Freelance Sales Opportunity: Award Winning Digital Marketing Services And Complete SEO Audits

Hotel resort webdesign development award

Type: Freelance Sales Opportunity
Industry: Mobile Web Design & Development

  • Hotels And Resorts
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • eCommerce

Territory: Global
Commission: 10% + Recurring Residual
Average Sales Value: £6500
Average Recurring Monthly Sales Values: £3500

Freelance sales agents can find out more and apply to work with Naxtech via their independent sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd

Naxtech are an award winning UK Digital Agency that specialise in transforming their clients online presence through the use of deep SEO analysis, Marketing and optimisation services.

They are now proudly presenting freelance sales agents with a rather unique and lucrative self-employed sales opportunity to sell their services to new clients globally.

They are offering sales reps a 10% commission on closed business and are also happy to pay residual, recurring commissions on additional services that are billed to clients monthly.

We’ve interviewed Naxtech to give commission-based freelance sales reps considering the opportunity to work with this company a better insight into the sales opportunity and the company itself.

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Naxtech come from?

Back in 2005, and even to this date, there were not many digital agencies with expertise in both web development and digital marketing.

You could find either businesses focusing on the Marketing side or the IT side… But not both. This was especially true in regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals or financial services, as well as multi-channel/multi-lingual scenarios. Naxtech was launched to fill this gap in the market.

Qn. What’s your greatest client success story?

We have several great client success stories. One which not only went well but won multiple awards is La Veranda Resort (Accor Hotels – MGallery brand).

We performed an SEO Audit for them, redesigned/developed their new website and mobile site, and managed their multi-channel/multi-lingual digital marketing.

The results quickly started talking for themselves. Many more enquiries daily, traffic more than doubled, and occupancy at the hotel reached an amazing 97% meaning that the hotel was full.

The success was such that not only it led to awards but it all become a case study for an academic book. And for us it also translated to great word of mouth advertising and having a truly great case study for future clients and prospects. Sales agents will be able to enjoy riding on our success and will be able to comfortably close more business as a result.

Qn. What are your best selling services and why?

Our best selling service a combination of digital marketing and web development, which is the combination that’s hard to find in the market, particularly in regulated markets (eg. pharmaceuticals) where there is minimal competition.

Obviously, web development and digital marketing are large focus areas but as all we offer is services and our expertise each project usually utilises a slightly different combination of skills.

Qn. Have you received any recognition or awards for your products?

We win awards every year! Some are for web design, some for digital marketing, and sometimes it’s something entirely different such as a case study in academic literature.

** Here are just a few of our awards to date**

Hotel resort webdesign development award

Award for website development sales

Academic case study (chapter 27):
award for hospitality website development sales

Qn. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your services?

We’re a dynamic and highly respected company in our field. We are award winning and have numerous case studies that agents can utilise when prospecting for new business. Being a more sector focused company also puts us ahead of the competition who prefer to do business with companies who truly understand how they operate.

Qn. Tell us a little about your expertise in the Search Engine Marketing arena

We have extensive experience in Search Engine Marketing as well as SEO and other forms of marketing (email marketing, re-targeting, etc).

Other than being Google Partners, we manage campaigns in multiple channels (Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Gemini, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, etc) and can also deal with multiple languages (Russian, Chinese, Greek, and so on).

It is not by chance that some of our competitors are also our customers as they outsource work to us, which I think is evidence of what the competition thinks of our work.

Qn. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

There is a lot. From webdesign for Adidas, product launches/events and web development and online marketing for Accor Hotels to multi-channel, multi-lingual digital marketing for luxury holiday Resorts and bespoke target market/competition analysis for large pharmaceutical and retail brands, we have done a lot.

Qn. You also offer your clients a service that focuses on a comprehensive SEO audit of their current website. Can you tell sales agents about the main differences and advantages of your services over the free SEO reports that many companies in this space provide to their prospects?

There is no comparison between the two. The free reports found in the market are a few pages long and provide dry figures or ratings based on automated tools. Our SEO Audit is performed by highly skilled (and Google Certified) professionals, is typically 50-250 pages long and look at a site holistically, from SEO and server technology to actual code examples for implementation, social media and even competition analysis.

Our SEO audit service is essentially the result of someone very experienced looking at your entire site, your online marketing too, and step-by-step going through it all telling you what can be improved, how to improve it, where to improve it and when to do it.

All the information is also easy to digest while at the same time retaining enough information and examples to explain to a developer what they need to do on the server, the website or anywhere else in their programming.

In short, our SEO audit is the result of having a highly qualified and experienced professional taking a deep and holistic view of your site, digital marketing, analytics and social media activity. So technically it’s not limited to “pure” SEO.

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent, commission-based sales agents?

We simply thought we’d try it. Since CommissionCrowd is focused on commission-only sales agents it helps to know that the main investment needed at our end is time rather than money.

In saying that, we understand that self-employed sales representatives are typically highly experienced in their field and can also potentially introduce us to their existing networks. Working with this type of sales professional makes much more sense to us than hiring in-house employees who perhaps don’t have these traits.

Qn. What makes your service unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

Typically, SEO Audits focus on the more technical side of things such as the length of page titles, whether certain keywords are mentioned and so on… and they tend to focus on pure SEO, often with the use of automated tools which any lightly trained student can use.

Our SEO audit is the result of having a highly qualified and experienced professional taking a deep and holistic view of your site, digital marketing, analytics and social media activity.

It is more than just SEO and the deliverable provides a much better level of understanding into what needs to be done, where, how, when, by who, etc and may accompanied by programming, design, and meetings with multiple client stakeholders. It’s anything but a typical SEO Audit and this is exactly what sets us apart from the competition.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of Naxtech?

We want to continue to generate great results for clients and further develop our reputation in the market as a supplier who you can trust and rely upon fully and completely.

We focus on being honest, practical, and straight to the point. The result comes first; not the technology, not the budget and not custom or practice. ..and this is what we believe will fuel our growth.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

The sales cycle typically starts with an informal conversation where we try to understand the goals and objectives of the client. Where the word relates to the website of the client and particularly its ranking or visibility we almost always recommend doing an SEO Audit.

This may be in addition to other recommendations, depending on what the customer wants and needs. Usually in the same conversation we explain what an SEO Audit is, what deliverables in generates and what they can expect to see and get our of it.

The next step is usually a repeat session where we have to reiterate, to multiple stakeholders this time, the benefits of the Audit and our general recommendations. Following that we are typically instructed to begin, or there may be one or more sessions of questions-and-answers.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

New business typically comes via word of mouth and prospective clients seeing work we’ve done in the past, either via finding it online or having seen it elsewhere (conferences, exhibitions, articles, etc).

Freelance sales agents can find out more and apply to work with Naxtech via their independent sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!