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Today we interview Nigel from DevilBoy Productions.

DevilBoy Productions are a London based independent video production company who specialise in producing video content for companies who are seeking leading video production services on an affordable budget.

Their services include video production, recording of live events and motion picture graphics and animation services globally.

They are now seeking long-term working partnerships with self-employed, independent sales agents on CommissionCrowd and are offering a very generous sales commission of 30% to all reps who connect with them.

Independent sales reps interested in learning more about the sales opportunity being offered by DevilBoy can find their independent motion picture and film sales opportunity here

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Devilboy Productions come from?

Nigel: If I’m honest, my best friend was a big reason behind the company name. When deciding on the name of the company, I wanted a strong memorable name that would fit right in with the creative industry. I also wanted a memorable name that could accelerate brand awareness.

Qn. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

Nigel: DevilBoy has a clear vision of where it would like to be in the coming years. With access to a creative talent pool, we decided to work with independent sales agents to help further grow our business.

With assistance on the sales process, we can work towards our own strengths and focus primarily on creating compelling video.

We also understand the value that self-employed sales agents can bring to an organisation such as ours. They are already potentially doing business with our target customers and are therefore potentially able to open doors for us much faster and more cost effectively than employing an in-house sales team.

Qn.Can you tell us a little about the Video/Film production Industry?

Nigel: Video is currently the fastest growing form of web marketing. Video’s strength is in its power to reach a global audience. Therefore, companies that do not use video in their marketing strategy are missing an important opportunity.

However, simply using video may not be good enough. Companies that use poorly made video risk damaging their brand. This is why it’s fundamentally important to think of relationship building and work with production companies who truly want to meet your brief and expectations.

Qn.Can you tell us about some of the companies or give examples of some of the work you have carried out to date?

Nigel: DevilBoy has predominately worked with customers in the corporate sector, but we have also produced videos for the fitness and fashion industry.

We have filmed promotional videos for companies including the Holiday Inn, and RE/MAX and a few years ago we filmed a few designers at the London Fashion show.

Qn. What makes your service unique and innovative?

Nigel: Being independent allows us to be extremely agile and we have a big appetite to work harder to deliver outstanding results.

We pride ourselves on building projects and visuals from the ground up. We do not use templates and we try not to fall into the trap of following video trends to closely.

Regardless of the scope or budget, we are very relationship focusses which means that each project is handled with equal attention.

Qn. What are you plans for the future Devilboy Productions?

Nigel: We plan on expanding our services to more clients in the corporate market over the next 3 years. We also have an eye on producing documentaries on various subjects which will be entered into a few important film festivals.

The core of the business has always been focussed around delivering exceptional corporate video content, but we have a long term vision of also producing content for film and tv.

Qn. What are your best selling services?

Nigel: Our ‘ Weekly ‘ video packages are currently generating a lot of interest at the moment. They are perfect for businesses or brands who want to create engaging content for their viewers on a weekly basis.

Videos are filmed, edited and uploaded within the same day for distribution. A weekly video is a perfect addition to blog or YouTube channel. Customers can commit to 3, 6 or 12 month packages which translates into high sales commissions for self-employed sales agents who are interested in partnering with us.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

Nigel: Sales cycles can vary greatly among organisations and no one sale will be exactly the same. However, on average the point of an initial contact and identifying the potential client’s needs, typical sales cycle can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. For smaller sized businesses the cycle can be less depending on their urgency of their needs.

Below are the key points of our sales process which DevilBoy is happy to assist on where necessary:

Prospecting – The very first step which of course is the most vital where good prospects are determined.

Contact Initiated – This first contact can be a phone call, email or physical contact.

Identify needs and clarify brief – This is where an understanding of the client’s video requirements and budgets will need be discussed. With the various types of videos that can be produced for any business, it’s important that the right type of video is proposed. Manage Objections – Where project timing and pricing is finalised.

Closing of sale – Getting the full agreement and commitment on the client.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Nigel: Currently most of our business comes from referral and networking at events where prospective clients are. Companies that have worked with us enjoy the experience of seeing their video brief take form into an end product and are usually happy to help spread the word about our company.

Our goal is to now be much more pro-active with our sales strategy and build a team of commission-based independent sales reps to actively seek new contracts and help our company to penetrate new and exciting markets.

Qn.Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Nigel: It would be safe to say that every industry can benefit from utilising video. In general, oral and visual communication methods used together can be much more effective in conveying an idea.

Studies show that viewers retained 65% from a visual and oral presentation – which is significantly higher than either method alone. Every brand is able to benefit from video and it’s also much more cost effective these days.

Independent sales agents who are interested in adding our video production services to their portfolio will be fully supported by us and enjoy working with a fun and innovative company who are doing great things in the Motion Picture and Film industry.

Below are just a few stats to prove the point:

80% of consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important when learning about the company. (Animoto)

56% of consumers believe if a company has a website, it should have video content. (Animoto)

Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. (Diode Digital)

Youtube has become the 2nd largest search engine – bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined. (Etail Insights)

Independent sales reps can view DevilBoy’s sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here

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