World Leading Document Compression Software Company Seeking To Partner with B2B Self-Employed Sales Agents

Reference: PB-0467-GB
Territory: United Kingdom
Years In Business: 15
Industry: Professional Services, Document Management
Minimum sales experience Required: 5 years
Customer Type: B2B
Sales Skills: Face-To-Face, Consultative
Average sales Cycle: Variable depending on project
Commission: 30% plus residual on repeat orders
Training provided: Full training, sales/Marketing materials and support provided
Contract Length: Long Term Sales Partnership

Independent Sales Agents: Please read the interview below. If you are excited with the prospect of working in a technology driven industry and can see the real potential in this opportunity and wish to apply, please send a short introduction email to along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0467-GB in the subject line.

Please describe your company to freelance sales agents

We are an innovative software company with over 15 years experience in providing cutting edge, Document Compression Software and are now looking to work with independent sales agents across the UK. In addition to the UK we are also established in the United Arab Emirates.

Our company has identified itself as a world leader in innovative Document Compression technology, providing its own range of ‘off the shelf’ document compression software products, together with provision of bespoke technical development services primarily to businesses. Our aim is to assist our clients in meeting the growing demands and challenges of today’s go green ‘paperless’ or ‘less paper’ offices.

We have spent the last two years refining and enhancing our products and services to assist businesses successfully improve and maximize the potential of their document management systems in order to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Our suite of products provide companies with a method of scanning and compressing hard copy colour documents thereby reducing their scanned file size to approx a 10th of the original size without loss of quality.

document compression

Our compression software reduces the size of PDF/TIFF documents by up 90%, whilst scanning in full colour AND retaining the same quality and resolution as the originals. Our technology should not be compared with resolution reduction technologies of which there are many, which do not achieve anywhere close to our output quality. We are one of only a handful of companies worldwide who have this specialist technology.

Tell us about your current clients

We have successful relationships with a great number of major companies. Our portfolio includes:

The University Of Edinburgh
The University Of Glasgow
The Scottish Police

and many more….

Why should independent sales agents choose to work with you?

As an independent sales agent, you will have an opportunity to represent a company with wide-ranging experience who have the agility to react to the specialist requirements of their clients. You will have the opportunity to sell on a consultative basis and help companies across the UK to save on space, increase efficiency and ultimately save money.

You will be marketing and selling a product with very limited competition enhanced by a backdrop of companies committing to green initiatives and improved efficiency. Although we work with companies of all shapes and sizes it is the larger organizations with traditionally print heavy requirements who make the best clients.

You will have first-rate support that allows you to focus on client relationships and business development, as well as full access to the CommissionCrowd sales platform to manage our relationship. You will have the opportunity to build a customer base with the opportunity to earn a recurring income in addition to up-front payments upon close of the sale.

We are seeking long-term partnerships with professional independent sales agents that have experience in technical sales, who are technology savvy and able to communicate and present at the highest level. We are also happy to accept applications from independent agents who currently work with other non-conflicting companies, and would also like to hear from agents with existing contacts and networks that fit with our products.

What about the sales cycle?

The sales cycle can vary considerably and is heavily dependent upon the size and needs of each client. For instance a small accountancy company looking for a simple day forward document scanning and archiving solution could be set up and running within a day or two. At the other end of the scale we have companies with requirements for server based software in multiple locations across the UK or even the world who would require a much longer time scale running into several months.

Do you provide sales agents with training?

Although training is provided, previous sales experience is essential. The company is looking for people who are motivated, passionate and articulate with a proven track record and strong well-established networks.

Sales, technical support and management teams are always on hand to field questions and provide help with customer enquiries, marketing materials, product training or landing a large new client. We feel strongly that ongoing training and collaboration during ou relationship means that you are always up–to-speed with their latest products and services, even when selling remotely.

What type Of self-employed sales agent is best suited to this opportunity?

We are looking for experienced self-employed sales agents, with a proven Business-to-Business sales ability. Applicants must have a proven track record with existing contacts and strong well-established networks. Applicants must have a passion for consultative selling with a focus on building long-term relationships and meeting customers’ needs across various major cities primarily within the UK.

As the sales cycle can vary in length, it is imperative that the agent can build strong relationships to collect and retain the essential information leaving the door open to return with solutions within a given period. As we offer recurring income, sales agents will need to maintain a strong relationship with their clients in order to retain and re-sign the client at the end of each contract period.

What Experience Does The Sales Agent Require?

An interest in technology and Electronic Document Management solutions are a definite advantage, however product training will be provided. Sales agents who apply for this opportunity will need to provide testimonials or references along with their application. We are a customer-focused organisation and therefore our sales agent partners should feel as comfortable selling to C-Level Executives and managing directors as they would to lower level management.

How about commission and payment terms?

Our products command 4 to 5 figure sums dependent upon the size of the client and solution provided. Whilst closing a deal with a small accountancy firm for two products may yield a commission of around £300-£400, closing with a much larger organization could easily yield a £5k+. Given the differences in cycle times it would be unwise to make predictions based on a monthly basis. That said, those that are competent in delivery and high achievers can expect to achieve in excess of £100k per year.

Are you interested in being introduced to this company?

If you are excited with the prospect of working in a technology driven industry and can see the real potential in this opportunity and wish to apply, please send a short introduction email to along with a link to your LinkedIn profile (required) and reference PB-0467-GB in the subject line.

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