High Commission Independent Sales Rep Job In The Transport Logistics Industry

Independent Sales Rep Job In The Transport Logistics Industry

Today we interview David from TSG Central Division. They are a U.S. based company that specialise in offering their clients huge savings on freight transportation services across the United States.

TSG Central Division and are now looking for partnership opportunities with independent, self-employed sales reps on CommissionCrowd.

With a very easy sales process, high commissions of 20% and average sale values in excess of $17,000 per sale, this is a commission-only sales job not to be missed!

Learn more about working with TSG Central Division in the following interview:

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Qn. Where did the inspiration for TSG Central Division come from?

David - The Transportation Specialists Group had already been growing at a rapid pace for about 4 years when I joined forces with them in 2003.

I was ending a career in restaurant concepts - the latest being a fast food Cajun restaurant I called ‘Cajun Jakes’ and I was ready for change of pace.

What a change TSG turned out to be. My Cousin’s wife and her two partners had created a third party logistics company that did things quite different than the usual “cookie cutter” brokers disguised as 3PL’s.

They were helping companies that shipped less than truckload freight which included manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from a wide spectrum of industries.

Qn. How do your services benefit your clients?

David - What they did different and got me hooked on was what they called “shared savings”. Unlike most “fee based” logistics companies (aka brokers) who simply marked up cost and billed the customer, TSG would create savings and from that create their own income.

With this split savings fee they threw in for free all the technology and day to day operations that most other companies would add “piecemeal” additional charges for.

A good example of how the system sells itself was one of my first clients which is a chain of plumbing supply locations. They had been dealing with the trucking companies by themselves for years with each of their 12+ locations setting up separate direct billed pricing (aka pricing tariffs).

Since they were dealing with the trucking company sales reps on a “local” level they never really were able to get the full discount they should by combining all freight.

I simply combined all their volume of freight and along with our proprietary pricing was able to find for them over 40% savings from pre-existing pricing.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

David - The usual way to sell our “freight savings” service is through bringing onboard freight sales reps who had previously worked for individual trucking companies.

I have decided to go a different route. Since I don’t come from a freight background and I was able to sell this service successfully I decided to start searching for independent self-employed sales representatives who already have a book of business who can use our service.

Savings are savings… it’s as simple as that and once you can demonstrate just how much we can save a prospective client, the rest is easy .

I have never made a sale based upon my knowledge of freight terminology but instead I have always approached a potential client as I would prefer being approached. This a true “win-win” relationship with the customer.

Qn. What kind of independent sales agent would be best suited to working with your company?

David - We believe that independent sales agents who already have mid to upper level management contacts is already over halfway through the selling process. Once the customer is willing to let TSG perform a Freight Cost Analysis, the results will sell themselves.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of TSG?

David - TSG is continuing to advance the technology end of the logistics industry. In 2015 TSG created its own TMS rating system called ‘TITAN’ and in the future this software will be able to be sold as a stand alone product for companies who choose not to outsource.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

David - A typical sales cycle involves collecting 30-60 days of freight bills required for a Freight Cost Analysis.

The analysis will require about 1-2 weeks to be completed and at this time a presentation of the results will be given to the customer.

If the customer decides to let us proceed then a bid will be put out to the trucking companies that the customer would like to move their freight with.

This will require about 30 days to get a response from the trucking companies At this time the customer chooses the carriers to publish pricing with. And then the salesperson can start making money.

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Independent sales reps interested in working with TSG Central Division can find their freelance sales opportunity here

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