Independent Sales Rep Opportunity: Procurement Industry - Average Sales Value $100k + Recurring Residuals

Type: Independent Sales Opportunity
Industry: Computer Software / Logistics / Supply Chain
Territory: Global
Commission: 15% + Recurring residuals
Average Sales Value: $100,000 - $1M+

SpendCheQ help companies manage Supplier/Catalog/Contract/Inventory, and Spend Data for their Procurement and Supply Chain Processes and are now offering independent sales professionals an opportunity to partner with their company and offer their services as part of their portfolio.

They have a fantastic independent sales opportunity for self-employed sales reps interested in software/development sales. Average deal sizes start from $100k+ and commissions are paid out at 15% plus residuals.

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Interview With SpendCheq

We have interviewed Spendcheq to give independent sales reps a better understanding of the sales opportunity now available…

1. What was the inspiration for our company?

Each team member at SpendCheQ has extensive consulting and software experience at either the executive or operational level in procurement and supply chain.

We realised that companies are struggling with getting accurate data to make good strategic decisions, and Suppliers offer a wide range of solutions.

Having responded to hundreds of RFPs over the years, we had the opportunity to amass a comprehensive library of materials, spend, catalog and inventory data.

Providing SPENDCHEQ’S UNIQUE application suite couldn’t be achieved by buying other provider’s products and “hooking them on” to fill gaps in a product line.

We envisioned a solution for the entire supply chain, and the only way to deliver this Master Data Management (MDM) solution was to build it from scratch.

Our name, SpendCheQ, addresses the need for companies to understand what they spend, with whom, how much, and how often. Our products and services answer all those questions and many more!

2. What Is The problem That Spendcheq Solve?

Whether a company is looking at cost savings, spend analysis, inventory, contract, supplier, or catalog data management, companies are beleaguered with inaccurate data that resides on multiple data bases.

Even if they have the tools to integrate the data, the data is problematic due to variances across the same data points.
They find multiple descriptions, and they lack the ability to cleanse, enhance or enrich it.

Placing non-cleansed data into any tool, provides poor results. Often bad data is integrated into software solutions hoping to solve the problem.

Users need to determine:

  • What information do I need to make strategic decisions?
  • Where is this data, and is it available?
  • What software provides the reporting and analytics needed?
  • Does that software integrate the data automatically with minimal resources and cost?
  • Does that software integrate with the rest of the supply chain platform? And are the information updates processed interactively?
  • Finally, what are the short and long-term goals for managing the procurement/supply chain data?

3. What Software and Services do we offer?

We are a cloud based integrated procurement and supply chain software company. SpendCheQ has five integrated products: Spend Analysis, Inventory Data Management, Contract Management, Catalog Management, and Supplier Information Management.

In addition, our consulting practice has successfully completed over sixty projects in procurement transformations, assessments, strategic sourcing, data cleansing/classification, technology selection, and process improvement.

Our products and services are relevant over multiple industries.
Since procurement and supply chain organizations are found within most companies, the scope of our software is relevant across most industries.

We have experience working within the Oil & Gas, Air Carrier, Shipping, Trucking, Services, Retail, Healthcare, Consumer, and Manufacturing verticals,
for a major Oil & Gas Utility.

We cleansed over 4M data items and now have over 60K suppliers onboard to build their catalog system, so 3000 users could purchase products and services/
For a large hospital and assisted care company.

We assisted the procurement organization in strategic sourcing, spend analysis, resulting in over 17% in cost savings.

For a public utility we assisted the procurement organization in identifying their spend information. We’ve trained their staff in strategic sourcing, and facilitated in generating over 27M in cost savings.

In addition, recommended resource allocation, process improvement, and technology.

4. Why do we wish to work with independent agents?

We believe that having independent sales agents on our team allows us to benefit from the agent’s vast experience and existing networks. We see our company as being the tree while our independent sales partners act as branches reaching far and wide into the Market.

We think the partnership will bring both parties success and revenue. We have a dedicated team of professionals who literally have been together for over seven years. We believe in opportunity for all.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled honesty, quality of product and delivering value to clients. We have never failed to live up to our commitments.

We support our agents throughout the sales cycle and beyond. We have incredibly good videos, demo tools, collateral, and presentation PPTs.

We ask our agents to bring us their prospects and be confident that we will give them the training and tools to enable them to make the deal.

Independent sales reps interested in working with SpendCheq can apply here:

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