High Commission Freelance Sales Lead Generation Opportunity With Top London Marketing And Digital Advertising Firm

Type: Self-Employed Sales Opportunity
Industry: Marketing & Advertising / Internet
Territory: London, UK and Europe
Commission: 20% Recurring Residual
Average Sales Value: £5000+
Average Recurring Monthly Sales Values: £700+

London freelance self-employed digital marketing advertising job

This London based Marketing and Advertising company will provide you with all of the support necessary to help you in your independent sales role. This is mainly a lead generation and prospecting opportunity and they do not expect sales agents to make 100’s of calls per day.

Specialist Services:

  • Consultancy
  • Strategy And Planning
  • Full Service Marketing Delivery
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

What’s important is the end result - that we receive quality, qualified leads on a regular basis that we can convert to pay you commission.

Self-employed sales agents interested in connecting with this London-Based Marketing company can find their official sales opportunity listed on CommissionCrowd here: commission-only sales opportunities/business development opportunity with a vibrant London based Marketing agency

More about this London based Marketing and Advertising freelance sales opportunity:

Businesshands are a vibrant, London-based marketing agency specialising in social media, SEO, content and email marketing services in London.

They are now seeking to connect with self-employed sales professionals to help take their agency to the next level.

They offer agents a 20% commission with average sale values worth around £5000 per sale and recurring monthly customer values of around £700pm. The great thing about this self-employed sales opportunity is that this company are happy to close your qualified leads so it’s an ideal lead generation role for high volume sales professionals.

Interview With Businesshands

We’ve interviewed Businesshands to give self-employed sales professionals a better understanding of their company and sales opportunity.

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Businesshands come from?

Chris: I’ve always had a passion for start-ups and small businesses and back when I was a sales manager, I used to offer coaching services to start-ups in my spare time, completely for free with the dream that one day I’d become a professional business coach.

In my last role (before starting the company) I was a National Sales and Marketing Manager with a particularly brutal boss and one day I said “enough is enough” and walked out to set up businesshands and begin the dream.

I spent months networking, sometimes attending 10 networking events a week, trying to get clients and that’s when I realised, many start-ups and small business weren’t interested in having coach – they wanted an extra pair of hands to do so many of the tasks they didn’t have time to do but needed doing for the company to grow… like social media, writing content and email marketing… and that’s how businesshands become the marketing agency it is today.

Qn. Can You Tell us a little about the marketing industry?

Chris: It’s a very exciting time to be in the marketing industry – that’s because there’s so many different ways of helping businesses achieve their goals.

There’s new technology and new ideas surfacing every day and our job is to keep on top of those and decide what are the best options to present to our customers.

One thing I will say about marketing is that it’s a saturated market. There’s a lot of lazy, low quality marketing agencies on the lower tiers and our job is to really differentiate ourselves from them.

We do that through clarity of communication (complete lack of jargon), excellent service and really trying to understand our potential clients and offer them something that no one else has thought of.

Qn. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Chris: Our clients have traditionally been in the start-up or small business sector; however, we’re looking to push into slightly larger companies going forward.

We’ve been involved with A LOT of tech start-ups, someone of them we’ve helped get their idea from a scribble on a napkin all the way through to, and beyond launch. Others have come to us as they launch and we’ve helped kick start their campaigns.

We’re not tied to a particular sector and that means anything can (and usually does) come through the door. From high-end Hi-Fi producers that charge £5k for a turntable through to disruptive recruitment apps, and from business networking groups through to retail technology firms and cookie dough makers… we’ve pretty much seen it all.

We’ve just started working with a professional race driving instructor which is great… he insists that I have 2-hour race lesson to understand what he’s all about. Oh well… someone has to.

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent, self-employed sales agents?

Chris: I spent 6 years selling high value tech solutions for two different companies so I completely understand and respect the value of a good salesperson and I know that for our business to meet its ambitious targets over the next 2-3 years we cannot just rely on our own market efforts – we need more.

Having a full time sales person on board is not an option. We don’t have the budget for that and I don’t want the additional responsibilities of being a sales manager again. What we want is someone that we can count as a valued part of the team but works for his own benefit and has free reign to use his/ her skills and experiences how he/she pleases.

Qn. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your Marketing services?

Chris: The first thing is our social media guarantee. We guarantee that no other agency or standalone consultant can deliver more value to your organisation for the same budget.

We’re very proud of our social media offering… it blows the doors off most if not all other agencies who are anywhere near us in terms of pricing and our customers are always amazed by it…. And that’s another thing. We have very happy customers who are willing to talk to potential new customers about how great we are.

Then there’s our content marketing, email, SEO and completely unique consultancy option… all of which have big differentiators from our competitors. To top it all off, we have a great looking website, which stands us apart from the competition and our offering is simple yet very effective.

Qn. What makes your service unique and innovative?

Chris: Working with inexperienced and often cash-strapped businesses in our early years means we’ve developed a unique perspective around the delivery of marketing services. One of the things I ask myself every week at businesshands is “how can our services deliver more”.

That endless drive, week on week means we know that when it comes to service delivery, we’re a hundred miles ahead of any agency that sits remotely within our price range and we continue to push forward and innovate - always refining the quality of our services and always looking for new technology partners that will give our customers the winning edge.

