High Commission Sales Opportunity - Sell Intelligent Cloud-Based Spreadsheet Platform To Companies - 30% Commission + Residuals

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Today we present an incredibly exciting opportunity for freelance (commission-only) sales reps who are interested in adding a new and lucrative line to their current sales portfolio.

Please read the interview (below) with Gianluca Bisceglie - Founder & CEO of Visyond. Independent reps interested in this opportunity will find a link below to connect with Visyond via their official listing on CommissionCrowd.

Who Are Visyond?

Visyond are an established company who provide an innovative, intelligent cloud-based spreadsheet platform for people and teams who need to make and present decisions based on numbers. Their technology is heralded as the evolution of Excel and is also patent pending.

Visyond’s machine learning algorithm also speeds the cycle of creating numerical based models which reduce costs by up to $420 per employee/month. Primary features also include role-based permissions levels, cases and scenarios creations, workflow focused and data visualization

visyond freelance spreadsheet software sales job

Visyond are offering their independent sales partners a competitive 30% commission structure plus residuals. Full support throughout our engagement and we will also assist with providing with specific prospecting and sales tools to ensure your focus isn’t finding emails etc (if you don’t have contacts already) but focused on building rapport and closing.

Independent sales reps interested in partnering with Visyond can apply here: Connect with Visyond

Interview With Gianluca Bisceglie CEO Of Visyond

The following interview with Visyond’s CEO, Gianluca Bisceglie will give freelance sales professionals who are interested in working with Visyond an in-depth look into the company, their ethos and plans for the future.

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Visyond come from?

Visyond came about as I was trying to solve problems with spreadsheets that had frustrated me for many years - the complexity and unnecessary hours spent doing routine tasks manually and chasing errors.

Technology was improving the landscape of our jobs in so many areas, I knew there had to be a better way to work on spreadsheets that consist of large amounts of important data and contributed to by multiple stakeholders.

So my team and I started off by building a handful of scripts and add-ons to automate our own routine workflows. However, we soon realized that other people we knew and worked with had the same problems and were also looking for ways to improve their spreadsheet sprawl.

This is when we decided that a hobby coding project could become something much bigger. Interest and insights from other active spreadsheet users inspired us to embark on an endeavor to build a modern, intuitive and intelligent solution that would change how people work with spreadsheets.

Being our own target audience, we really wanted to build a software that we would love to use ourselves and would be proud sharing with our colleagues and professionals alike. Coming from a finance background, we knew first hand all the pains of working with spreadsheets the old way - be it simple 1-page budgets or complex thousand-line cash flow models.

We had spent countless hours ourselves chasing inputs from team mates and juggling with multiple instances of the same file. We know what it’s like to spend evenings perfecting our charts and reports just to redo them all again because of a last minute change in just one number. And we learned it the hard way, how embarrassing it may be finding an error in your calculations in a decisive meeting in front of your boss.

With Visyond we’re working very hard to take the best of today’s existing technology like cloud computing, mobile and machine learning to give users like us a modern spreadsheet experience they deserve - visual, hassle-free, mobile and safe.

That’s why we’ve built a powerful spreadsheet platform that automates human routine and error-prone tasks, streamlines collaboration, analysis and reporting and gives users unprecedented freedom and protection.

Independent sales reps interested in partnering with Visyond can apply here: Connect with Visyond

Qn. Tell us a little about your expertise in this field

I worked as a technologist, strategist, private equity executive and entrepreneur both in mature and emerging markets.

Prior to founding Visyond, I worked in Private Equity in the Middle East and in Russia, responsible for the identification, screening, due diligence and execution of investment opportunities in various industries.

I Began my career at Vodafone, where I held various roles (based in Italy, Germany and the UK) in engineering and technology strategy.

I am a passionate communicator, mentor and coach, a regular Guest Speaker for the Advanced Corporate Finance program at London Business School and a Mentor at the Startup Leadership Program.

I also hold an MEng in Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and an MBA with Distinction from London Business School.

Qn. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

We are working with some major brands which is enhancing our product and providing us with credibility. We’ve also worked more hands on with fast growing silicon valley companies to define their model.

Qn. What’s your greatest client success story?

Our greatest success has come from large brands seeing the true potential of Visyond and joining us in improving the product and becoming advocates. On the other hand, fast growing companies using Visyond without the need of a CFO/FD/analyst - which is saying something interesting.

