How To Create The Perfect Independent Sales Opportunity (With Template)

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  1. How to edit your sales opportunity
  2. Navigating the edit opportunity screen
  3. Guide/Template
  4. How to add a compelling video to your sales opportunity (with example)

Creating the perfect independent sales opportunity for experienced self-employed sales reps on CommissionCrowd is fundamental to ensuring that your company attracts the very best salespeople to work in partnership with and drive your sales forward.

Remember: It pays to invest some time in getting your sales opportunity right. You’re up against the competition and must make yourself stand out. While basics like using correct grammar and punctuation are a given, it’s also important to ensure that your opportunity is written in a compelling way with the tone set towards sales agents.

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1. How to edit my sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd

Accessing the opportunity edit screen is easy. Simply click on the ‘Opportunities’ tab in the left navigation menu then select ‘edit’ from the drop down menu on the right of your sales opportunity.

how to edit my freelance sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd

2. Next you’ll enter the edit opportunity screen

Now you’ll enter the edit opportunity form where you can edit and update your sales opportunity at any time.

Note: Your work will be automatically saved as you go.

how to create the perfect independent sales rep job tips

3. Independent Sales Opportunity Template

Use the template below to help guide you through the sales opportunity edit form. The parts highlighted in Yellow correspond to the fields in the edit screen and will help you to create the perfect independent sales opportunity.

Note: This screen view is in ‘Preview’ mode which you can also access via the ‘Preview’ button on the right hand side of the edit screen when you’re filling in your sales opportunity information.


4. How To Add A Compelling Video To Your Sales Opportunity

As you know we provide a space to upload a video into your sales opportunity. While many companies opt to upload general videos that may already be found on your website, the most successful companies spend a little time recording a video that talks directly to the sales agent about the opportunity.

Your video doesn’t have to be fancy and can be easily made using a smartphone, high quality web cam or video recording camera. You want to ensure that you use a tone that’s directed at the sales rep and explains a bit about your company, sales opportunity and why your company would be a great choice for the rep to consider working with. It’s a really nice touch to add and will increase your success on CommissionCrowd.

Example of a great video aimed at sales agents:

Simply record your video, upload to YouTube or Vimeo (you can set as unlisted if you wish but not private) and then grab the URL and insert into your sales opportunity.

Additional guidance can be found in our ‘Help Centre’

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