We’ve also learnt that our target audience doesn’t like ‘marketing speak’ and so we have a no jargon policy which people really like. We’re straight talking and we’re all about the customer.

Qn. What are you plans for the future Businesshands?

Chris: Businesshands is now moving into its third year and this marks the beginning of an aggressive growth strategy which we hope, with your help – will see us triple our turnover this year and then double it again for at least the next 2-3 years after that.

Our first two years have been about giving our business a solid structure - improving the product, the service, the customer journey, the website, our digital presence and also understand what we stand for. I’m really proud of what the business has become and now everything is in place for us to push forward and grow.

Qn. What are your bestselling services and why?

Chris: Social media is by far our bestselling service. The truth is that it’s a relatively easy sell as most companies do need it, but what we offer within the service helps to close the sales pretty quickly. Plus there’s our social media guarantee which is also pretty powerful.

We normally bundle our social media with some great content in the form of blog posts or short articles. The reality is that content is an absolute necessity for building a comprehensive social media strategy (particularly with LinkedIn) so our clients are happy to do this.

Our newest offering is also proving very popular – and that’s an 8-hour consultancy bundle. The term ‘consultancy’ is loosely applied because what we’re actually offering is an extra pair of hands in your business for 8-hours to do absolutely anything for you.

It goes back to our very first finding that time-strapped people value hands on deck and sometimes what they need doesn’t neatly fit into a defined service. So far our clients have used this to write marketing strategies, create video scripts, build automated email sequencers, review business plans and even attend sales meetings with them… anything goes.

Qn. Have you received any recognition or awards for your products?

Chris: We receive plenty of recognition from our customers and that’s what counts. They refer us to their clients and that’s what makes me happy.

In the early days I did consider putting the business forward for a number of awards, but in my opinion – with the colossal growth of awards ceremonies as an industry, being awarded something that you’ve paid to be considered for seems a bit valueless and I think that many clued-up customers would agree.

Businesshands was runner up in the Guardian’s start-up of the year back in 2014 which I felt proud of because anyone could enter and thousands did – there was no fee to enter and we were runner up purely on merit…not because we had paid to be considered for the award.

The recognition was made all the sweeter because at the time, I was running the business from a tiny desk in the corner of my bedroom in a house I shared with 8 other people.

Qn. Can you briefly describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

Chris: We do get a small amount of inbound leads coming in, but mainly we’ll be putting out a call or reaching out to someone via social media or email to invite a discussion. There will be a phone call, which normally lasts about 10 minutes. The customer will tell us about themselves and how they are currently handling their marketing activities and what they want to achieve. The call will go one of two ways:

If it’s complex or looks like it could be high value we’ll arrange a meeting date/ time on the call to go in for an exploratory conversation.

We’ll follow up after the call with a meeting conformation and short summary piece to show that we’ve listened and understood the client’s needs. We’ll then attend the meeting (usually within a week of the call) and off the back of that, we’ll put a proposal together with an agreement to follow up with them in a couple of days.

If it’s simple and low value, we’ll agree to produce a formal proposal for them off the back of the call and when we email them that (within 6 hours of the call) we’ll also explain that we’ll follow up with them in a couple of days.

The follow up call, regardless of type of customer – is a way to gather thoughts on the proposal and understand and overcome any roadblocks. Customer type (i) may require another meeting to refine the proposal or an expansion on the proposal but generally, customer (ii) can be closed at this point.

Customers are then presented with T&C’s to agree to and the sales cycle is complete. We have a very high success rate of converting prospects into customers and this is down to the quality of our offering and how we communicate it and that’s great news for any sales person that chooses to work with us. If you’re able to bring in the leads, you’ll see a good return on your efforts in a relatively short amount of time.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Chris: We’re a marketing agency and so we have to live by our actions. At the moment we are 100% reliant on inbound enquiries from our marketing activities and client recommendations.

Our marketing activities include an e-newsletter, social media and blogging and it’s a pretty even split as to where they come from. The problem for us, is that for us to increase the number of inbound enquiries – we have to increase the time we spend on our own marketing and we simply don’t have the personnel in place to do this.

That’s why we want to partner with a great salesperson who can own our business development activities for us.

Qn. What do you think you are you like to work with?

Chris: Obviously I’m going to say great aren’t I? I studied strategic leadership a couple of years ago and that confirmed to me what I already knew – pushy attitudes and micro managing are no good to anyone.

Often in a sales environment, managers will ask their sales people “why aren’t you delivering” whereas I’m more inclined to ask “what can we do to help you get sales through the door?” Ultimately, I want you to succeed – because if you succeed, I succeed and the business succeeds as well. We’re all on the same team and you’ll be given all of the training and support you need to do so.

… I hugely value self-motivated people that can see outside of the box and understand the bigger picture – it’s a cliché I know, but the bottom line is that we’re all here to make sales and if one way isn’t working – having the capacity to look at the problem and suggest an alternative solution.

Self-employed sales agents interested in connecting with this London-Based Marketing company can find their official sales opportunity listed on CommissionCrowd here: commission-only sales opportunities/business development opportunity with a vibrant London based Marketing agency

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