How to Build a 100% B2B Commission-Only Sales Team -Podcast with Laura McGregor

This week we’ve had the pleasure to be featured on Morgan William’s B2B Sales Tech Podcast where CommissionCrowd CEO, Laura McGregor discusses the ins and outs of building a 100% B2B commission-only sales team.

Topics Include:

  • The story of CommissionCrowd - Why we were born and the challenges we overcame when growing a two sided online marketplace
  • Who B2B Commission-Only sales agents really are
  • What type of companies sales agents look to sell for and what makes a sales opportunity attractive
  • The mistakes we made when first setting out to build our own commission-only sales team, and how you can avoid doing the same
  • How to build your very own commission-only sales team to extend your reach in the market
  • And much more

If after listening to this sales podcast you’re interested in either building a commission only sales team for your company, or are a self-employed sales agent, you can find out more about CommissionCrowd using the following links:

CommissionCrowd for companies

CommissionCrowd for sales agents

If you’re new to independent sales, you’ll also find this article from our blog interesting:

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Ryan Mattock

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