Freelance Health And Safety Contractor Software Sales Opportunity - 25% Commission + Residuals

freelance health and safety contractor software sales job

Today we present an incredible opportunity for freelance software sales reps who want to add a new line to your portfolio selling MAI Contractor Portal software solutions.

EHA Soft provide a market leading contractor management software that reduces the time, effort and risk that companies who manage multiple on-site contractors face to stay compliant with environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations in the marketplace today.

Learn more about EHA Soft’s freelance sales opportunity here and view full details using the ‘view full details button’. You can also read the interview we’ve conducted with their CEO Dan Gallagher below…

1. Where did the inspiration for EHA SOFT Solutions come from?

As a manager trying to manage multiple spreadsheets and disparate computer programs I was acutely aware of the challenges of trying to develop a product for environmental health and safety (EHS) managers that could make compliance easier and thus avoid incidents and any nasty penalties for non-compliance.

We have helped many companies from small local business to multinationals manage their EHS activities using our software and also to get certified to different ISO
management system standards.

In the past 6 years we have focused on one huge challenge within the business world today, making sure that contractors coming on-site are compliant with more than the basic EHS requirements and are able to demonstrate this compliance in a simple but effective manner.

Our Contractor Portal was thus born and has grown from strength to strength over the years. We have a suite of products to help our client organisations manage all their contractors, but our real clients are the contractors themselves since this tool can simplify the challenge they
face themselves trying to keep all of their different clients happy, spending a lot of time, money and effort answering the same types of requests for information each day and week.

2. Tell us a little about your expertise in the Environmental, Health and Safety arena

The founder has worked in this area for over three decades, and lectures at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at University College Cork in Ireland. Initially EHA’s observations provided training and consulting services to complement this offer, but six years ago we pulled the training consulting amount per placement under a different umbrella, called SHEQ Centre Of Excellence ( I left EHA soft focusing purely on software sales around the mai™ product line.

3. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Up to 6 years ago our main focus was selling the MAI management systems offer modules, covering risk assessment, auditing, accident-incident report investigation, non-conformity corrective action modules, which were designed to help companies achieve ISO management system standard certification more easily.

Around six years ago we developed the contractor portal in response to a growing need for organisations to manage the contract is better, and this has been a key focus and area of growth for the last few years. We now view the management systems offer as a secondary product, which we offer to contractors who come on board the contractor portal platform. We work with blue-chip clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, food and drink, electronics and automotive sectors.

4. What’s your greatest client success story?

It’s hard to identify one specific story, we could consider one client where we managed to on-board all the contractors in three weeks, but we have other clients where the process took longer and there are different challenges but we still achieved a very successful outcome.

Success for us means being viewed by our clients as the go to partner, they know they can trust us, we work closely with them and we managed to get all of the contractors on board, and we make the on-boarding process for all new
contractors very smooth.

5. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

Expert sales professionals who work independently for commission follow a recognised process that works for them, otherwise they don’t end up staying in the role for long.

We have a very simple 1-2-3 step launch process which at this stage is very well refined and highly suited to sales reps who need to get up-to-speed and closing sales quickly.

We want our sales partners to be able to easily carve out a niche for themselves, to practice their skills and reap the benefits of an attractive business model. We are looking to accelerate our growth in different markets and and we firmly believe that self-employed sale reps with existing networks and connections offer the best channel for us to achieve this objective.

The fact that the business model is based on commission-only makes it feasible for us to consider expansion into areas that we might not have thought about up to now.
We recognise independent sales agents as being highly skilled individuals who work hard and understand what’s required to get a solid sales pipeline moving and delivering good cash flow for everyone concerned.

6. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

We work with some of the leading multinational companies and understand compliance requirements in the marketplace. We can also easily adapt to the client’s specific requirements as they arise. Our software is extremely easy to use and our pricing model is attractive to both the client and contractors.

7. What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

We like to highlight the fact that that our products have been developed by EHS practitioners for EHS practitioners. Our sister company is SHEQ Centre Of Excellence ( and we provide a range of training consulting services we are aware of what clients require because we have daily contact within a broad range of industries.

