Lucrative Independent Sales Opportunities In The Accounting Industry

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Independent sales reps are often seen as mediators between companies and potential clients but rarely, if ever, are they seen as contributors to the structural changes that can occur in any industry.

At CommissionCrowd we provide independent sales professionals with the opportunity to do both – mediation and industry disruption (the positive kind of course!) – in equal measure.

The Accounting industry, much like the legal industry, is something of an old-boys’ club with a very old school way of doing business and this, no doubt makes getting into the accounting industry as an independent sales agent much harder.

No time to rest on your laurels though, recent surveys have shown a worrying trend in the accountancy industry which in many ways opens the door for independent sales reps.

Challenges The Accounting Industry Currently Faces

In April 2015, AccountingWeb reported on research that discovered the four biggest challenges to accounting firms in recent times:

  • Standing out in a crowded market (86% saw this as a major challenge. It was also seen as the single biggest challenge by 18%, more than any other option)
  • Using technology to reduce manual processes (82%)
  • Offering new services (82%)
  • Improving marketing & client acquisition (82%)

Despite all of these challenges, the Financial Reporting Council reported that the total membership of accounting firms across the UK is consistently rising. So the question is, how can you help and how can we, at CommissionCrowd, help you to help them?

CommissionCrowd understands the need for change in the sales industry, particularly where independent sales reps are concerned, and has developed a platform that allows independent sales reps to search for sales opportunities from companies in every industry globally.

In this case we’re tackling the Accountancy industry. Self-employed sales reps can help alleviate the stress of back room handling in Accountancy firms by partnering with our member companies who specialise in services within this sector.

Independent Sales Opportunities In The Accounting Industry

London bookkeeping accountancy freelance sales job

Braant - This London based firm support SMEs with their bookkeeping and Accountancy needs with one major difference, they will provide HOT leads for sales agents and have an average conversion rate of 78%.

They are looking to connect with experienced and successful independent Sales Agents to convert new prospects using these leads to free up the firm to concentrate on growing and enhancing other areas of their business. “We aren’t your typical boring accountants!”

“We are seeking great sales agents to help deliver and convert prospects for our services. Our conversion rate based on current flow of leads is 78%, which clearly shows that our offering is attractive enough for prospects to sign up. This also shows that we’re passionate about what we do and this comes across in those conversations. We will provide you with all the time and knowledge that you need in order to become successful in converting your leads.  Your success is our success, and we’ll have pleasure in seeing you succeed and be part of an exciting journey”.

Independent sales agents can apply to work with Braant via their listing on CommissionCrowd: GENERATE AND CONVERT GOOD QUALITY LEADS, FOR A LEADING BOOKKEEPING & ACCOUNTANCY FIRM IN LONDON - 78% Lead Conversion Rate

Excelsious CommissionCrowd member sales logo

Excelsious - This CommissionCrowd member company are currently looking for independent sales professionals who can sell their “outsourcing for Accountants” services to Accounting firms.

The company offer an out-of-house service operated by expert Accountants who take care of a client’s intensive tasks such as bookkeeping, data entry and financial reporting.

This service is claimed to save accounting firms up to 70% on in-house employee costs. That’s the type of disruption we like to be part of at CommissionCrowd and we are offering you the chance to be part of it too.

Independent sales agents who choose to work with Excelsious now have the opportunity to help Accounting firms free up their time to focus on tackling one of the more pressing challenges.

Learn more about the sales opportunity being offered by Excelsious

This is one of many multi-industry opportunities currently being populated on CommissionCrowd’s listings.

Further commission-only sales opportunities within the Accounting industry include:

CommissionCrowd Company Member Tax Twerk logo

Tax Twerk - Help Businesses Twerk Their Way To huge Tax Savings!
Tax Twerks is a company that helps digital businesses save up to 50% more money on their taxes and their fully personalised and automated service saves companies time and hassle in their accounting endeavours.

Learn more about Tax Twerk’s sales opportunity


VAAAS Global
Bring Old School Clients Into The Modern-Era With App Development Services.

With app development on the rise, it has been said that 2016 is the year that every company should push to get an app developed.

In this train of thought, VAAAS Global are offering an opportunity for independent sales agents to sell their app development services to companies globally. With many do-it-yourself accounting apps but few bespoke apps for Accounting firms’ clients to access their information digitally, how tempting could this opportunity be to clients in your sales network?

Learn more about VAAAS Global’s freelance sales opportunity

These are just a few of the high sales commission opportunities we have made available to CommissionCrowd’s independent sales reps and the list continues to grow.

We would love you to be part of this industry changing movement that is CommissionCrowd.

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