Opportunity For Freelance Sales Reps Looking to Partner With A Video Production Company with Amazing Heritage

Reference: PB-0263-GB
Territory: UK, Europe, Russia (Moscow), US, Canada, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Years In Business: 2 years in current form, 20 years overall experience.
Industry: Agencies, Publishers, SMEs and Brands
Minimum sales experience: 2 years
Customer Type: B2B & B2C
Sales Skills: Consultative selling, Face-To-Face, tele-sales
Average Sales Cycle: Days/Weeks
Commission: 20% with residual commission
Training Provided: Yes
Contract length: Ongoing – long term sales partnerships

Freelance Sales Reps: Please read the interview below and if you are interested in connecting with this company please send a short introductory email to laura@commissioncrowd.com and reference: PB-0263-GB in the subject line.

Please Tell Freelance Sales Reps About Your Company

Our company Create Film & Video content that engages both head and heart and make the production process really straight forward, from pre-production meetings, treatments and storyboards through to the final delivery. Successful videos trigger a strong and positive emotional response with the viewer, making them 30 percent more likely to be shared or some other pre-determined action to be taken. We help to develop a strategy that hits all the right emotional notes before reaching the final call to action.

We are a one-stop-shop video production company specialising in the creation of branded video content for publishers, agencies, brands and SMEs across the UK and Worldwide.

Our company was founded by Pete Fergusson who previously ran the in-house commercial video team for The Telegraph. We believe that our heritage means we understand branded video and the complex nuances that go with it better than any other video production company in the UK. Our unique knowledge, insight and empathy span sales, publisher, agency, brand and audience.

We currently have access to over 150 filmmakers available in the UK and globally. Directors, DoP’s, Animators, Producers, Editors and more. Across the UK, Europe, Russia, US, Canada, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Whatever you need, wherever the shoot, we have it covered.

Services include:

  • On-location shoots
  • Studio interviews (four TV studios in London alone)
  • Animations
  • Motion graphics
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies (B2B, B2C)
  • Affordable TV and radio commercials
  • Live streams
  • Out of home video content
  • Aerial filming (CAA licensed HD drones and full size helicopter)
  • Events
  • Product launches and more

We also offer white label video production services. This means that businesses can now sell their own in-house video production facilities to their clients without the associated costs of staff, studios, kit and software.

Why Should Independent Commission-Based Sales Agents Choose To Work With You?

Every single business in The UK needs video content. The internet is becoming increasingly video-based: currently 50% of internet traffic is video and that figure will have reached 69% by 2017. Search Engines are also giving more and more weight to video content in their algorithm’s because of the value it delivers to viewers. Video is therefore a must-have for online commerce. 90% of consumers watch video and those who do are 1.8 times more likely to buy than non-viewers. There is a HUGE opportunity here for the right sales people.

What Does The Sales Cycle Typically Look Like?

The sales cycle can vary considerably and is mainly dependent upon the size of the client and their specific needs. Typically the length of time it takes for an average project to go from negotiation to closing is fairly short.

Do You Provide Training Provided To Freelance Sales Agents?

To an extent, yes. However ideally we are looking to partner with sales agents that have experience in sales of this nature. Reps should be aware of the importance of online video, its recent growth and the impact it can have on their client’s bottom line. A typical contact that our reps will be dealing with are Marketing managers and sometimes C-Level executives. It’s important to know that you will have access to our sales and Marketing materials as well as case studies and examples of our previous work.

What Type Of Sales Person Do You Feel Is Best Suited To Partnering With Your Company?

Sales agents with a good black book of Marketing managers and business owners. Agents that are familiar with Media trends and terminology. Agents that have an understanding of video genres. Reps can concentrate on the selling and we will work with them to complete the sale.

What Level Of Commission Are You Offering On Each Sale?

We offer a 20% Commission on each campaign sold. Our work typically starts at around £3,500 and therefore each video sold has the potential to generate hundreds of pound of commission for the sales rep. We will also pay commissions on any future/repeat business from the client that the agent has brought in.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are a self-employed sales rep and are interested in an introduction to this company, please send a short introduction email to laura@commissioncrowd.com along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference: PB-0263-GB in the subject line.

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