Freelance Sales Opportunity: Point Of Sale Merchant Services - Huge Savings For Your Clients - 50% Lifetime Commissions + Residuals

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Today we present an incredibly exciting opportunity for freelance (commission-only) sales reps who are interested in adding a new and lucrative line with one of the easiest and most compelling value propositions to their current sales portfolio.

Please read the interview (below) with Jerry Briffa - Founder & CEO of Card Service Professionals.

Independent reps interested in this opportunity can connect with Card Service Professionals via their official listing on CommissionCrowd.

Interview With Jerry From Card Service Professionals

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Card Service Professionals come from?

The name reflects our Mission Statement - We are a team of dedicated professionals who sell Merchant services with industry leading savings to all types of merchants.

We believe deeply in the need and efficacy of doing our part to help particularly small businesses which are the engines of our economy to save money. Because all merchants accept credit cards every merchant is a potential customer. Our client pool is not limited by industry or in any other way.

Qn. What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

We are the home of the No Contract $100 guarantee. We never require a merchant to sign a contract so they never face onerous early termination fees. We offer a $100 guarantee- if we can’t beat what a merchant is currently paying for their credit card processing we will pay them $100 just for allowing us to try. To date we have never had to pay anyone the $100!

Independent reps interested in this opportunity can connect with Card Service Professionals via their official listing on CommissionCrowd.

Qn. Tell us a little about your expertise in the merchant services arena

I have been working in this space for approximately 7 years. Over that time we have placed merchants in many business sectors with traditional as well as high risk processors. I have been privileged to work with the best the industry has to offer. Through it all I have worked through almost every type of deal imaginable and learned much about the industry.

Qn. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

We have saved every merchant who has asked us for a quote a great deal of money on their credit card processing costs. We hold to our guarantee that if a merchant permits us to review a current merchant and provide them with a quote we WILL save them on their credit card processing costs.

At CSP we also offer every tool at our disposal to lower costs and increase revenue for our merchants. For example we offer the state of the art equipment and POS systems, ATM’s, Gift and Loyalty Programs, Merchant Cash Advance Loans, Branding, integrated software and hardware and on and on. We are a one stop shop.

Qn. What’s your greatest client success story?

We quoted a merchant a $47K per year savings! We are also partners in a proprietary platform to provide processing solutions to the cannabis industry which is not supported by traditional credit cards due to Federal law. We provide them with a non-cash method of payment processing.

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

I believe very strongly in strategic partnerships. I believe that partnering with an ISA who is already selling in the B2B space allows them to add our product as a valuable vertical and exponentially increase their profits. Bringing innovative and reliable new products and services to their network also increases the reputation of the ISA within his or her network.

Qn. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

Because we do almost all the work. It’s an easy sell. Moreover they can sell our products to their existing trusted B2B network. Adding our product to their current portfolio will enhance the trust and respect their clients have for them while allowing them to earn up to $100K in residual commissions and bonuses in their first year.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of Card Service Professionals?

We’d like to expand our team of dedicated Sales Agents, streamline the process for ISA’s and merchants and change the way merchants view credit card processing. We are also interested in getting into the overseas markets.

Qn. What are your best selling products/services and why?

Traditional Credit Card Processing which is used by approximately 85% of all merchants. Because our terminals are free loaners, we never require a contract and our service is second to none. Our merchants stay with us in excess of 3x the industry average.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

It’s a very easy and a quick sell usually completed within one week. The ISA brings us a lead and we prepare a side by side free cost savings quote within 2 days. The ISA takes that quote to his/her merchant and if the merchant agrees to go forward we have an application to our ISA for signature within 1 business day. Most merchant applications are approved within 2 days. Once approved we ship the merchant their terminal within 2 days.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Most of our new merchants come from the efforts of our Independent sales agents and existing client referrals.

Independent reps interested in this opportunity will find a link below to connect with Card Service Professionals via their official listing on CommissionCrowd.

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