The range is very versatile, easy to use, is a semi-sacrificial anti graffiti coating, and has numerous benefits over its competitors.

Guard Remover efflorescence and cement is our best selling cleaner, This is a bio degradable non hazardous product which removes cement, efflorescence and lime from surfaces, without the requirement of neutralisation.

The removal of these construction stains usually involves the use of Hydrochloric Acid, which is hazardous to health, equipment, and surfaces, and requires a neutralisation agent applied after to neutralise the active acid.

Have you received any recognition or awards for your products/services?

Yes, ‘Protect Guard DTOX’ was awarded the best Eco surface protection by the sustainable building awards 2016. We have also been awarded “Eco Trophees 93” in France, stating that Protect Guard has less impact on the environment than other products all through its life cycle whilst displaying maximum performance when used.

Both Protect Guard DTOX and Protect Guard Colour have achieved LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), this is a rating system designed by the United States Building Council and recognised internationally.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

Due to the wide variety of markets and targets within each market there are numerous sales cycles. Generally the process is arranging a meeting to discuss the benefits, providing samples and/or demonstrations and then discussing what projects would suit Guard products.

This can be both short term with current construction projects, or applicators who are constantly using sealants or long term e.g. Architects who are currently designing projects which are several months/years away.

How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

To date we have been using existing leads, and some cold leads, I have a database of several thousand contacts throughout Australia, most of which I have not had the time to contact and this list will be available to any successful sales rep.

We have been successful in pricing existing and upcoming construction projects through Estimate one (online database of construction projects in Australia) access of this will be available to successful sales reps.

Independent sales reps can apply to work with this company here: Learn more about working with Guard

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