Independent Sales Job: Top 20 Sales Training/Coaching Firm - 15% Commission - 60-70% Win Rate (EMEA)

Rain Group sales training job opportunity CommissionCrowd

Type: Independent Sales Rep Job Opportunity
Industry: Sales Training, Coaching, Assessment & Consulting
Territory: Europe, Middle East and Africa
Commission: 15% + Recurring residuals
Average Sales Value: €25,000+

Who are Rain Group?

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Rain Group are an award-winning, top-20 B2B sales training, coaching, consulting and assessments firm looking to expand its presence in the EMEA region.

They have a successful track record in the region and globally, excellent thought leadership, strong brand and fantastic team and are now looking to partner with independent sales reps across Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Fantastic opportunity to generate substantial revenue as a sales agent. Deal sizes range from 25K-250K, commissions paid out at 15%. Potential opportunity to do delivery work as well.

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Learn more about Rain Group and their job opportunity for independent (commission-only) sales reps in the following interview:

Today we interview Ago Cluytens, Practice Director of Rain Group. The following interview will give self-employed sales reps a good understanding of the sales opportunity currently available via their official listing on CommissionCrowd.

Qn. Can you tell reps about RAIN Group?

AC - RAIN Group is a B2B sales training, consulting, coaching and assessments firm. It was founded on the premise that sales training is fundamentally broken – many existing sales methodologies still employ concepts that are decades old, and have never been updated to reflect the changes in how buying and selling work today (not in 2005).

Our focus on cutting-edge research and great thought leadership, coupled with our strong and growing brand helps us stand out in the marketplace.

Qn. Tell reps a little about your expertise in the sales training/coaching arena

As Practice Director EMEA, I serve RAIN Group’s growing European client base – in the past three years, we’ve built a strong presence, and have worked with European clients like Swiss Re, Boehringer Ingelheim, Universum and many, smaller firms.

In a career spanning two decades, I’ve been on both sides of the “buying/selling table” - first, as a management consultant selling complex high-end services to corporate clients. Then, as a financial services manager and executive, signing off on deals in the high six-figure to seven-figure range. And finally, for the past 4 years, as a sales trainer, coach and consultant.

This combination means I know intimately what it’s like to be on both sides of the table (buyer/seller), and what it takes to sell to senior executives (after all, I used to be one).

Qn. Can you tell us about some of the work Rain Group have carried out to date?

We’re strong believers in the fact that training alone, in isolation, does not yield results. Learning is a journey, not an event.

To that degree, most of the work we do with our corporate clients usually involves some kind of combination of assessments, “live” training, online training and coaching. A large part of our work is also focused on consulting.

Typical projects include topics like helping organisations put in place a strong, high-performance sales process, boosting their Strategic Account Management function, or helping them successfully launch a new product or service in a new market.

Qn. What’s your greatest client success story to date?

As a firm, we pride ourselves on generating real results for our clients, that are measured in business terms, not simply “satisfaction with the training”.

For example, we’ve helped one of our clients grow their revenue from strategic accounts by 110% over the course of one year. We were able to help a client in the technology industry generate an additional $40 Million in revenues as a direct result of our work together. A consulting firm we’ve worked with increased their client roster by 29% within 10 months of starting a program with us.

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales representatives?

AC - In a word: scale. We’re already growing fast (as evidenced by the fact that we’ve opened up 5 international offices in 2 years) and we’ve experienced double digit growth in EMEA for the past three years running. But we’re ambitious, and we believe we’ve not even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

We’re also strong believers in the “independent” model - in fact, most of our existing staff works on a similar basis. We like working with motivated people, who have the drive, skill set and mindset to generate business. And in exchange, we believe they should be well compensated for their talent and hard work. For us, independent sales agents is the way to go.

Qn. Why would commission-based sales reps have an edge selling your products?

Based on our experience over the past three years in EMEA, I’d say the following three things.

First, we’ve got a strong, well-recognised and respected brand. Many of our prospects have already been following us and enjoying our research and content for a number of years, making it very easy to strike up a conversation.

