Exciting Partnership Opportunities For Companies And Sales Agents In The Food & Beverage Industry

To help us fill the Food & Beverage category we are offering two companies a completely free annual account in this industry.
We currently have highly experienced sales agents who are looking for opportunities in the construction industry. Our database is growing quickly and we require companies to fill this category.

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  • You must be actively looking to work with independent (commission=based) sales agents

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In recent weeks, CommissionCrowd has been on an incline with a rapid increase in our independent Sales Rep membership and we were recently awarded for ‘Overall Innovation For Sales’ at the Sales Innovation Expo in London - Europe’s largest sales expo!

We are now further increasing our efforts to make the sales industry more accessible, in this case, for companies and independent sales agents operating or who wish to work in the Food & Beverage industry. We would like to help both parties generate strong and lucrative partnerships.

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Benefits Of Working With Independent Sales Agents In The construction Industries:

With many challenges currently facing the Food & Beverage industry, we know there are companies out there who have solutions but may not have the access or exposure to the resources they need to grow their presence in the industry. That is where CommissionCrowd’s Commission-Only Sales Agents come in.

Self-employed sales agents can help your company open doors to new business by introducing you to their valuable existing networks of contacts that in some cases, have been built over many years working in this space.

What type of companies can benefit from building an external sales force?

  • Companies in the Food & Beverage industry who wish to connect with freelance, commission-based sales representatives who can grow their presence, extend their market reach and enter new territories.

  • Companies with products and services they wish to sell into the Food & Beverage industry.

Industry Insights:

It is said that the only constant in the universe is change. Change never stops and certainly so where the food & beverage industry is concerned.

One of the biggest developing changes in the food industry is the scramble for alternatives. The much maligned sub-category is now becoming a major player in the industry. Consumers are now turning to alternative foods in their desire to discover healthier options to their current dietary habits. Dairy-free milk, meat-free meat and veggie burgers are just a few examples of alternatives that consumers are now opting for.

Tying in with the trend for alternatives is the demand amongst consumers for less processed foods. According to Mintel consumers are now demanding more natural ingredients in their foods which is forcing manufacturers to change their processes.

Social Media has played a major part in consumer awareness regarding how their food is made. Videos showing unethical meat making processes have led to calls for more social and ethical responsibility from companies. There is a rise in consumers choosing to buy more ethically responsible companies who sell products that have proven high social and ethical standards.

Mintel also report that consumers are being wooed by companies that have an underlying narrative that leads consumers to connect with the company in a romanticised way. They like company beginnings to be based on true stories. An example of such a company is currently in our opportunity listings for self-employed sales agents in the form of Mastiha World. The main ingredient of their liquor is a PDO Resin only found in trees grown on one small island on the planet. Further to that story, they claim that it has been a luxury product throughout history going all the way back to ancient Greece. Consumers connect to companies such as this.

With the current trends in the industry we believe that we will see some exciting new businesses join our already unique listings and provide exciting opportunities for our commission-only sales agents. We want you to be ready to take those opportunities with both hands.

If you’ve been looking for commission-only sales opportunities look no further than CommissionCrowd. We are dedicated to providing a conduit through which both companies and independent sales reps can partner together in a dedicated environment. Nothing brings people together like food (and CommissionCrowd).

What do independent Food & Beverage sales agents expect from a sales opportunity?

It is essential that companies who scour the sales indutry looking for talent understand how to work with independent sales reps. To reach this goal we have numerous educational articles on the CommissionCrowd blog that cover topics including:

How To Work Effectively With Self Employed Sales Agents


10 Things To Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

We encourage you to have a read, it will be highly beneficial to you, should you decide to join our movement to unite the highly fragmented freelance sales industry.

I’m A Self-Employed Sales Representative In the Food & Beverage Industry… What Now?

CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed sales reps and we’ll never take a penny from your commissions. In fact, CommissionCrowd has been specifically designed to make working independently much easier and more lucrative for sales agents.

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I’m A Company In the Food & Beverage Industry… What Now?

Companies wishing to work with independent sales agents should head over to CommissionCrowd For Companies and start the application process using the ‘Let’s get started’ buttons on that page.

We will then review your opportunity for sales agents within 48 hours and will provide comprehensive feedback that will improve your offering ahead of being approved for an active account with us.

We also offer lots of information for companies on how to work with independent sales agents, which you can read on our blog

“We Don’t Work In The Food & Beverage Industry - can we still get involved?”

Of course you can. We hold listings of opportunities for companies from over 100 industries so there is certainly a place for companies who aren’t operating in or intending to sell products or services to the Food & Beverage industry. Simply head here to learn more about CommissionCrowd for companies

Independent Sales Opportunities In The Food & Beverage Industry

Acumendia - Online Managed Wholesale Grocery Delivery Service

Acumendia provide a peculiar service to their customers which differs greatly from mainstream grocery stores. The company provide wholesale grocery options which they then deliver. They operate no cash & carry depots, use spare vehicle fleet capacity, and make extensive use of technology to reduce costs, Acumendia is able to operate more efficiently than existing wholesalers, and passes these benefits directly on to its customers.

They are looking for commission-only sales agents to partner with them on a recurring commission basis.

Read more about Acumendia’s Opportunity

JetChill - The World’s First Dry Ice Drinks System

JetChill have pioneered the first dry ice drinks system in the world. Since 2011, the company have been selling their machines into bars and clubs worldwide.

They would like self-employed sales agents with an interest, experience or contacts in the hospitality, food and beverage or entertainment industries.

This new system is bound to revolutionise the industry and is a truly unique opportunity for independent sales agents to diversify their portfolio.

Read More about JetChill’s Opportunity

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