Freelance Sales Opp: Custom Visual Boards - 15% Commissions + Lifetime Residuals

Here at CommissionCrowd we bring independent sales reps only the very best commission-only sales opportunities… and today is no exception!

We’re proud to introduce you to Visco Solutions, a company who are proud to work with the likes of Disney, John Lewis, Chelsea Football Club, Ebay Enterprise and many more!

Visco Solutions create custom printed Whiteboards and Visual Management Boards for use by innovative companies all all sizes. Their products are specifically designed to make structuring company activities visual and easy, improve and monitor team performance and importantly, reducing company waste and lowering carbon footprints.

Visco’s products serve a vast array of uses including a quick, highly visual overview of a company’s project at a glance, driving daily improvements, Lean Management, Kanban, 5S, Health and Safety, Key Performance Indicators, Site Maps, Sales Targets and many more…

They are offering commissions of 15% + residuals on repeat orders for their independent sales partners.

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Interview With Visco Solutions Founder Lewis Jordan

We’ve interviewed Lewis Jordan from Visco to give independent sales reps more information about the company and products…

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Visco Solutions come from?

Our previous website was Logowipes, which limited us to just printed whiteboards. When having a rebrand and expanding our product range online, we wanted to have a name relevant to what it is we are trying to achieve and promote. Our aim was also to choose a name which was short and punchy. As we provide Visual Communication Solutions to solve problems, we simply took the first three letters of Visual and the first two of Communication and Hey Presto.

Qn. Tell us a little about your expertise in the printed signage arena

We have over 40 collective years in the providing our clients with solutions using printed signage. We know what the best products are for each and every enquiry. Through working in this industry, we have developed working relationships with many trade suppliers, so we know, if we don’t stock it, we can certainly source or manufacture it. We are constantly innovating and looking at different products we can introduce to our clients. We thrive on being shown an idea and bringing it to life.

What are your best selling products/services and why?

Printed Whiteboards are the bread and butter of Visco as this has been the sole focus of the website for the past year. The most sold product is the standard wall fixed board with a custom design. Popular designs range from the Hazard Map (which DHL are pushing across all their depots) to standard organisation/planners.

Health and Safety is a hot topic so boards that communicate and display important information and documents are a must for all companies. The clearer and more organised these are displayed, the more the staff or visitor engage, therefore the risk of incidents is dramatically reduced.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

The majority of our projects are unique to our client so our work can vary from a simple weekly planner in a home office, to a complex design with information packs to promote machine safety for Smurfit Kappa.

We have a playful side demonstrated with Printed Magnetic board games for Disney but can also be serious when required with SQCDP boards for the Aerospace industry and Hazard Map Boards for the likes of DHL. Orders can range from one off designs to the same design being produced 175 times and despatched across the country to different depots.

What’s your greatest client success story?

Creating lasting working relationships with our trade resellers has been a great achievement. Knowing that they trust us to provide our products to their clients is something to be proud of. One in particular has become the sole supplier of Printed Whiteboards and Communication Boards to DHL in the UK.

We dropship nationwide which is a testament to the quality of work and service we provide. On a personal level and because I am a massive football fan the repeat order of The F.A yearly planner is also a client that stands out.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

We know we have a product which is increasingly in demand as our website sells on a national level day in day out. As we look to expand many options have been considered but we firmly believe that if independent sales agents already have the networks then our product is an easy addition for their portfolio.

We have seen this happen with our current resellers who operate with their own sales staff. They already have the trust of the client so are only upselling by simply extending their portfolio of products sold per visit to the client.

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Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

At this stage Printed Whiteboards and Communication Boards are still to be discovered by many companies. They are yet to see the benefits of enhancing an old tired whiteboard which is inefficient due to the continued process of redrawing gridlines and not being able to understand written data at a glance. Once the client knows that it is possible to permanently print designs to reduce downtime and increase productivity they realise it is a no brainer.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

We have a vast amount of knowledge in the sign and print industry so there is never a problem without a solution. We can use our established network to overcome any task, whether that be bespoke fabrications or product manufacture to suit our clients exact requirements.

We have a highly skilled design team to take on the needs of our client to create a board which is specific to them and created to improve their workplace. As well as over 25 years in sign manufacture our boards are completed to the highest standard using modern technology with up to date materials.

What are your plans for the future of Visco Solutions?

Our plan is to be the UK’s most convenient “go to” supplier of Custom Printed Visual Communication Boards, where customers can discover or discuss any visual problem they want solve. We want to continue selling on a national scale and to nurture the relationships we have with the well-established customers we have already gained, whilst striving to push the market to gain more.

Growth is around the corner and with our website only just past its first year we have already increased our product range, making it much easier to cross sell Visual Communication products to customers who know, like and trust us.

Have you received any recognition or awards for your products/services?

Our parent company TextStyles UK Ltd have won a number of awards on a local level. Visco Solutions has just entered its second year so is relatively new so no awards have been collected as of yet. If we are confident that the product and the way we operate will bring us success and recognition in the future.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

Our process is pretty straight forward. Our Client has a problem or idea and contacts us to discuss. The majority of the time our clients know what they want so we advise and quote. If not, we discuss their requirements so we can advise our best products. Once the quote has been accepted the order is moved into our artwork department.

Within 24hours we will provide a visual proof for our client to approve before we go to print. Once approved we will begin to manufacture. From the artwork approval we despatch the order within 10 working days. Start to finish our orders take an average of 16 working days.

How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Our main lead generator for new business is Google Ads. On average this generates 37% of our orders with 59% of our business being repeat custom. 4% is from local trade we acquire through our showroom. As we are on a nationwide push, we are looking for the sales agents around the UK to help us grow our business and we firmly believe this is possible.

We don’t want to rely on Google to bring in new business and believe once potential clients see our products and discuss the possibilities it is a very easy sale.

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