Second, we provide excellent support to our sales agents: from inbound leads to our world-class research and ongoing support from management.

Third, we can back up what we claim with a strong track record and satisfied client base - meaning that when the time comes to close the deal, we have many others willing to speak positively on our behalf.

Qn. What makes your service unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

AC - In a nutshell, I’d say the following:

Focus - We’re a pure play, B2B sales firm that focuses on working with firms who sell high-end financial, professional and technology services. We know where we play, and where we don’t.

Research - Our continuous investment in research (we even have a dedicated research arm, the RAIN Group Centre for Sales Research) means our programs, content, models, frameworks and methodologies are current, and in line with how selling (and buying) works today - not back in 2005

Results - Because we view learning as a journey, and not a 2-day event, we produce real results for our clients. This, in turn, leads to a satisfied, loyal client base that is willing to help us spread the word, generate referrals and attract new clients
8. What are you plans for the future of RAIN Group?

World domination 😉 Just kidding. Our plans are to continue to grow at a steady clip, whilst maintaining the integrity and quality of our services, programs and - most importantly - our people.

We’ll be expanding into local “satellite” offices within EMEA, and offering attractive opportunities for those who have worked with us and generated consistent results. We’ll add more research, additional programs and service offerings by listening carefully to what the market is telling us, and then developing services to address those unmet needs.

Qn. What are your best selling services and why?

AC - In terms of training, there are a number of programs that do particularly well. First, there is Insight Selling. This program was first developed based on our groundbreaking research around buyer preferences, and led to an entire range of services being developed, and the launch of our third book.

It’s a program that’s research-based, well suited to the times, and ideally suited for organisations who are looking to get an edge over their competitors by moving beyond “traditional” consultative selling.

Second, there is Strategic Account Management. This program has generated excellent results for our clients, and continues to do very well. Many of our clients want to put in place a SAM function, or improve the functioning of their existing organisation. This program is ideally suited for them.

Other programs that do well are RAIN Selling, Negotiations and Sales Management/Coaching.

In terms of the overall product portfolio, in EMEA, keep in mind that roughly 50% of our revenue comes from consulting services. These are virtually always custom, even though we may use our research to provide the foundation, models, frameworks and engagement methodology behind them.

Qn. Have you received any recognition or awards for your products?

AC - Yes. We’ve been named a Top-20 sales training company by Selling Power, one of the most prestigious rankings in the industry. We’re also pretty consistently ranked by Top Sales World, and are often present in rankings like “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers”, “Top-20 Sales Blogs” and other, similar lists.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

AC - Our sales cycles tend to vary from around 4 weeks (for inbound leads) to 9 months and above - I’d say the median is probably something like 6-12 weeks. The sales cycle is traditional B2B: we generate leads, they show interest, we qualify them, create a proposal, negotiate and then close. What’s specific to us is the conversion rates, which are extremely high for the industry.

They’re confidential, but I’d be happy to share them with anyone who reaches out to me personally. Most of our business is closed via phone, online teleconferences and other, related methods, making us an excellent fit for anyone looking to serve a large region from their local base and comfortable with leveraging technology to sell.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

AC - Leads and new business come in primarily in the following forms:

Inbound - Over a decade of investing in content development, research and thought leadership has enabled us to generate a steady, consistent flow of inbound leads and inquiries. This is a steady, growing source of new business for us and our agents.

Outbound - where we don’t “prospect” in the traditional sense (no cold calling), we have developed a number of high-converting methods for outbound lead generation. Most involve leveraging our research, content and thought leadership to some degree, meaning you’ll always be reaching out in a value-added way that stands out and leaves a positive first impression with prospects.

Referrals - Because of our excellent reputation, strong client list and high levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, referrals are a major source of business for us. We cultivate referrals proactively from past and current clients, business partners and “evangelists” who have come to know and love our content and thought leadership.

(Personal) branding - We’re strong believers in the power of personal branding, and the fact that if you want to sell your advice, you need to be recognised as an expert. To support that, we invest heavily in content production: blogging, writing, video, podcasts, webinars and authoring books

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