Visyond spreadsheet data freelance sales job

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent freelance sales agents?

We regard independent sales professionals as true partners in our business due to the possibility of helping us to scale faster and more efficiently than in-house employees. We also respect this type of sales agent as being entrepreneurial and driven which fits into our company ethos perfectly.

Qn. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Visyond solves problems that every business professionals face. Namely the ability to answer questions like the ones below in seconds instead of days:

  • Which file version should we use? | Who approved this numbers?
  • What are the most important revenue or cost drivers here?
  • Who wrote this assumption? | What if we change it by X? How to maximise profits? | Shall we select project A or B?
  • How can we share only this subset of our data with Ms X and this output chart with Ms Y? How can we give Ms Z the ability to see and change only some input?
  • How can I prepare financial statements from an operational model in a few minutes?

As one of our customers says “I have looked for other products on the market and nobody does things the way you do… You are sitting on a goldmine”.

Qn. What makes your service unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

Our patent-pending technology allows collaborators to share only sub-parts of a spreadsheet via intuitive user interfaces that are interactive.

Namely, if you change something in a traditional spreadsheet or BI tool, it is reflected in the charts linked to it, for everybody. In Visyond, every stakeholder can have his version with the assumption he wants to test and his “testing” is not visible to anybody else. Visyond allow to create interactive slides and dashboards based on this.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of Visyond?

Visyond are set to become the go to place for value analysis and number-based decision making. For those who work with numbers, we will be the platform they go to everyday and that is open on their desk together with Excel.

Qn. What are your best selling services and why?

Visyond is a spreadsheet management platform that strikes a balance between the flexibility and familiarity of Excel, and capabilities of modern cloud technology to improve productivity in routine error-prone tasks and enable better collaboration (transparent, safe, trackable, granular). This approach allows for a quick learning curve and time-to-value for users (as you can also import/export models from/to Excel).

Visyond is democratising the world of spreadsheet analysis by taking out complexity, reducing accidental errors, boosting productivity and taking the overall user experience and collaboration to a new level.

Visyond can be used as:

A modeling platform for formula-driven models (business plans, cash flow models, budgets, sales plans, business case/project models), answering questions like: What are the most impactful drivers for our profits in the next year (or any other KPI)? What happens if they simultaneously change by X%? How do different scenarios (variations on key inputs/assumptions) compare with each other? What’s the probability of this new project to be profitable? What is the probability of this cell to have certain values?

A data tracking and governance tool: we track all the changes made in the spreadsheet when you work collaboratively (e.g., you open a cell and see the data edited over time and the names of the people who edited them): no more versions of Excel files sent back and forth via email and consequent data chaos. Custom workflows can be built to prevent changes to approved versions.

A knowledge management system, allowing collaborators on a project to upload attachments or multiple comments inside a cell: no more supporting documents stored separately from the model and difficult to retrieve.

An auditing tool, helping spreadsheet users minimise error probability and track the root cause of errors.

A reporting, data visualisation and interactive presentation platform, auto generating information on the model and providing data visualisation with one-click export to powerpoint or web-based dashboards helping the non-modelers (client or senior decision maker) to stress-test assumptions in a controlled environment where they only see key drivers, charts and tables, and they can’t accidentally break the data in the spreadsheet.

A marketing and sales tool, leveraging our dashboard and analytics to prepare interactive ROI calculators (value presentations) for customers and spreadsheet-driven live quotations.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

It varies. Large companies usually 3 months. SMEs down to 3 days. The suggestion is to find the person who feels the pain the most and let him/her play the brand ambassador role. Show them the standalone value of Visyond so she can buy one license and expense it. That way we have the client and it’s a matter of scaling adoption.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

We have begun a proactive lead generation campaign in the last 3 months, typically with some inbound activities by organic and ad traffic, encompassing a variety of activities but this is something we are building further as we further define our niche, strategy and segments.

As a startup, we have been very outbound focused, such as; cold emailing automation and linkedin lead generation to drive new prospects in our sales pipeline. Majority of actual won contracts have been referrals or personal contacts to date. This is an activity we see ourselves scaling and working with all our possible sales agents to do the same for optimal outreach

Independent sales reps interested in partnering with Visyond can apply here: Connect with Visyond

Visyond spreadsheet data freelance sales job

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