Feature Reveal: The Lead Marketplace Career Showcase

As you may already know, CommissionCrowd is much more than just a job posting site. CommissionCrowd is a one-stop-shop for both companies and self-employed sales agents to connect, work together and generate significant new business including truly incredible functionality that will enhance the business relationships and profitability of the sales agents and companies that connect on CommissionCrowd.

The Lead Marketplace

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As part of this week’s reveal we are excited to bring you a tantalizing tid-bit from what we are currently calling our “Lead Marketplace”. There are a few different components of the “Lead Marketplace”, but in essence it’s a members’ hub with the focus of supporting and facilitating lead generation for independent sales agents and the member companies of CommissionCrowd that they represent.

We like to think of it as a members only sales social network. However, this is not a place to post pictures or videos or tell the world about what you had for lunch. This is a business community to help close the gap between what you have and what you need in order to get the door opened and the deal closed as fast as possible, utilising our global network of experienced agents with contacts all over the world.

In future reveals we’ll talk more about some of the other features we are bringing to the Lead Market place however, today we are going to talk about a little something we’re calling our “Career Showcase”.

The Career Showcase

In a nutshell, the Career Showcase functionality will allow sales agents to actively participate and earn commission on referral business. CommissionCrowd Sales Agents will be able to create a public showcase of companies they have closed business with in the past i.e., companies where they have existing relationships and contacts within specific departments.

Other agents & companies that use CommissionCrowd can approach a sales person that has an existing contact within a company they wish to open the door into.

If the agent with the pre-existing contact in that company feels this would be mutually beneficial, then both parties will be able to agree terms based on the business closing with a little help from the agents who has the existing relationship.

Here’s a scenario to make things clearer…


Tom worked as an in-house sales rep in the Electronics industry for over 10 years. During that time he closed lots of deals including a massive contract with ABC Electronics. During the business relationship Tom worked closely with Peter the CEO of the company. To this day Peter and Tom are still close, mingle in the same circles and see each other at the golf course every week.

Since then, Tom has become a self employed Sales Agent and Uses CommissionCrowd to build his portfolio and connect with companies that fit in with his industry experience. Since using the platform he has connected with a number of companies and is starting to build up his ‘career showcase’ profile. ABC Electronics is one of the companies listed in his profile as he has an in-road into the company should the right opportunity present itself.


Sam is also a self employed sales agent working in the Electronics industry for Widget Inc., a company he met on CommissionCrowd and is now successfully selling for. Sam has identified that Widget Inc. have a solution that would work perfectly for an ABC Electronics project that he heard about. He’s been trying to get a meeting with Peter the CEO to discuss the advantages but finds it very hard to make an introduction. Sam decides to carry out a search in the CommissionCrowd Career Showcase for ABC Electronics and see’s 4 results come up including Tom’s Showcase that shows he has a strong business relationship with the CEO.


Sam decides to approach Tom and sends him a private message to explain that he needs an in-road into ABC and has a product that would be a perfect fit for their latest project. Tom then requests more information and realises that this would benefit ABC greatly. Tom agrees that an introduction would be possible if the deal was mutually beneficial (i.e. Tom makes a commission or fee based on a future deal closing as a result of his introduction). 

Contract Sample #1

Sam makes 30% commission on all closed business with Widget Inc. He agrees to pay Tom $200 (or any other amount they deem appropriate) if a deal is closed as a result of Tom’s personal introduction into the company.

Once this deal is in place CommissionCrowd allows both parties to track and monitor the lead within the system until the business closes. At any stage both parties can agree to end the deal if it’s looking like it’s not going to go anywhere. If the deal closes Tom gets a $200 bonus (or whatever was agreed) and Sam & Widget Inc. have a new customer!

  • CommissionCrowd gives you full control over what information you’re happy to share as part of your Career Showcase
  • All users will have the option of declining an introduction request.

Be sure to subscribe for our pre-launch news to help us test this feature out as soon as it’s ready. Also please keep in mind that absolutely nothing about how I’ve described this is final and you can be sure this post does not cover off all the added benefits and secret sauce that we’re building into it to make it a little gem in your sales armoury.

In future reveals I will talk more about some of the other features we are bringing to the Lead Market place such as our “Business Catalogue” which has a goal of increasing member company leads that are distributed directly to the independent agents on your team. Stay tuned for that… but in the meantime let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

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