Expert's Corner: Khuram Malek, the Outsourced CEO [VIDEO]

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We’re living in an outsourced era. We strive for efficiency. We download apps that streamline our shopping, manage our bills, and automate our finances. We pay people to walk our dogs, look after children, even plan out our diets. All of this, because we don’t feel we have enough hours in our day. Strategy, sales process and leadership are key!

Khuram Malik is the subject of today’s Expert’s Corner. He’s the CEO and creator of, a wonderful website dedicated to streamlining your business. Khuram and his associates know that the two biggest factors that hold companies back are time and money. There’s not a CEO in the world that doesn’t feel like he could do more with a million dollars or a dozen extra employees. What does is maximize the resources your company already has, drilling through raw data and developing a cohesive narrative.

As Khuram told us in his interview, he’s an adamant believer in the power of outsourcing. Independent, outside help can fill the gaps a startup is either too inexperienced or too busy to cover. That is, so long as that help is efficient and trustworthy. Take a shot in the dark, and you risk hiring an agent who’s just as likely to hurt your company as he is to help it. Which is why we at CommissionCrowd have always required freelance sales professionals to complete the majority of their profiles before accessing prospective employees.

According to Khuram, one of the biggest challenges he faces is companies too hesitant to implement any changes. More than anything else, they want someone to make the actions for them. Which is the perfect opportunity to hire an independent sales professional. A good agent brings to the table a wealth of contacts, field expertise, and the ability to perform tasks that would otherwise be out of the question for a growing business.

Check out our entire interview in the video below. But don’t forget to enjoy our video webinar we did with Khuram back in September, where he helped us highlight the 4 steps to turn your business into a total game changer.

Ryan Mattock

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