Independent Sales Opportunity: Sell Bespoke Pet Products To Retail - 20% Commission + Residuals

CommissionCrowd presents an incredible commission-based sales opportunity for independent sales reps looking to partner with a company that have been making exclusive, designer handmade pet products since 1979!

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Independent sales reps interested in working with Suzy’s can apply here:

Interview with Sascha Dobbelaere of Suzy’s

Where did the inspiration for Suzy’s Creations come from?

Suzy’s was originally started after the 2nd world war by my grandparents who at the time had a dog-kennel called ‘Het Suzenhof’. It was there that they had a small shop, which my parents took over and started making their own lines of pet products and called the brand Suzy’s.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales reps?

We have worked with sales reps for many years. In our industry it’s very typical to work with sales professionals who find outlets and distribution channels for our products.

Our sales agents generally have an existing network within the pet-industry. These include retail-chains, wholesalers and importers. Some of our agents work internationally, others locally.

Our local agents, usually focus on a specific section of the market, either being medium-cost products, or high-end products and selling these to small and medium sized pet-shops. The international agents focus more on the bigger players with larger quantity - often custom - orders and lead-times.

Today, we find that our representation coverage could be better. Therefore we would like to invite all agents, with a vested interest in our industry to join us and offer new outlets our beautiful, high quality pet products.

** Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?**

As a sales agent, you are directly in contact with the manufacturer. It gives you not only access to unique information, for some of your clients we can also make custom collections, even branded in their name.

When it comes to e-commerce companies, we can offer stock-feeds and clean product data, combined with fast deliveries.

** What makes your products unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?**

Our products are here to ensure that the dogs live a comfortable life, in quality, beautifully designed products.

We have waterproof products, orthopaedic products, winter products and summer products. All divided in various ranges, that rotate regularly to ensure you always have a new reason to talk to your customer.

** What are you plans for the future of Suzy’s Creations?**

It is our goal to rebuild Suzy’s into the international brand that it was. We want to see our products in the better independent pet-shops and retail chains. In short term, starting with Western Europe, expanding into Eastern Europe and beyond.

** What are your best selling products and why?**

Our carriers are our best selling products. Some come with great colour-changing fabrics, other are water and dirt repelling. All of them machine-washable and built to keep looking good, no matter how many times they are used or washed.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

The sales cycle is pretty simple. After creating your leads, talking, visiting, they will place an order. If you have guided them to the correct product-range for their shops they will make repeat orders.

Smaller shops = short sales cycles (weeks) - Large clients = long sales cycles (6 months+)

** Who do you currently sell to?**
We currently sell to pet-boutiques, wholesalers, and retail-chains.

Independent sales reps interested in working with Suzy’s can apply here:

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