Expert's Corner: The Importance Of High-Touch To Keep The Sales Commissions And Residuals Rolling In

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As Sales Becomes More High-Tech, High-Touch Is Becoming More Valuable.


In today’s world of instant communication, emailing and social media we as salespeople require more personal touch with our prospects and customers than ever before.

This rings especially true if you are in a business where your potential customers have the ability to buy from you more than once or you have a product which pays sales agents a residual commission on repeat orders.

This is also the case if you’re selling a subscription based service that pays you a recurring commission every time the consumer renews, whether this is weekly, monthly or annually.

The more high-tech our world becomes and the more noise your consumer is confronted with, the more you need to be in-touch with them than ever before.

Before I moved to higher level consulting and working directly with other salespeople, I busted my chops in the insurance game whereby the products I sold were in the world of Medicare.

The best part of my job, besides being able to help my immediate family, was receiving residual checks every year!

I’d turn on the lights sometime in January or February depending on the insurer and I’d have nice fat deposits in my bank account from clients I hadn’t sold a product to in years. However, you bet your bottom dollar that I had a scheduled call with every single one of these clients twice a year.

The first scheduled follow-up was on their birthday and the second was in the month leading up to the annual election period. I knew they were going to be getting blasted with advertisements, phone calls, and mailers and wanted to let them know that we put them with set it and forget it plans so they had nothing to worry about.

Calling never took more than a few minutes, so let’s say 3-5 minutes for the birthday call and 5-10 minutes for the open enrollment call. For the 90% of people I wouldn’t have to make changes for, those 15 minutes grossed me $250 in residual income, that’s a thousand dollars an hour… those touches gave me a nice little annuity!

However, you don’t have to be in the insurance game to experience these kinds of results. If you’re an online marketer, your list is your gold. You need to consistently send out quality copy that adds value and keeps your crowd engaged.

You could sell cars and get your same customer back every 3 years to part exchange when their MOT is due. You could sell jewelry and keep your customer coming back for every special occasion.

However, to keep them coming back, you have to keep them aware of your existence. Thank you calls after purchases and hand written thank you cards still go a long way.

If you’re selling a high ticket / high commission product, a nice dinner is still going to put you ahead.

I believe that something often lost by a lot of salespeople is that you are your best marketing department.

We often leave our branding and our communication with former and possible new consumers to a marketing department. Whether your marketing department runs ads on television, has amazing PPC and SEO campaigns or does amazing direct mail, it’s still your responsibility to be in touch with the people that drive your commissions, your clients and you simply can’t let go of that notion.

A good salesperson is their best marketing department. They stay in touch, they engage and they will be at the front of the customer’s mind when they need to make a purchasing decision.

The point here is no matter how high tech we become, we are still creatures of relationship and narrative. We love stories, we love relationships and we like to be engaged.

As sales agents, we often need to be reminded that telling isn’t selling. We need a narrative to engage and hook the audience. We need a tribe to refer us and our products. We need to keep our consumer coming back. If you aren’t in their ears, you can take it to the bank that your competition is.

So, unless you have a monopoly - and Hail Ceasar if you do - you need to keep in touch regularly and schedule consistent touches with your consumer.

It may seem like a momentary hassle or inconvenience, however, when the referrals roll in and your commission checks increase, that 5 minute call may net that new car you’ve had your eyes on.

Now go get in touch with someone, you can thank me later!


Ryan Mattock

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