The modular approach of other products means it’s easy for
our clients to mix and match what they require. We are certainly not a one trick pony, but we have learned to focus on that part of market where we feel there is a need,
currently this is the contractor portal and related tools such as the online safety induction training, and our work permit tool.

8. What are your plans for the future of EHA Soft?

We are focusing on the contractor portal for growth. This product has gone from strength to strength over the last five years. We also have our management systems offer which consist of modules covering areas like risk assessments, auditing, non-conformance and corrective action management, accident-incident reporting and investigation etc.

We are looking at selling these modules into our contractor base, as these tools will be relevant for small companies just as they would be for the companies. Any companies who are seeking to get certified to the international management system standards for health and safety (ISO 45,001) and environmental management (ISO 14,001) will find these modules very useful. But they can be a more difficult sale as many clients will want their own customisations in each module.

9. What are your best selling products/services and why?

Our contractor portal is one of the easier products to sell because the product demos typically take less than 30 minutes, as the end users are normally aware of at least the minimum requirements that need to be managed (insurance, training etc).

We complement this with online safety induction training, and we have two options available here to suit budgets. The result is very slick and gets lots of positive feedback from our clients who are working on some large multi-nationals, we are able to help them refine their own programs as we have a library of content at this stage
which can be reviewed in a consultation process.

We also have a work permit module which was introduced last year. The feedback from our clients has been incredible and shows that it really simplifies the process and has an attractive interface.

The nice thing about this product is that it can link via web services to the contractor portal, such as the contractor is receiving a work permit, the details of this contractor project from the portal and any expired information is easily flagged.

The contractor portal can also be tied in to an access control system, and surprisingly not many companies have gone this approach yet, is very easy for us to take
information from a swipe card (employee name, contractor name, location) and crosscheck this to the portal and to send a notification email back to the client to advise them that a certain contractor came on site at a certain time answer and some information (licences, permits, insurances) has expired. This is really like having an extra pair of eyes at the entrance points into any facility.

10. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

From the initial contact with a prospect, through to organising an online demo through to them following our one-two-three step launch process, the sales cycle is slick and fast.

Our record is probably three weeks from initial meeting to going live, but this was helped by the fact the client had a shutdown and wanted all the contractors to be on the system by a specific date - this client has about 100

We are very good at what we do and our sales process quickly identifies the emotion and needs of our prospects. Over 2.2 million people die at work every year (source: International Labour organisation) and incidents involving contractors represent a significant proportion of workplace incidents.

At an absolute minimum companies need to ensure that their contractors are insured, otherwise will be no money there to help pay for any damages. This is just one of the many things we solve for our clients and why we work with some of the best in the industry.

12. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

We focus on vertical markets which include medical device, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and drink and another types of manufacturing environments where there are at least 50 or more contractors servicing the business.

We focus on larger companies because these were typically have dedicated resources managing environmental health and safety (EHS). The key players in any sale for us are the EHS department (they are aware of the legal requirements, although they might not be the ones directly bringing many contractors on site) so we make their job so much easier.

We also target the facilities\engineering department (these are usually the ones who bring most of the contractors on site, and they need to be made aware of the EHS/legal requirements), and occasionally the procurement department as they will need some way of developing a list of approved contractors and vendors.

Historically we identify these companies, find out who the relevant contact person is inside (EHS primarily, but facilities/engineering as well), and we would either
phone or email them to let them know about our services.

The crucial aspect here is to get them to agree to a telephone call where you can introduce the product,
educate them about why the product is important, to determine where they are in the sales cycle. I would then like to move them towards an online demo (if they were nearby I would always go in person) when I know all the right players are going to be in attendance. Following the demo I would have my proposal ready to present to them.

We use a CRM and to keep the sales funnel as full as possible. When a client is interested an easy approach is to ask them for a list of their contractors and then check which contractors are already on the portal and then set up an account for them with these contractors (with the contractor’s permission of course) so they can see the value of the system for themselves.

We carry out our own online marketing and can be found on the search engines and are continually optimising our marketing programs, but most results have come from just continuously sending out messages and been on people’s radars.

Apply to this opportunity for freelance software sales reps who want to add a new line to your portfolio selling MAI Contractor Portal software solutions.

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