How to Setup and Edit Your Company Profile on CommissionCrowd

If you’ve joined us and received your login details, that means your company’s account is now live and appearing in searches by self-employed sales agents looking for opportunities like yours. So now it’s time to get you set up and connecting with experienced commission-only sales agents.

Setting up your company profile is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes. So let’s get started! And remember, if you need help at any time you can reach us directly by clicking on this icon:

help icon

To edit your company profile, click on your profile pic in the top right:

edit profile button

You’re now in your company profile edit screen.

profile edit screen

Your company profile is the chance to let sales agents know who you are.

As well as listing the usual information like contact details and social channels, your profile contains a few important sections which give you the chance to give sales agents a better idea of who you are.

We provide you with a short summary section

short summary

Which you should think of as your five second elevator pitch. It should be short and concise and let sales agents know who you are at a glance.

Here is CommmissionCrowd’s short summary:

CommissionCrowd is the home of commission-only sales – A revolutionary Global platform dedicated entirely to the self-employed sales industry. CommissionCrowd connects experienced self-employed sales agents and great companies Globally and enables both parties to manage their remote working relationships easily.

Important Please remember that your company profile is not the place to discuss the specific opportunity you are presenting to sales agents. It’s simply all about you at the moment.

upload company logo

We give you the ability to upload your company’s logo. It’s highly important to make sure that any image you use within CommissionCrowd, reflects your brand. You should make sure they are high quality and centered. If you require any help with this please let us know.

We provide you with a “more about your company” section

This is where you go into more detail about the who, what, when, why and where’s about your company and is designed to give you a place to go into specific detail about your company should an independent sales rep decide they want to find out more about your business after reading your short summary.

Please remember: This section is all about you at the moment and NOT about your company’s opportunity – That comes later in stage 2 of the ‘First Steps’ guide. If you check back in the ‘video resources’ tab we show you how to create and publish your company’s opportunity next.

more about your company

Awards and Accreditation


Has your business won awards or received accreditation for your hard work? We provide you a place to showcase them here and add some well deserved eye candy to your profile.

Again, if you are using images, logos or badges please make sure they are high quality and reflect the image that your company want’s to portray to sales agents

So that’s it, you now know how to set up your company profile

Make sure to check back regularly for more guides and helpful tips to help make your profile stand out and ensure you attract the best self-employed sales agents possible: company setup guides

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!