Independent Sales Job: Sell Advanced Web Development Solutions Globally - 20% Commission + Lifetime Residuals

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CommissionCrowd presents an incredible commission-based sales opportunity for independent sales reps looking to partner with a company at the very top of the Web and Mobile development, UI/UX design, visual design, API development, cloud hosting, and support industry.

Codemotion has gained a solid background in the web development sphere over the last 6 years.

Their clients typically include businesses of all sizes that can benefit from using enhanced web technologies.

**Independent sales reps interested in working with Codemotion can apply here:

Interview with Dymtro Gusev, head of sales at Codemotion LLC

1.Where did the inspiration for Codemotion come from**

Codemotion was built on the premise that developers are artists - they need motivation and inspiration as well as a comfortable place to work. We set out to provide this and in-turn have built a team comprising of some of the most talented developers in the world.

We also understand that our clients are actually our partners and our ethos has always been to help our clients grow which in-turn helps our business to grow. We are always focused on long-term relationships.

2. Tell us a little about your expertise in the IT arena

Yaroslav, our CEO and co-founder had 7 years experience in outsourcing and developing rich web applications before starting Codemotion.

We are focused on the JavaScript stack with the understanding that it’s better to be experts in one field then be mediocre in a wide range of disciplines.

Our experience includes small as well as high-load rich applications in a wide range of industries including financial payment processors.

3. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

For now we work through platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer which find us great leads to eventually bring in longer term and more lucrative business opportunities.

While we are growing using these platforms, we are looking to find much bigger and better opportunities globally.

During a search for independent sales representatives we found CommissionCrowd. We came to understand the benefits of partnering with self-employed sales representatives around the world who could introduce us to their networks and contacts.

4. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

The first and the main benefit for our sales partners agent is that we work on a win-win principle.

We always deliver our projects on time and sometimes even ahead of deadlines and make a point of going above and beyond to ensure our clients remain happy and above all else, loyal.

We believe this is a great opportunity for our sales agent partners, because they will typically retain a customer for Life and of course earn recurring residual commissions along the way.

5. What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

  • Our developers are some of the most experienced in the world
  • We only focus on ‘win-win’ solutions
  • Our clients are our business and we always look after our own
  • We focus on long-term relationships, not quick wins
  • We are an inspired and cohesive team We’re ahead of the curve and are absolute experts in the latest bleeding edge technologies

6. What are you plans for the future of Codemotion?

We are fast becoming the number one IT place to work in Ukraine. We are always improving our outsourcing services to ensure we continue to be trustful, long-term partners for our clients and help grow their businesses as well as help start new ones.

At the moment most of our clients are start-ups willing to build a MVP and test new and exciting opportunities. Our plans are to help new teams who are starting their startups and become the best partner they could possibly hope for.

**Independent sales reps interested in working with Codemotion can apply here:

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!