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The following interview with a CommissionCrowd member company is for independent sales reps working either within the Media sales industry or with clients who require compelling animated explainer videos.

This opportunity is of course also open to independent sales agents with an interest in adding the services of a leading animated video production company to their sales portfolio.

How to apply to work with this company:

Sales professionals interested in working with this company can find out more about the opportunity and apply to work with them here: Industry Leading Animated Explainer Opportunity

Where did the inspiration for White Knight Video come from?

Before White Knight Video (WKV) I ran a web design and SEO company. That was fun for a while but the constant Google updates, reporting and client babysitting became exhausting.

Around three years ago a new style of video started to become popular with businesses outside of the tech industry and we had more and more clients asking about it - Before long we had a decent client base and I was hooked.

Our clients were much more excited to get an entertaining video that simplified their sales process than before when I was giving them SEO reports they could hardly understand. The sales process was so much quicker too.

Once I felt secure with my video team I sold the original company and started WKV.

Tell us a little about the video explainer industry
The very first company to utilize an explainer video was Twitter way back in 2007. They provided a service that was hard to describe using text in a clear and condensed way.

Our brains are wired to respond to narratives, especially ones that bring together thoughts and ideas that the viewer/listener recognizes.

So, by entwining unfamiliar ideas for familiar ones, stories told through video are an ideal medium for introducing complex things. Videos like ours give viewers reasons to care about a business.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

I’ve been selling professionally for 12 years. As a business owner, my time for selling as been getting shorter and shorter. I looked into hiring in-house and also looked into hiring remote. I wasn’t too eager to go down that road after talking with other entrepreneur friends.

After looking into working with independent sales agents I really liked how they see working with us would be much more of a long term, mutually beneficial partnership.

I know I don’t know everything and I love getting feedback from others so working with independent sales agents just makes sense.

Why would self-employed sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Nearly every business can benefit from a powerful sales or explainer video especially those with a more complicated product or service.

Our customer service is world class and we will actually pick up the phone unlike many of our competitors. Our office is extremely diversified. Whether the client is looking for a simple hand drawn whiteboard video or a photorealistic 3D, VR, interactive, experience or even graphic design we can do it all. We don’t believe in saying ‘no’ and we have better prices than a vast majority of our competitors.

Where do you see your industry going in the future?

Everyone is turning to video. People are lazy and the internet is helping with that.

People want their incoming info in quick bite-sized pieces so social media and large Fortune 500 companies are listening.

Sources say that buzz words for 2016 are ‘conversion’, ‘conversation’, and ‘storytelling’ and videos like the ones we produce hit on all of those very hard and we accomplish it in a way that is memorable and compelling.

Buyers are quickly starting to base their purchasing habits off of seeing videos. In the past people would ask if you had a business card. Then they asked if you had a website. Soon they will ask if you have a video.

What makes your services unique and innovative?

We never use templates. Every video we create is custom and uniquely created for each client. Every company has a different story to tell and we want to get that across in their own branded style.

We also offer unlimited revisions at every stage of creation. We’re not done until the client is completely happy. Sometimes this comes back to bite us but 98% of the time we nail their vision within one or two revisions.

Extremely simple pricing. Any style, whether it’s whiteboard, motion graphic, animated, character based, or even complete 3D, if it can be created on a computer, it is all one price (per minute).

Our prices are also thousands less than competitors who offer the same (or even inferior) quality production techniques.

We believe creating a kickass video is a team effort. For this reason we have a central dashboard where your team and ours can all communicate and share files in one organized location. No more passing emails back and forth, missing CC’s, searching for previous threads, or miscommunication. Every file, every message, in one easy to use dashboard.

What are your plans for the future of White Knight Video?

Continue to grow and stay on top of current video creation trends. We don’t see video services like ours slowing down any time soon as there will always be a need for companies to explain what they do or show how their products/services work. As more and more tech startups are emerging we will continue to have videos to create.

Mid to end of first quarter 2016 we are also looking at rolling out a complete video SEO and marketing package.

What are the downsides of not having an explainer video?

Simply put… you will lose out on sales and clients. Period.

Without an explainer video you are relying on outdated methods of getting information across. Text based websites make it very difficult to hold a visitors attention. Corporate graphic based sites are missing out on the auditory sense and potential storytelling opportunities. Hitting both the visual sense and auditory sense allows new data multiple ways to enter long-term memory, which increases retention overall.

Companies are also wasting huge amounts of time explaining the same concepts to client after client.

Simply putting a company’s USP in video form helps cut the time in sales meetings in half.

How do you figure out what a potential client needs?

There are two parts to this, length of the video and style:

The majority of the videos we create are 90 seconds. This is a bit of a sweet spot as too much shorter makes it difficult to guide the viewer through concept, features, benefits, and effective call-to-action.

If the video is too much longer the viewer will close out early and not take action. So with that we tend to start a client at 90 seconds and once we deliver script the client thinks we need to add more to it they are understanding with an additional charge.

Since all of our styles are the same price the client is free to look into our portfolio or send us examples of their chosen style. 90% of the time they have an idea of what they want it to look like.

Tell us about the process of creating explainer videos for your clients

We have a four stage process for every explainer video we create:

Stage 1 – We start with a very thorough questionnaire where we learn about the client company, their goals, target demographic and of course the subject of the video. This is the most important part of the process and where we generally have the most revisions. It needs to be perfect and we aren’t done until the client is happy.

Stage 2 – Storyboards. The process gets a little more fun here because the client is now able to see a rough preview of what the video will be about. The purpose here is to discuss visual storyline, object/character placement, and where the script lines up with the scenes. Once this is approved we are typically 10-14 business days into the project.

Stage 3 – Color and actual illustrations are presented at this point. We turn the rough storyboards into the illustrations that will be used in the video. Excitement builds as we bring the video closer to animation. Here we cover exact colors, textures, character style, and 2D or 3D effects. We also have the client choose their preferred voice actor at this stage as well.

Stage 4 – Everything comes to life as we deliver the animated video. Since we have been meticulous in the previous stages this tends to be approved immediately. Sometimes we do revise things such as voice over speed and object movement.

Our goal for completing a project of any length is 3-4 weeks. This is very much dependent on how quickly the client gets back to us with their thoughts.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

We have a really simple and basic sales cycle.

  • Prospecting
  • Discovery call - To establish purpose, budget, length, and style.
  • Present our offer
  • Manage any objections
  • Close

Our goal is to collect payment info directly and send over the SOW agreement. If they would rather be invoiced our billing department is notified and they take it from there.

The closing rate really depends on how the lead is obtained.

For those that contact us from the website or other marketing we usually close 80%. Cold calls are anywhere from same day to a couple of months.

100% of our sales to date have been closed over the phone.

How to apply to work with this company:

Independent sales professionals interested in working with this company can find out more about the opportunity and apply to work with them here: Industry Leading Animated Explainer Opportunity

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