High Commission Bespoke Office And Home Furniture Freelance Sales Opportunity

Home interiors corporate decor furniture freelance sales job

Type: Independent Sales Opportunity
Industry: Furniture, Home/Office Furnishings
Commission: 12%
Average Sale Value per order: £4200

They offer high commissions of 12% and will pay recurring commissions on repeat orders.

Self-employed sales professionals can apply to work with Mac+Wood here: Mac+Wood’s Independent Sales Opportunity

Mac + Wood produce some of the finest contemporary furniture in the world and supply to consumer and B2B markets including property, corporates, hotels, restaurants and bars in the UK and Europe.

  • Their products include:
  • Bespoke dining tables
  • Matching benches
  • Coffee tables
  • Modern desks
  • Meeting and boardroom tables

All of their bespoke furniture is designed and handmade to order from hard-wearing, hand-picked wood, copper, zinc and lacquer for their tops and brushed or coloured powder coated steel for their frames.

They are now looking to work with self-employed freelance sales agents who are interested in selling their line of unique and beautiful furniture ranges to consumer and B2B markets including property, corporates, hotels, restaurants and bars in the UK and Europe (France, Italy, and Spain initially).

Bespoke office meeting furniture

Find Out More About This Incredible Opportunity For Independent Sales Reps In The Furniture Industry (Interview)

The following interview with Mac+Wood will give independent sales agents an idea of what it’s like working alongside this company and the sales opportunity they are offering to freelance sales agents.

Interview With Mac+Wood

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

We see independent, self-employed sales agents as an integral part of our plans to expand into new territories. Especially within the corporate sphere and busy office market.

We’re enjoying a time where companies are becoming ever more adventurous and bold with their choice of furnishings and ensuring that their working space reflects their modern and exciting brand values.

We appreciate the fact that freelance sales reps already have existing relationships with many of our target clients and by adding our dynamic and unique brand of furnishings to their portfolio gives agents the ability to offer their clients something new and exciting to enhance their brand.

Qn. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Independent sales agents have an edge selling our products because they will be the only salespeople selling our exciting and unique products. We are on-trend, evolving, growing and enjoy a fantastic reputation.

Plus the commission is excellent and have our full sales and marketing support which is hell bent on helping them secure their deals and repeat business. PLUS because we ‘own’ the entire cycle from design, to manufacture to pricing we can do what it takes to secure the sale.

bespoke office furniture wooden meeting tables

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Mac+Wood come from?

I needed a table for my new extension, having looked around I couldn’t find anything I liked or suited the space, and being a (graphic) designer I took it upon myself to design one.

It had to be unique. It had to be bold. I wanted something that would add warmth and drama to what was a contemporary and streamlined environment.

And so Mac+Wood was born.

Qn. Tell us a little about the Furniture Industry

Being new to the sector, having worked in digital marketing for the last 15 years, I’m finding out new things all the time.

Mac+Wood is a unique in that we are both designer, manufacturer and retailer all in one. We only sell via our website and don’t have any retail or showrooms.

This means we are in complete control of all aspects of our business, something we enjoy very much – especially as we build the brand. The furniture sector is subjective, customers buy with their eyes and as furniture can be very personal they often have strong opinions on our products.

corporate office furniture sales

Qn. What makes your products unique and innovative?

They are designed by Mac+Wood, this in itself makes them unique. I’d like to say we have led the way for high end, beautiful contemporary reclaimed wood and steel furniture products. If you don’t buy from Mac+Wood then it simply isn’t a Mac+Wood product.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of Mac And Wood?

Growth into new territories and range expansion. Having learnt how to sell high end products online to customers we want to take this into new markets.

Currently we run a .co.uk (UK) website, but have translations of the site for France, Italy, Spain and Germany – all as their own entities and we are beginning to market these via our learnt toolsets from the UK over the next couple of months.

In terms of our range, we just launched our table configurator that has started to push the current designs but in new finishes, Zinc, Copper, Lacquer and these finishes are available across our designs.

The table configurator - which is also unique to the space - has been well received and we are excited by the opportunity this brings. We are also extending our range into new pieces including a floor to ceiling feature mirror design, console tables, side tables, draw units, bookcases and a new pedestal frame table design.

corporate meeting office furniture bench

Qn. What are your best selling products?

Our best selling products are our Signature Table, followed by the matching benches, then the Family Table design – mainly in the reclaimed dark finished wood.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

Currently potential customers come through either these forms on web pages, or they call. We follow up with an initial reply which we might tailor depending on specifics, price, size, mainly confirming we can supply the colour, do the size the want etc.

Independent sales agents interested in working with us will be able to guide their clients through the ordering process and ensure that their needs are met every step of the way.

Lead follow up cycle is:

Follow up to enquiry
If sample is requested this also gets sent out, branded, labelled sample, comp slip with handwritten note
Follow up phone call a few days later (or end of week Friday/Saturday) whichever is sooner
If we don’t get hold of them we follow up with an email “As per my voicemail, checking you got my email/samples”
If we do speak, or they reply to email, usually they then get the measurement plan that we send them
Then it’s weekly email/call depending on where they are in buying cycle.

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Self-employed sales professionals can apply to work with Mac+Wood here: Mac+Wood’s Independent Sales Opportunity

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